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All My Children Update Wednesday 8/25/04

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Krystal makes breakfast for Tad, telling him that she realizes that he has been at the hospital worrying about his son, stressed and only able to eat that worthless hospital food and that’s the least she can do for him. But he senses that the reason she is meeting with him is to talk about JR. She admits that if it is true that JR is guilty of what he is suspected, then it will really hurt her daughter and many other people.

After JR and Adam catch Babe and Bianca in bed in a hotel suite looking like they are getting it on, she sounds very worried and ready to plead to her husband that he realizes that what is happening is not the way it looks. He tells her if that is true, then he’d like for her to tell him what is really going on. She tells him she must know how he feels. Adam says they need not have a conversation while these women lull in this bed together stark naked. JR says it all makes sense, given that he remembers that Babe forgave Bianca for kidnapping his baby. He tells her he suspected she was sleeping with Jamie. But he cannot find words to describe what he feels when he sees his wife in a lesbian affair with Bianca. He tells her he has nothing more to say to her and it’s over.

Reggie tells Danielle that he doesn’t want to just stand by and let Jamie get himself into more trouble trying to help Babe without helping him. At that moment, they run into Erica. She asks Reggie what he’s doing there.

Tad tells Krystal he’s worried that Seth has a new lawyer who will not let his confession that JR paid him for the drugs, be admissible in court. He admits he does not want Dixie’s son locked in some cage but realizes there must be some punishment for him after what he’s done. He admits that JR is the last memory of Dixie he has but that is now gone, he can no longer talk to JR or reach him. And he says he cannot see a single option that he likes in all that has happened. He says he realizes that JR wants Bess, that’s the key, and he is afraid that he is very much like Adam in what he could do to take his child from its mother. But Krystal tells Tad that there is no way that JR is going to get that little girl.

Bianca and Babe ask JR to stop and listen. Babe says she knows he’s hurt. But he says he doesn’t want to hear one more lie come out of her mouth. He tells her he rescued her from San Diego when she had nothing. He gave her everything. Then what did she do? She slept with his brother right after they got married. He defended her to his father, fought with him over her. But she kept lying and betraying him. He tells her he always loved her and goes on and on. At that moment, he hears Jamie’s voice. He invites Jamie in and encourages him to look at just what he has been fighting for. Jamie enters with Maggie. They both look at Babe and Bianca with what looks like dismay. JR tells Jamie he must take a good look at the woman who has walked all over him and stomped on his heart with her stilettos. Jamie goes over to Babe and says he remembers believing that they once had this connection. JR tells Bianca that Babe will use and abuse her the same way she has all the males she’s slept with. Babe sounds tearful asking her husband to see that it’s just a misunderstanding and he must forgive her again. JR asks his father for his phone and says he is ready to take a photo of his wife in bed with another female. She pleads for him not to. He confesses that the only reason he married her was so that he could have Bess all to himself. She says he married her because he loved her. He says no; he married her because he hates her.

Erica inquires what Reggie is doing with a female companion and looking like he might have been undressed. Reggie confesses to Erica that he is just trying to help Jamie Martin who has been set up and almost killed. She asks Danielle if she is there to support Reggie in this cause. Danielle asks Erica how she’d know her. Erica tells Danielle she knows all about her. Danielle tries to make nice to Erica telling her all she’s heard about the great fashion goddess Erica Kane, while Reggie attempts to distract Erica by telling her that she looks very beautiful today and asks her not to rat them out. She tells them that at the very least, she believes Reggie owes Jack the courtesy to tell him the truth about wanting to help Jamie. She tells him that Jack trusts him and that is a gift, something he should be very honored to have, and something that would be detrimental if it was lost, and she should know that more than anybody. He tells her that he loves his family and wants to do good. She smiles at him telling him she knows he has a good heart but that she just wants him to use good sense to go along with his good heart.

Right when Tad is talking to Krystal about his dilemma over whether to bring JR to justice while still loving him, David Hayward enters. Tad leaves Krystal alone with David. David tells Krystal that once the truth comes out about Krystal and Babe taking Bianca’s baby from her, Tad will want nothing more to do with her. Krystal tells David that Babe has had every intention of telling Bianca that Bess is actually her baby. He admits that there daughter has a good heart. She says she will really miss Bess and is grateful to have had that short time of knowing her. And she reminds him that they have a grandson who died.

Jamie “confronts” Babe telling her how upset he is to be betrayed by her, how she has turned him and JR against each other and how it’s all her fault that he went into jail and almost got killed in order to help her. But right at that moment, both Jamie and Bianca tell JR that they know that he drugged Babe at SOS and put the birth control pills in her juice. Bianca corners JR in what sounds like he’s implying that Bianca is not fit to be a godmother or mother because she’s a lesbian. She says she cannot understand how he’s become such a bastard, when he used to be such a good friend to her, encouraging her to be herself and be proud of who she is. But he tells her that he is very confident that no judge would ever give Bess to her mother after this. It seems as though he knows that Jamie, Maggie and others are all in on this, in order to play him. And it looks like he’s hiding a tape recorder or camera behind his back. Babe tells him she must leave Jamie out of this, he’s only angry at her and why would he believe that she would choose to have this. She asks girl would dream of falling in love and marrying somebody who hates her and wants to kill her? He tells her she has betrayed him way too many times, was already married when she looked into his eyes and told him she loved him. He tells her she’s not only a lying slut, but she was a lying slut and bigamist. At that moment, Jamie comes to her defense telling JR he’d better not talk to her like that. Tad enters and Jamie says he wants to leave. JR says he thanks Babe for everything; for giving him his daughter and all the proof he needs to get what he wants. But Babe points to the wall behind him and shows him that they are all on camera right now as they speak.

Tad confronts Adam and JR, knowing that they have a tape and plan to set Babe, Bianca and Jamie up. But Bianca tells Tad that there’s no cause for alarm because the tape she and Babe have just prepared is in Zach Slater’s office and she can play it right now. They play it, where you see Bianca and Babe, Babe announces the time and day and that they are presently in Zach Slater’s office. She confesses that she apologizes for everything she is felt compelled to do to JR, admitting that she hates that she’s had to test him in order to find out if he loves her as much as she loves him. But if he is plotting a plan to get rid of her and take Bess, he can rot in hell. Bianca also identifies herself and attests that she and Babe do not have a sexual relationship, she is simply acting as a friend to Babe, in order to find out if JR Chandler is guilty of what he is suspected. She admits that she cares for JR and wishes him no spite and hopes they can still be friends when this is over. And then the video shows Adam and JR walking in on Babe and Bianca in the hotel suite. At that end of that, Tad confronts JR, telling him his spiteful, malicious illegal behavior must stop. If he wants to end his marriage with Babe, he may. But he must stop this and maybe he can be the young man whom his mother can still be proud of.

Krystal tells David that Babe says she has a picture of her baby boy in his mind. And she says she wishes there was a way to just print it out. She says she realizes a picture probably wouldn’t do him any justice. But she’d like to just know him, what he eats, what kind of person he would be. At that point, David assures Krystal that he will always be there for their daughter and for her.

JR tells Tad he could care less about anything he says and believes he's pathetic to side with Babe and Krystal. He says he's very certain that the judge will rule in his favor and let him have full custody of Bess. But at that moment, Babe announces that she will not subject Bess to having her fate decided by a judge because she knows where Bess belongs and she will make sure that that is where she will be.


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