AMC Update Tuesday 8/24/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 8/24/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Maggie, Reggie and Danielle go to visit Jamie in his hospital room. He tells them he must escape from the hospital. He protests that Babe is about to plot a plan to investigate JR by herself and he needs to help her and protect her. Maggie protests that Jamie must not keep playing hero and should realize that it’s Babe’s own problem. She tells him that Babe “made her double-espresso” and she must now drink it all by her lonesome.

In the casino, a dealer tells JR it looks like it’s his lucky night, as he’s gambling. At that moment, Adam enters and asks his son what he’s smiling about. JR informs his father that Babe is not pregnant after all, and says he passed and she failed. At that moment, Ethan Cambias enters and announces who he is. The bouncer informs Ethan that he is not on the guest list. But Adam Chandler jumps up and informs him that there is an oversight and Ethan may enter. He tells Ethan that he and his son are ready and willing to help him take over Cambias.

Bianca takes Babe to meet Zach Slater and asks if he can do a favor for her and her friend. He says whatever she needs, he will help with. Babe speaks up and informs Zach that she needs to prove to her husband that she is an unfit mother. Bianca says she believes Zach has the means to help Babe play what JR wants her to play, and in turn secretly beat him at his own game. Zach tells them that there are many things he can think of that they can do in order to beat JR at his own game without doing something as drastic as making her look like an unfit mother. But Babe informs Slater that JR is too clever and Babe needs to get down to his level. Babe goes and leaves Bianca alone with Slater. He tells Bianca he’s worried about her and how she is making such a big sacrifice for her friend. But Bianca informs Slater that Babe was there for her, delivered her baby in the cabin, took care of her and made Bianca the godmother of her baby. She says it’s a long story but Babe went against her own husband to make Bianca the godmother of her child, Babe has been a great friend to her and there’s nothing she will not do in order to protect Babe.

Maria confesses to Edmund, her secret about Zach Slater. But she assures him that she no longer has any feelings for Slater. Edmund seems to know better, however. She says he saw the way they looked at each other when he last saw them together and he tells his wife she must stop lying to him and tell him the truth. She tells him that if this is not a good place to talk, they can go somewhere else. He tells her that it wouldn’t matter because he knows his wife still has feelings about Zach, whether she wants to believe it or not. She assures her husband that nothing has happened between them, since Zach has come to town, and nothing will. He tells her that even if nothing has happened this time, he needs her to look straight at him and promise that nothing ever could or will and that she does not have feelings for him. She confesses that she cannot make that promise.

Bianca informs Slater that JR’s father, Adam is a real piece of work and assumes that Zach knows Adam Chandler. He inquires what involvement Adam has had with Michael Cambias and expresses concern that they might be capable of what Michael Cambias is. She assures him that she knows that Adam and JR would never hurt Babe as Michael would hurt somebody, but she does not trust them.

Babe finds JR and says she does not want to interrupt him when he is gambling. But he asks what is going on with her, and if she’s drinking. She says that since she is not pregnant, she’s no longer worrying about that. And throughout their exchange she is behaving unrealistically ditzy and as though she must be intoxicated, making light of lying about her pregnancy and sounding like she believes that David lied about JR’s putting the birth control pills in her morning orange juice.

Adam tells Ethan that he believes Ethan will be a better CEO for Cambias Industries than Ryan Lavery has been. But Ethan tells Adam that now that he has gotten the “flattery” out of the way, he wants to know what Adam really wants.

Maggie tells Jamie that he must “cut the cord” and wash his hands of Babe. He tells her he knows Babe is not Maggie’s favorite person, but she is in danger and he must help her. Reggie tells Jamie that he likes Babe and wishes her no ill will, but Jamie must stay out of it because he is in danger right now. But Danielle tells them that she supports Jamie’s romantic, chivalrous desires for Babe. Reggie says if Jamie needs his help, he will help. But Jamie says that since Derek already cut Reggie a break the first time he assaulted JR, he’s not about to do it again, Reggie is still on probation, and he won’t let Reggie get in trouble trying to help him and he needs to do this for himself.

Bianca makes a call on Babe’s behalf. But suddenly Babe breaks down crying and says she cannot go through with this plot to hurt JR.

Adam informs Ethan that his uncle Michael Cambias was trash whom nobody in this town respected, the way they did his grandfather. Ethan inquires if that was the reason why they dumped Michael’s dead body in the local landfill. Adam tells him he has no knowledge and no control of what happened to Michael Cambias’ body.

Edmund concludes that Maria did not go through with what she was tempted to, with Zach, because of him. But she confesses that she almost did go through with it because of him. She says he has not been a part of their marriage; he’s been totally detached. She says she remembers the way things used to be where they would not only make love, but be together and talk and hold each other all day. She asked where that went. He reminds her that he was shot. She clarifies that THEY were shot. He asks what she wants. She says she wants her husband back. He tells her that what he has to offer her, being unable to make love to her, due to the paralysis, is not enough. She tells Edmund that he must not want to make love to her and she admits that Zach tempted her because he made her feel desirable. She asks what she can do since she cannot make Edmund love her. She tells him it’s up to him, and asks what he plans to do. He tells her she has no idea what this is like. She tells him he’s right, she has no idea, because he has never shared anything with her. She tells him she wishes he’d just tell her something; he may tell her that he’s angry at her for what she considered doing with Zach, or whatever he needs to tell her. He tells her he does not want her to stay with him out of pity. At that point, she has an outburst, telling him she hates him for accusing her of anything like that.

Maggie and Reggie urge Jamie to wait a while before bolting out of the hospital. Reggie suggests that maybe he should just call Babe to find out if she is o.k. But he says he cannot get a hold of her. Reggie and Danielle leave Jamie alone with Maggie. He asks Maggie if she would not stop at anything in order to help Bianca. She tells him the reason she would make sacrifices to help Bianca is because she knows that Bianca would never hurt her, the way Babe has hurt him. And he tells her that he always loved his brother and never wanted to believe he is capable of what he has been accused of. And he says he knows that Babe fell in love with JR, he was her hero and nobody wants to believe that the person they fell in love with would hurt them. At that point, she tells him she will support what he is doing but inquires whether he still has romantic feelings for Babe.

Bianca tells Babe she must not be afraid to go through with their plan. Babe tearfully tells Bianca she is the best friend she ever had. At that point, David calls. Babe asks him if he’s gotten the test results. It sounds like he has. When she hangs up, Bianca asks her what she found out. She says it has been confirmed that JR has been slipping birth controls pills to her because what David discovered in her orange juice is also in her blood. She says she can now tell that JR never wants to have another baby with her. Bianca asks if she is ready to go through with their plan.

Slater goes to find JR and Adam, sounding friendly, giving them no clue that he is working with Babe and Bianca. He indicates to JR that while he is downstairs ignoring his beautiful wife, she might have directed her interests elsewhere. When Slater leaves, JR asks his father if it is realistic to believe they could be so “lucky” as to have Babe sleeping with another man in the hotel suite right then and there where she can be caught. Adam asks when JR last saw Babe. JR recalls that she came down and encouraged him to stay downstairs, gamble and ignore her as long as he wanted. And they both put two and two together. But right when they are ready to go up the stairs and catch Babe with another man, Slater tells them they maybe need to wait before upstairs.

Maria tells Edmund that she hates him because he has completely shut her out, accused her of staying with him out of pity and he has completely ended the partnership in their lives. She asks him what he wants. He says he wishes he could offer her what he used to be able to. But she tells him that this used to be a partnership, where it was 50/50. He tells her he has never stopped loving her and they hold each other. And then they go to bed, make love and reconcile.

Ethan inquires what Zach’s involvement is in his uncle’s funeral. Zach asks him just why he believes Ethan would suspect him because what reason would he Zach have to care. Ethan asks what Zach’s purpose was for being in the graveyard the day Michael Cambias was buried. He says he was there to pay his respects to departed friend. Ethan asks if that would be Erica Kane’s mother or one of his friends as Michael’s funeral. Zach admits he’d never met Erica’s mother and knew nobody else and he dances around the issue without answering Ethan’s question.

Maggie, Reggie and Danielle devise a plan to help Jamie escape from the hospital where Reggie and Danielle dress like doctors in white coats, Maggie acts like the grieving widow, and they wheel the “dead guy” out of the hospital.

JR and Adam enter the hotel suite, certain they are going to catch Babe red-handed sleeping with another man. When they enter, they discover her in bed with Bianca.


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