AMC Update Monday 8/23/04

All My Children Update Monday 8/23/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Maria looks around the room that Zach converted to be just like their casita. She says it's incredible. Just like stepping through time. Everything is exactly the way it was, every detail. Even the compass. Zach notes that she found her way back without it. He tells her he loves her. He says there have been other women in his life but she is the only one he has ever loved. She makes him feel happy, real and alive and he doesn't want to lose her. They hug and Zach tells her it drives him crazy to be here and not be able to make love to her. They kiss. Maria tells him he's bringing out the part of her she thought was buried. They continue kissing and move over to the couch, where Zach starts to remove Maria's clothing. Suddenly Maria says she can't do this and gets off the couch. She says she loves her husband. The day she got her memory back was the day she remembered how much she loves Edmund. Zach gets up, walks out and Maria starts to cry.

Babe and Bianca are in Babe's hotel room discussing JR. Babe says there's so many versions she's heard about JR she doesn't know what to believe. She needs to know. JR walks in with a bag from the hotel gift shop. Babe sees that it is a home pregnancy test. JR tells her to put him out of his misery. He wants to know for sure if she's pregnant. Babe says since this is kind of personal, couldn't they wait until they get back to Pine Valley. Bianca encourages Babe to take the test. She can't wait to see the look on JR's face when Babe hits him with the news. After Babe goes into the bathroom, Bianca asks JR if he realizes that his wife loves him and doesn't want Jamie. JR says he knows that's true. Bianca asks, doesn't it feel great to know his marriage will last forever? Just then Babe returns and sullenly tells JR that she's not pregnant after all. JR pretends to be sorry and hugs her, only to be seen slyly smiling. He tells her they'll have to keep trying to give Bess a little brother or sister. Babe asks him how they can add to their family when he keeps spiking her orange juice with birth control pills. "I did what?" JR asks. Babe says someone dissolved birth control pills into her juice. David tested the juice. Hayward again, JR says. Is she going to believe him? Babe says David thinks that JR drugged his drink as well. JR laughs and says Hayward is willing to do anything to split them up. Babe asks if he's denying drugging her juice. He asks if he has to deny it. If so than yes, he's denying it. What about Babe, he asks? She told him she was pregnant just to test him. Babe says she doesn't know who to trust anymore. JR insists that he loves her and their life together. He kisses her and asks if they're OK. Babe nods. JR says he needs to go back to the casino but asks Babe to join him for a cocktail. After he leaves, Babe tells Bianca that maybe JR is right and David lied. Bianca says David didn't lie and JR is just putting on a show. Babe says confronting JR won't work. They have to find out a way to get the truth. Bianca says they have to be better actors. They need to do something to shock him so they can see how he really feels about Babe. Babe says she thinks JR wants to prove Babe to be an unfit mother. Bianca has an idea to give JR just what he's looking for – something to make Babe look real bad.

Kendall tells Ryan she wants him to see what his cheating wife is doing behind his back. Ryan tells her she's boring the life out of him. She asks if he doesn't care if his wife is cheating on him right now. Meanwhile, Greenlee and Bobby are kissing in an office at the hotel. He lays her back on the desk and she abruptly stops it. She says she's not doing this. She's married. He tells her he didn't see Ryan pulling away from Kendall. Greenlee says she won't cheat on her husband. Bobby says Ryan will never get Kendall out of his system. She says until he comes to her and wants out, she'll stay faithful. Ryan tells Kendall that the chances of Greenlee cheating on him are the same as Kendall telling the truth. Kendall shows him the photos she has of Greenlee and Bobby. Ryan tells her she's hit an all-time low for the year, and it's not even Labor Day. He says the pictures don't prove a thing. Kendall asks him where he was when this picture was taken. She says Bobby drops by all the time to see Greenlee. Ryan says he doesn't have to sign off on Greenlee's friends. Kendall asks why she can't be the one he believes for once. Ryan says the only thing he wants is for her to be out of his life. Kendall says that's because he still loves her and can't get her out of his system. Ryan repeats that they are over and he loves Greenlee. He tells Kendall she can't win. Bobby tells Greenlee that Ryan doesn't deserve her if he can't love her the way she loves him. Greenlee says at least she could go to bed at night knowing that she kept her promise to Ryan. Bobby says that sounds very lonely. She says she promised Ryan and will not let him down. She tells Bobby to go home and make love to his wife. Bobby says he wants to come clean about something and she's probably going to want to kill him. In fact he may just hand her the gun. He says the words he told her at the penthouse, about her being an amazing woman, are true. But he loves his wife and he doesn't want to take Greenlee to bed. She asks him what the kiss was about. Bobby admits he made a deal with Kendall and was trying to keep up his end of the bargain. He says Kendall gave him hard cash to seduce her. Greenlee punches him in the stomach. Kendall tries to get Ryan to go with her to see what Greenlee is doing but Ryan refuses to go. He says Greenlee could sleep with every guy in this casino and he would still not go back to Kendall. He walks out. Bobby tells Greenlee that Kendall is totally driven toward tearing Ryan and Greenlee apart. He says he guesses that his marriage is now toast because Kendall will go to Anita. Greenlee says before he puts his marriage in the toaster, lets see if they can cram Kendall into it first. Greenlee tells Bobby to avoid Kendall so she won't know if he seduced her. Bobby says maybe Ryan's kiss with Kendall wasn't real. He tells her he called Kendall's cell phone at the exact moment that they were ready to turn on the monitor. Greenlee says she trusts Ryan and if he still wants Kendall he'll tell him.

Ryan goes to his hotel room, turns on the light and finds Aidan waiting for him. Ryan asks what he's learned about Zach. Aidan says Zach is planning something on the sly. Ryan says he knows his real motive isn't to raise money for the Miranda Montgomery Center. Aidan can see that Ryan is bothered by something more to Zach and asks if Kendall is up to her old tricks. Ryan says it's nothing he can't handle.

Bianca has told Babe her plan and says it will give them a true reading of how JR feels. Babe says if they do it, he'll go after Bianca as well. Bianca says she wants to do this for her. It seems like the best way to get the truth. Babe agrees to the plan.

Kendall finds JR and asks him if he's seen Bobby. She doesn't know yet if he slept with Greenlee, but if he does, Ryan probably wouldn't care. She says she may never get Ryan back. JR tells her not to give up on Lavery. He knows what it takes to get what you want. He says he dodged a major bullet tonight with Babe and he'll help her get what she wants as well. They can't let people run over them. He says nothing will stop him from getting rid of his slut of a wife.

Babe and Bianca go to Zach's office. Bianca tells him they need his help. Meanwhile, Maria remains in the room where she was with Zach, crying. She hears someone coming.

Greenlee goes to their hotel room and starts to undress. She sees Ryan, who has just gotten out of the shower. She covers herself with her dress and says she didn't know he was there. He apologizes for ignoring her tonight but something came up and he couldn't get away. Greenlee walks out but quickly returns in her black negligee. They seem nervous as they get into the bed together and talk about how tired they are. They lie in bed looking up. Ryan turns to her as if to say something, but can only mutter a good night. They turn their backs to each other, each taking turns looking over at each other.

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