AMC Update Friday 8/20/04

All My Children Update Friday 8/20/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan and Greenlee are kissing in the gazebo at the casino where the Miranda Montgomery fundraiser is being held. Kendall and Bobby are spying on them. Ryan tells Greenlee that if they keep this up ... Greenlee interrupts, saying that they would break their contract. Ryan says maybe they should forget this happened. They kiss again. An upset Kendall tells Bobby this is his fault. Ryan tells Greenlee they can't ignore what's going on. Things have changed between them since they drew up the contract. Greenlee says she can't pretend like this never happened. Ryan says he doesn't want to pretend. He tells her they need to talk about the kiss and what it means to their future. He doesn't want to talk now because they have to return to the fundraiser. But he says they'll talk as soon as possible. They leave the gazebo and Kendall walks in with Bobby. She tells him that it's crunch time and he needs to get busy right now. Bobby says Greenlee is all about Ryan. Kendall says that while Bobby sees love between them, all she sees is a pent-up sex drive. She says if he breaks their deal she'll show those photos of him and Greenlee to Anita.

Erica and Jack are talking at the fundraiser. Erica is worried about her daughters. She says Kendall is crazed because she thinks she's losing Ryan to Greenlee. Jack tries to get her to calm down and do something for herself. He says he wants to spend time with her. She likes the idea but is distracted again when she sees Bianca. She wants to see if she's OK. Jack tells Erica he appreciates her concern for her daughters but she needs to help herself. He says Bianca can take care of herself. Jack presents Erica with a beautiful bracelet with the inscription "One day at a time." She gleefully accepts it.

Bianca is stunned when she hears Babe say she's pregnant. She pulls her aside and asks her if she's lost her mind. Babe tells her it's not what she thinks. Babe says she's not pregnant. She tells Bianca to go with her to a private place where they can talk.

Maria is in Zach's office demanding to know why he's in town. Zach says he won't involve her in this. Maria gets close to him and asks if he'll tell her if she offers him something in return. He tells her not to play him. She asks him again what's going on. Zach asks her what is she hoping to find. Does she think he's there to kill someone? He suggests that if she can prove he's evil maybe she can let him go. He says he's not interested in just spending time with her for the sake of information exchange. He can't believe she's forgotten all the times they spent together and all they meant to each other. Maria is getting more flustered and says she has to get out of there. She walks out of his office and is attempting to get her composure back when a woman interrupts her and tells her that she has a message from her husband. She's supposed to meet him in a room at the hotel.

Kendall finds Ryan and tells him they need to talk. He tells her to try back in another lifetime. Kendall demands that they talk or she'll do something desperate. She says it would be a shame if this whole evening blew up in his face. Ryan is aghast to think she would do something to ruin her sister's fundraiser. Kendall says it would be on his head. She walks out and Ryan follows.

Jack leaves Erica to take a phone call from Lily. Greenlee enters the room and Erica asks to talk to her. She tells Greenlee that she loves Jackson very much and they are going to get it right this time. She's hoping she and Greenlee can have a friendly truce without any bloodshed. Greenlee comments that she doesn't see any blood. Erica wants to talk to Greenlee about Kendall, but they are interrupted by Bobby. Erica is glad to see Bobby and they exchange pleasantries. He asks if he can steal Greenlee but Erica says she wants to talk to him first. She pulls him aside and tells him she knows he's gotten close to Kendall and Greenlee. If he hurts either one of them, he'll be sorry. He informs her that he's back with his wife and walks over to Greenlee. Greenlee tells him about what just happened between her and Ryan. She says she knows Ryan loves her. Bobby asks if Ryan told her that. She says no, but he will. He asks Greenlee to come with him. She needs to see something.

Kendall takes Ryan into a gaming room in the casino and tells him she saw him and Greenlee in the gazebo. She says their kiss was a pathetic attempt to make people think their marriage is legal. Ryan tells Kendall the kiss was legitimate and he plans to take it to the next step. He says his marriage to Greenlee will become a real marriage. Kendall says there is no way his feelings for Greenlee are real. Ryan says she can think however she wants, but he knows how he feels. Kendall says that kiss she saw really had her going, but deep down they all know that nothing is happening with them. Ryan says he knows when he's with Greenlee they have what it takes. He loves her.

Babe and Bianca are in a hotel room and Babe tells Bianca about JR lacing her orange juice with birth control pills. Bianca tells her that is so evil. Babe doesn't know what to think. Bianca tells her she just doesn't want to believe the truth about JR, but the sooner she does the better. She says the birth control pills are not as lethal as the other drug Babe was secretly given but the intent is just as bad. What more does Babe want to know? Babe says she wants to hear it directly from JR. Bianca says she's scared of JR. Babe gets teary-eyed as she remembers how she was so lost while in San Diego and the water at the dock looked real good. Then she turned and saw JR. He was the first man to love her straight out. He gave her her life back and she gave him her heart. He still has it. Bianca says he doesn't deserve it. Babe says if it's true JR is like everyone says, that girl he saved on the dock will die. Bianca tells her she will survive and she'll be with her every step of the way. Babe says she needs to know exactly how JR feels about her. She tells Bianca she wishes she were a better friend. Bianca says she could not be a better friend. Babe says when this is all over she'll be the friend that Bianca deserves.

Erica tells Jack that Kendall is on the warpath and Greenlee's in her path. "One day at a time," Jack reminds her. He tells Erica he wants to give her a night she won't forget. They walk to the gazebo where they start to dance. He tells her he loves her and they kiss.

Maria goes to the room in the hotel to meet Edmund. Inside she finds burning candles. It reminds her of a place she was with Zach. She has a flashback to that time, when Zach took her to a romantic setting and presented her with the keys and a compass so she would not be lost anymore. She sits down and reflects. Zach enters the room and asks her what she thinks. He holds out a compass for her.

Kendall tells Ryan he's a fraud. He's hiding behind Greenlee because he can't face the truth about how he really feels. Ryan tries to walk out of the room but Kendall has had it locked from the inside. Ryan tells her to open the door but she says she won't until she's done with him. Bobby takes Greenlee into an office with a surveillance monitor. He tells her he saw Ryan go into a private gaming room with Kendall and starts to turn on the monitor. Kendall gets a signal through a lighted device so she knows that Greenlee and Bobby can now see her and Ryan. She approaches Ryan and says she wants to apologize. Then she pretends to feel faint and Ryan helps her to the couch. She grabs him and pulls him down onto the couch with her and kisses him. Greenlee's face falls as she witnesses this on the monitor. Bobby turns off the monitor, saying she doesn't need to see more. Ryan gets up and asks Kendall what the hell she's doing. He doesn't love her any more, he loves Greenlee. When is she going to get that through her thick skull? Kendall tells him she's the one he wants. Ryan says he wants Greenlee. She's taken him to a whole new place. He tells Kendall she's so desperate to be loved that she incinerates anyone who is near. Kendall tells him Greenlee is not the perfect little wife he thinks she is. In the other room, a downtrodden Greenlee tells Bobby she's a fool. Ryan told her he was over Kendall and she believed him. She says she really thought he was starting to love her back. She starts to cry and Bobby hugs her to comfort her. Ryan tries to call security but Kendall tells him she'll let him out. First she wants to prove to him that Greenlee isn't the person he thinks. She prepares to turn on a monitor. In the other room, Bobby tells Greenlee that Ryan doesn't deserve her. She says she doesn't want this to happen. She wants it to go away. She asks Bobby to make her forget. Bobby kisses her.

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