AMC Update Thursday 8/19/04

All My Children Update Thursday 8/19/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Finding out for the first time that Michael Cambias’ alleged nephew is at Bianca’s fundraiser for the Miranda Montgomery foundation, Ryan and Erica tell him he better get out or he will end up like his uncle. But Kendall protests that they must not vilify Ethan because of Michael. He tells them that he has been to his uncle’s gravesite and has discovered that Michael’s coffin has been filled with rocks and he demands to know where his uncle’s body is. Ryan reveals to him that Michael Cambias’ body is buried beneath 50 feet of garbage in the Pine Valley dump.

After Babe reveals to JR that she is pregnant, he tells her that is impossible. She inquires how he would know that and asks if he knows something about her body that she does not. He says that since he knows she has just gone off of her birth control pills, he would only assume she would not be fertile again yet. She says she thought that too, but just discovered that she is a “fertile turtle”. Noticing he is not as “happy” as he should be, she asks about that. He makes up excuses about being busy and how soon it is to have another baby and asks her if she is really certain that she is really pregnant. She says she is. Adam and Krystal enter and ask them what is going on. Babe informs them that they have some good news and asks her husband to share the good news. JR announces that Babe is pregnant.

Ethan angrily tells everybody at the fundraiser that they are sick people, acting happy, making light of the way Michael Cambias was buried, drinking Champaign and thinking everything is ok. Erica protests that Michael Cambias was a despicable monster and she would not allow the man who raped her daughter to be buried anywhere near her mother, friends or family who are deceased and buried in the graveyard. Ethan protests that he realizes his uncle was a rapist and he does not defend him, but says that no human being should be disrespected in his death. He asks just who is responsible for disposing of Michael’s body in the landfill. Ryan says whoever it is has the gratitude of everybody in town. Zach Slater tells Ethan that he needs to have respect for the mother of the deceased Miranda and not yell at her friends and family about this. Bianca announces to Ethan that she is Bianca Montgomery and tells Ethan she would like to talk to him privately. Erica tells her daughter that that might not be a good idea. But Bianca says she is very ready to have this conversation with the cousin of her deceased daughter. At that point, Zach Slater tells Ryan he wants to talk to him outside. Ryan asks Slater what his problem is. Zach says his problem is that he has a crazy man on his casino property ranting and raving about a corpse. Ryan assures Slater that everything is under control.

Ethan tells Bianca that when he opened Michael Cambias’ coffin, he was hoping to get some answers but just discovered a pile of rocks. He stops himself, apologizing to her for his angry demeanor. She appears composed and calm but tells him that he’d better not cross Ryan Lavery. He protests that he believes that Ryan Lavery must be behind the disposing of Michael’s body so that Michael’s nephew cannot get what he rightfully deserves. She tells him she understands where he is coming from but he is attacking the wrong guy. She also informs him that when she was pregnant, Ryan signed over his entire rights to Cambias to her and Miranda, voluntarily without being asked or coerced by anybody. She tells him that he is wrong to believe that Ryan in any way manipulated her. She tells him that when Ryan offered her the entire Cambias fortune, which was the wishes of the dying Alexander Jr., she refused it, and that is the only reason Ryan has it now. It was entirely Ryan’s independent choice to give up what he could have kept. She concludes that Ryan is a good guy and that Ethan has no reason to distrust him.

When Babe is alone with her mother, Krystal tells her that she had thought that she’d have waited a little longer to announce a pregnancy. Adam and JR enter the study where they are both very upset to consider the possibility that Babe might be pregnant. Adam scans the entire room to find any secret tapes to incriminate them in their conversation. JR tells his father that he has worked so hard to make his wife look like an unfit mother and maybe now all his efforts could be for nothing. He realizes there will be a problem if he sends her to jail pregnant and lets her have their baby in the jail cell. He tells Adam that although Babe has chosen to go off birth control pills, he has put the pills in her orange juice every morning without her knowing. And he says that he knows she is now carrying his son and she seems to know it will be a boy. Adam tells him that there could be worse things than having another child. But JR says what he does not want is to have to share his bed for the next 9 months with a woman whom he hates. Babe tells Krystal that she does not know what to think of her husband. She says she went and saw Jamie and believes he’s innocent but also wants to trust JR. She also reveals that she has evidence that JR has been slipping birth control pills in her OJ. That is apparently what David has discovered. But she admits to her mother that she is lying about being pregnant.

Bianca tells Ethan that she knows he must have his reasons to do what he’s doing, but if he is a con, he is hurting a lot of people. She tells him that they are not bad people, but when he goes around telling everybody that he is Michael Cambias’ nephew, he’s opening up a lot of wounds and stirring up a lot of trouble. He assures her that he is not in Pine Valley to make trouble. And she tells him that if he is, in fact a fake, if he has a grain of conscience, then she urges him to leave Pine Valley. He tells her that he is who he says he is. He is who he is and has nothing to do with his uncle. But she reminds him that he will be judged by association. He apologizes for barging into her fundraiser and causing a scene. She says there are no hard feelings and she asks him not to go, so she can look at his face a little longer. She tells him that maybe she can see her daughter in his face. He tells her that he believes his mother would completely have forgotten his face. She says she knows she could never forget Miranda.

Greenlee leads Ryan to the gazebo, while Kendall is still obsessing about them. Before she can follow them and spy upon them, Erica catches her and tells her she must make an intervention in her daughter’s behavior. She tells Kendall that she is following and addictive pattern of needing to hurt somebody before they hurt her. She says in her own case, it was drinking, in Kendall’s it’s obsessing about Ryan. She also tells her daughter that having to do that over and over again makes one only feel emptier and emptier and never feeling as though they have enough. Kendall protests that she has reasons to do what she is doing. Erica says that’s another symptom of addiction is to rationalize and justify doing what you are doing. But Kendall does not want to listen. Erica tells Kendall that the game is over. Kendall says it may be over for a loser but she has to do what she has to do. But Erica Kendall that she may have accused her mother of not loving her enough. But now she is going to prove Kendall wrong.

Adam tells JR that maybe Babe should just get to a doctor and they may found out they have been worrying about nothing. But JR says it’s entirely possible that she is pregnant. His father tells him that he has been doing a great job at presenting his “game face”. But JR says he cannot keep up the façade any longer. Adam does not seem worried about the possibility that Babe could be pregnant, nor that his son can get her out of their lives.

Babe admits to her mother that she may have made a big mistake in playing the “momma to be” and admits that she knows JR can see right through lies, he’s so smart, and that’s what she loves about him. Krystal says she realizes that Babe still loves her husband and does not want to believe that he is the terrible dog he is. She asks her mother how they can get through this. Krystal says they can and if they do, in fact, find out that JR is bad news, then they will deal with it. She also tells her mother that she does not know how to face Bianca and admit to her that she took her baby in order to stay with a man she does not love who is a worthless monster. Krystal says not to worry, but she admits she has suspicions of the nanny whom JR hired to be alone with Bess.

Kendall tells Erica that she has to go through with her plan, there is no 12-step program like there is for alcohol, and she cannot sit back and let Greenlee take her man from her. But Erica tells her that even if Ryan and Greenlee are in love she knows Kendall can deal with it. She also reminds her daughter that she does not fool her, she knows all about plotting. She reveals that she knows that Kendall has been contacting Bobbie Warner, probably regarding something sneaky and underhanded. Not wanting to continue the conversation or admit to anything, Kendall asks her mother if she is free to go. Erica says she can do whatever she wants but she must realize that if something was really meant to be, it will happen, without manipulation and without pain.

Bianca concludes to Ethan that she wants him to stay. He says he realizes nobody welcomes the nephew of Michael Cambias. She says forget about Michael, she wants to welcome Miranda’s cousin and says if nothing else, he should stay for her. He says he agrees but realizes all the others will not be very happy about that.


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