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All My Children Update Wednesday 8/18/04

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Maggie goes to visit Jamie with a ton of food, books and things to keep him occupied. She is very happy to see him and know that he’s o.k. She hugs him. He says he’s o.k. but she’d better not make him laugh. She becomes serious telling him that nobody is laughing after what happened to him and inquires whether it was really worth it to go undercover.

JR privately tells his father that it’s gone too far with what’s happened to Jamie and the only thing left to do is get Babe out of their lives. Adam suggests to JR that he portrays his wife as a lying, cheating drug using person who only married him for his money. And he has a plan where she gets set up and charged with attempted murder to her husband. JR rehearses with his father, the scenario where he has no clue that Babe has paid off some homeless person to attempt to kill him and he demands the police get out of his home and stop falsely accusing his wife. But the evidence proves that she is guilty, she is taken off to jail and her child is taken away from her. JR laughs with his father and tells him he’s very eager to start this scenario. He holds Bess while in this conversation with his father, and tells her everything is going to be all right.

Babe goes to see David Hayward and inquires about what he says he discovered about JR putting pills in her orange juice. He tells her he was not imagining anything. He did it. She shows him a bottle of orange juice, which JR does not know she did not drink today and asks him to test it. She also says she does not want to keep Bianca from her baby.

Bianca is in a room before the fundraiser, privately telling the deceased Miranda that everything she is doing is for her. At that moment, Zach Slater enters. She reveals to him that she has some serious concerns about the fundraiser and that he is one of them.

Simone informs Greenlee that she and Jonathan have created a new fragrance for Fusion. Greenlee says she is more concerned about her legal matters. Suddenly, when Greenlee is on her computer, she says she has just discovered that “he” is a total fraud. Right away, Simone assumes that she is talking about the man who identifies himself as Ethan Cambias. Greenlee says no, she means Jonathan. Simone inquires if Jonathan is not really Ryan’s brother, and wouldn’t Ryan know? Greenlee replies that Jonathan is whom he says he is, but he is lying about his educational achievements. He has told them all that he graduated with honors in business but that is not accurate information.

Babe inquires why David wants JR to be guilty and asks if it’s simply because he so hates the Chandlers so much he’ll do anything to hurt them. And she inquires whether her father thinks about what is best for her and Bess. He says that he only wants what is best for her and is very worried about JR almost drugging his daughter, since he was there when her heart stopped and he saved her life. And he tells her that he is more than willing to test anything to affirm what JR’s true intentions are.

Bianca gives Slater an empty picture frame and tells him that she would like for every time he looks at it, to feel proud of all he has done for the Miranda Montgomery foundation. And she tells him that whenever he looks into the eyes of that person he lost, whom she apparently does not know of, that it will warm his heart. He seems appreciative of Bianca. At that moment, Kendall and Erica enter, hug Bianca and congratulate her.

Maggie is ready to make some root beer and ice cream for Jamie when she sees Babe outside the window of his hospital room. Not revealing to him the reason why she must step outside, she goes outside and demands to know what Babe is doing there. Babe asks how Jamie is. Maggie says he’s doing better. Babe says she wants to see Jamie. But Maggie tells her he does not need to see her.

Erica presents Bianca with a monetary contribution for the Miranda Montgomery foundation. Bianca says it’s more than generous. Erica says it’s not nearly enough. Slater leaves the three of them alone. A server asks if any of them want any champagne. Kendall and Bianca both refuse, probably due to not wanting to drink in the presence of their recovering alcoholic mother. But Erica tells them that it is she, not them, that has a drinking problem, and they must not mold their behavior in order to suit her. She assures them that she is fine. She has her sponsor and her cell phone available and everything she needs. She and Bianca both sound as though everything is positive they must focus all their energy on honoring the memory of Miranda Montgomery and check everything else at that door. But Kendall realizes that they are both “sugar coating” what is going on so that she will not cause a scene when she sees Ryan and Greenlee enter the fundraiser together.

Ethan tells Greenlee that he needs $2 thousand. Jonathan stands in front of Greenlee and tells Ethan that he will not let him do anything to hurt his family nor take money from Ryan or Greenlee. But Greenlee says it’s ok and she writes him a check, although Jonathan says she should not do that without asking Ryan first.

Babe enters Jamie’s room and tells him that she knows he did not do anything to hurt her. She takes his hand and tells him how sorry she is for falsely accusing him of drugging her. She sits by his bed and says she is still not certain that her husband would do such a thing. He tells her he has the same uncertainty of not wanting to believe that about his brother. But he tells her that she needs to accept the truth about JR and get out before he plans his next move to kill her. She asks him how she’s going to do that. She admits that she wants to love JR and believe that he would never hurt him. She says they once had their own little world where they could live happily ever after. But now it’s a lie. And she wonders what will happen to her and Bess if their perfect little world falls apart. He tells her that he will make certain that she and Bess are ok. She admits that this is the only life Bess has known. It seemed so great that she was safe with her mommy and daddy. And she says she knows she cannot let JR near Bess although she knows Bess loves her daddy so much.

Bianca confronts Kendall, telling her she knows that look of pretending to be on her best behavior. She says she knows that Kendall has some trick up her sleeve and asks her if she plans to disguise herself or hide or what she plans to do in order to spy upon Mr. and Mrs. Lavery. Kendall reiterates that they have a joke of a marriage. But Bianca suggests that maybe she needs to just forget about it and let Ryan and Greenlee make their own decisions. But Kendall protests that she cannot sit by while Ryan stays with that user he calls a wife and she must protect him from Greenlee.

Simone seems kind of surprised by how trusting Greenlee is appearing to write a check for Ethan. Jonathan seems to agree. But when Greenlee is alone with Jonathan, she tells him she knows that he cares about Ryan and will not let Ethan or anybody hurt him. So she inquires why he cannot come clean and be honest to his brother about his resume. Jonathan seems like he has no clue what she’s talking about and informs her that he and Ryan are open about everything and trust each other. She tells him that maybe he wants to impress his big brother, but he must be assured that Ryan would never hold a grudge against him or judge him about anything. He tells her that he has nothing to hide nor confess. Hearing that, he has nothing to say and leaves. After overhearing the conversation, Simone seems shocked that Jonathan seems just as dishonest as Ethan. Greenlee also expresses concern over the fact that the last thing Ryan needs is another liar in his life.

Slater remembers hearing Bianca telling him that when he looks into the eyes of the person he lost, that she hopes it warms his heart by the picture frame. Right then, Bianca enters and asks him if she may see the picture of the person he lost. He knows he cannot reveal to her about his obsession over Maria Gray, but changes the subject by telling her that he is amazed at how selfless she is. She says that she is not so unusually selfish, but also tells him that she can hear her own little angel, still hearing Miranda’s voice, and believes that maybe if she helps others in need, then some day she will be reunited with her daughter.

Babe assures Jamie that she does not intend to live in a fool’s paradise and plans to find out the truth about JR. He tells her he does not want her to do this without his help. She inquires if she looks to him like a helpless little woman who cannot take care of herself? She reminds him that she is her mother’s daughter, raised by the woman who taught her to kick butt. And he reminds her that he is his father’ son and he will not let her investigate JR by herself. But at that moment, David enters and she is reminded she has other matters to attend to. She goes outside Jamie’s room and looks at a file that reveals something that leaves her previously happy expression very dismal. David asks her what she’s going to do, knowing what she now knows.

Jamie asks David if he has any “potion” he could slip JR. David informs her he’s thought many times about slipping him some type of lie detector so he can be brought to justice for what he’s done to Babe and to Jamie. Maggie assures her cousin that he will be able to save his daughter this time.

Zach Slater meets Palmer Cortlandt and has a flashback of all the black and white pictures, one of which being him. Greenlee enters and Kendall acts sarcastically friendly to her. She asks where Greenlee’s “better half” is. Greenlee says Ryan is running behind. Kendall offers Greenlee a drink. Greenlee says she does not trust a poisonous drink Kendall would give her.

JR catches up with Babe, having no clue what she’s found out. He tells her they must get ready to go to the fundraiser. But she tells him she’s not going anywhere with him until they talk.

David tells Jamie that he will make a full recovery. Jamie seems cold to David and asks him why he’d care. David says he wants to make certain that Jamie gets well enough to testify against that worthless brother of his and make sure he gets what he deserves.

JR asks Babe what they need to talk about. She reveals to him one more story; she says she’s pregnant.

Erica approaches Greenlee and Kendall, wanting to make certain there is no lack of civility. Greenlee appears courteous to Erica with no intent to cause a scene and Erica responds courteous back to her. But Erica tells Kendall that she wants to have a word with her. At that moment, Ethan barges in and grabs Kendall by the arm, demanding to know what she did with his uncle’s money. Nobody seems to have a clue what he’s talking about. Erica demands to know who he is. He informs her that he is Ethan Cambias, nephew of Michael Cambias.


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