AMC Update Tuesday 8/17/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 8/17/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Reggie attacks JR who calls the cops on him. Reggie then urges Derek to do something about JR, knowing that Seth has confessed in the jail cell, before stabbing Jamie, that JR bought the drugs for him to drug Babe and now Jamie has been falsely accused, and stabbed because of JR. But JR tells Derek he wants Reggie arrested for assaulting him without provocation. When Reggie is alone with Derek he protests that Derek cannot believe that JR is innocent. Derek admits that he does, in fact, believe that JR is guilty. But he still wonders many things about Reggie.

Aidan Devane comes to the Fusion office and talks to Ryan. Ryan asks him about Slater. Aidan admits he does not know much about him. Ryan says it’s very odd for anybody to wander all over the world untraceable throughout most of their lives. And he later concludes that maybe only a woman would know, possibly somebody in Zach’s life whom he might have trusted to know his secrets.

Kendall goes to talk to Ethan, believing that he is whom he says he is. She admits that she had a brief affair with his uncle, the despicable Michael Cambias. She is able to give him information about his biological father, Alexander Cambias Jr. She says that to Ethan’s grandfather, Alexander Sr., Alexander Jr. was his favorite son who could do no wrong, and he always saw Michael as his black-sheep, worthless son. Ethan, right then, gets a little upset to hear her admit that she has “shagged” his sicko, rapist uncle. She says that he needs to hear the entire story before judging. She protests that she slept with Michael before she knew what he was capable of. And she also goes into her childhood history of being an adopted child, not even being told until she found out by accident, from her adoptive parents, that she was in fact adopted. And she tells him that she might understand his situation of not being wanted by his biological family, very much the same as her own situation. She says she has felt alone throughout her entire life. And meeting and knowing about him has enabled her to feel less alone.

Derek tells Reggie that he knows he means well, wanting to help Jamie, but that he made a pretty stupid mistake attacking JR because JR can press charges against him and get him in trouble. Reggie tells Derek that he believes that it sucks that JR can get away with what he’s done, simply because he has money and power and asks what Derek suggests he does about this, just roll over? Derek says that there is prejudice and injustice in the world that nobody can do anything about. But what Reggie needs to do is think things through before he acts.

Brooke and Tad go to the hospital to visit their unconscious son. Right behind them, outside the door, JR, Babe and Krystal appear. Tad turns to look coldly at his stepson. JR tells Tad that he heard that Jamie is there and asks if he’s going to be all right. Tad says most likely he will be. JR says, somewhat “rehearsedly” that it’s great that Jamie is going to be o.k. But it sounds as though Tad does not buy a word he says. Babe tells Tad that she realizes it might not be a good idea for her to have come. Tad tells her she thought right. She cries and sounds sincere telling him she is sorry. Tad tells her she is not the one who needs to apologize. Krystal angrily tells her daughter that Jamie almost died. But she also tells her that she need not blame herself. It’s JR’s fault.

Kendall tells Ethan about the fantasies she’s had in her childhood. She says she had fantasies of battling all kinds of monsters in order to save her foster family.

Aidan informs Ryan that there is one woman who might know a lot of information about Zach Slater; and that is Maria Gray. Aidan remembers her days as Maureen. But Ryan is frustrated knowing the only source of information about Zach Slater is a woman who lost her memory during the time she was with him. And he tells Aidan that he knows there are many secrets about Zach that must be uncovered. Ryan asks if Edmund knows about Zach and Maria. Aidan says yes Edmund knows and might want to kill Edmund in order to have Maria. Ryan says Zach has many more agendas than Maria. He has some sort of interest in Kendall, Bianca, Erica and the Miranda Montgomery Foundation. And Ryan is hell-bent on finding out what Zach’s secrets are.

Ethan tells Kendall that he believes that his foster family kept the secret of who his real family was, out of kindness, because it would be too painful to learn about his sick uncle Michael Cambias. And he concludes that maybe he should not challenge Ryan for control of Cambias. But she tells him that he must.

JR tells Derek that he must press charges against Reggie, Reggie could have broken his jaw if Derek did not show up. But Derek is hesitant and asks Reggie if he really intended to hurt JR. Reggie says no, he just lost control. JR says he will press charges against Reggie without Derek’s help. Derek informs him that it will be his word against Reggie’s. JR reminds him Babe was also a witness who would vouch for him instead of Reggie. But Babe admits that she wants to forget the whole thing. Privately, Reggie thanks Derek for sticking up for him. Derek says if Reggie ever again uses his fist before using his brain, he will book him just like anybody else. Maggie tells Babe that she believes that JR is responsible for Jamie almost dying. Babe doesn’t sound very enthused about defending her husband but makes a futile attempt. But Maggie angrily tells her that she needs to see what has really happened.

Aidan tells Ryan that he need not cancel the fundraiser where Zach will be attending and assures him that he will provide all the security that is needed. But Ryan tells Aidan that he has another concern; Kendall.

Ethan tells Kendall that instead of going on and on about their similar childhood fantasies, he wants her to come clean and admit just what it is that she wants. She admits she wants to take over Cambias and give him what he rightfully deserves. And she asks if they have a deal to help each other to get what they each want. But he inquires what her big beef with Ryan and Greenlee is. She says they are both trouble, they will act nice to him, but they cannot be trusted.

Krystal tells Tad that she can tell that he feels Jamie’s pain in the very place where Jamie was stabbed. She says she remembers the same about herself, when Babe was a child running into things, hurting herself, And whenever she would bandage her daughter up, she would feel the same pain. She concludes that she may sound like an idiot yammering on about cuts and scrapes. But Tad tells her not at all. He reveals to her that he never thought he’d “feel that” again. She asks what exactly he means by that. He says what he means is being so close to a woman that she can understand what he is feeling. He tells her that he is profoundly grateful for her being there.

JR privately talks to unconscious Jamie telling him he never meant for him to get hurt. He admits that Babe has used both of them and he will get her out of the way in order, in large part, to help Jamie. He says that’s a promise. Suddenly Babe walks in Jamie’s hospital room. JR demands to know, almost revealing his spite toward his wife, what she is doing there. She reminds him that Tad does not want him anywhere near Jamie’s room. But he angrily tells her that he loves his brother and too many people have this mistaken idea and better stop judging him and blaming him for what happened to Jamie.

Kendall invites Ethan to attend the Miranda Montgomery fundraiser. But he tells her he has other plans although he will not tell her what they are. She attempts to tell him he cannot refuse but concludes that she will be in touch and she leaves. When he is alone, he drops black and white photos of Kendall, Bianca, Maggie, Reggie, Jack and others, then a color picture of Michael Cambias on top of them; as though he is dropping casino cards.


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