AMC Update Monday 8/16/04

All My Children Update Monday 8/16/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall eavesdrops on Ryan and Jonathan at Fusion. Jonathan is pressing Ryan to reveal his feelings about his marriage. Jonathan wants to know if his brother is focusing on spending the rest of his life with Greenlee. Ryan admits that yes, he is. "I'm falling for my wife. What can I say?" Ryan says as Kendall listens with a look and disappointment and hurt crossing her face. Ryan says he thinks he and Greenlee could have a future and she deserves to know his feelings have changed. Jonathan warns that Ryan revealing his feelings could sideswipe Greenlee. Kendall, with tears welling in her eyes, leaves. Jonathan says Ryan should know how Greenlee feels first. Ryan says if Greenlee rejects him he can handle it. Jonathan tells him to at least wait until they know if Ethan is a fraud. Ryan asks what is Jonathan so worried about. Jonathan says he's worried about Greenlee not being Kendall. He tells Ryan to keep his mouth shut till he knows more.

Greenlee goes to the Pine Cone Motel to see Ethan. She tells him she wants to apologize for their previous run-in. She tells him she and Ryan want to help him. Ethan says he's the guy who could take Cambias Enterprises away from them. Why would they help him? Greenlee tells him that popping up like he did was very convenient. She says his mother, Edith, could have made this story up to get money out of the Cambias estate. Ethan insists his mother is too good for that. Greenlee says Edith lied to him his whole life. Greenlee offers Ethan a large sum of money if he goes back to England. Otherwise he may end up in jail for fraud. Ethan says he wants what is his. Greenlee leaves, telling Ethan that Ryan will find out who he really is.

Seth stabs Jamie, who collapses. JR, who is horrified as he watches the stabbing, reaches through the bars and gets his arm around Seth's neck. He tells him he's going to die. Tad, Derek and another officer storm into the jail. Tad rushes to his son as police grab Seth and pull him out of the cell. Seth insists he was set up and demands they call his lawyer. Brooke enters the cell and kneels beside her son. A weakened Jamie looks up at JR and tells him that he had loved him. Paramedics arrive and put Jamie on a gurney. JR attempts to come near Jamie but Tad pushes him out of the way. Derek asks JR if he has anything to say about what Seth said about him. JR tells Derek to speak to his lawyer.

Babe is holding the baby on the Chandler mansion terrace and talking to Bianca. She is wondering if she has been wrong about JR. Could she be wrong about everything, including her choice about the baby? Bianca asks her what choice she made about the baby. Babe says she gave JR this baby and thought any baby would be lucky to have him as a daddy. She says if she has been wrong, she'll make it right. Bianca says even if JR's feelings have changed about Babe, he's still Bess's father. Babe says he would not deserve to be Bess's daddy. Babe says it would break her heart, but she would do what had to be done. Bianca asks her what she means. Before Babe can say anything JR walks onto the terrace with a look of fear on his face. He tells Babe and Bianca that Jamie was stabbed. He's at the hospital and he's not sure if he's going to make it. He says it was Seth who did it. Babe asks JR if he was at the jail. He told her he was going to work. She sees blood on JR's hand. JR says he had to go there. Babe asks him if everyone is right about him. Did he do what Jamie said? Did he drug her? If he did she says she'll leave and he won't have his little girl either. A look of feigned hurt crosses JR's face. "I may have lost a brother. Please don't tell me I lost you too," he says. Babe apologizes and hugs him. She says she just was reacting to the news about Jamie. JR says he'll go back to the hospital to see what he can find out about Jamie. After he leaves, Babe tells Bianca that she's right. JR has changed and she thinks he might by lying.

Aidan goes to the hospital and finds Anita. He tells her he has an emergency case of his foot being stuck in his mouth. Anita playfully looks at his mouth and says she sees nothing. Aidan apologizes for busting in on her night with Bobby and for his part in their kiss. Anita says she shouldn't have been throwing around kisses in the dark. She says she and Bobby had a fabulous time anyway. Anita tells him she missed him while he was gone.

Jamie is brought into the hospital and Joe immediately tends to him. Jamie calls out to his mother. Tad tells him they are proud of him. Joe and Anita wheel Jamie off to surgery. Tad, with blood on his hand, calls police and asks that a copy of the videotape be taken to Livia Fry. Adam approaches Tad and asks if that was Jamie who was just wheeled away. He wants to know what happened. Tad tells Adam this is his fault. He's the one who pushed JR into being just like him. Now he's slithering in here to play damage control. Tad says if anything happens to Jamie, he'll tear Adam's heart out. Adam goes outside and finds Brooke crying. He tells her he's sorry about Jamie. Brooke slaps him across the face. She tells him he used his son to get her son almost killed. If she loses another child, she will not suffer alone.

Livia has arrived at the hospital and is talking to Tad. Livia promises that Seth will do hard time. Tad says he knows the tape is inadmissible but surely something can be done. Livia says Jamie will never see the inside of a prison cell.

Anita returns to the room where she left Aidan. Aidan asks if that was Jamie Martin. Anita says that it is and it's ugly. But ugly is what they do here. Aidan tells her he missed her too. Anita says she's reminded daily that you can't take life for granted and need all the friends you can get. She asks if he still qualifies as her friend. Aidan says he is her friend, but Bobby might not agree with that. Anita says there is no reason he and Bobby can't like each other.

Kendall goes to the hospital and sees Anita in a room. Kendall places a call to Bobby saying that she's about to have a chat with Anita and he might like to join them. Kendall approaches Anita and says she wants to talk. She wonders if Bobby told her he couldn't live up to his end of the bargain. Bobby arrives before anything incriminating is said. Anita is paged and leaves. Bobby tells Kendal to stay away from his wife. Kendall tells him he's such a liar. She gave him money and he must pay up. She orders him to go back to Greenlee and make her think that Ryan doesn't exist anymore. Bobby says the crusade to break up Ryan and Greenlee is useless. Kendall tells him he's a hustler and a player, so he needs to go out and play. She gives him a deadline – the upcoming fundraiser. He needs to have Greenlee out of her dress at that fundraiser and into his bed or she'll go to Anita with the photos.

Greenlee arrives back at Fusion and Ryan greets her with a big smile. She tells him that Ethan turned down the cash. He's either a super slick con man or he's the real thing. Ryan asks her how she would feel if they lost anything. She says she would simply turn it over. She says it was never about the money. She asks him what he wanted to tell her. Ryan tells her it's cool to have her here. Greenlee says that goes both ways. She says if they lose Cambias Industries they'll start a new partnership with her trust fund money.

Aidan returns to the Pine Cone Motel and runs into Ethan, who is living in the room right across from him. They introduce themselves and exchange pleasantries.

Brooke tells Tad that they could not have stopped Jamie. Tad was right, she says. Tad says he doesn't want to be right. He just wants his son to be OK. Brooke says Jamie vindicated himself and is the man she knew he was. Tad thinks of JR. He used to watch Jamie and JR play together. He was happy they had each other. What happened?

JR is at home on the phone with the hospital demanding information about Jamie, but he's not getting it. Adam arrives home and tells him Jamie was taken into surgery. JR says this was never supposed to happen. Adam asks him if he's having second thoughts about Babe. JR says no, that Babe is the whole reason this has happened. "Babe goes. Bess stays," he says.

Babe tells Bianca that she has to know the truth. Bianca picks up the baby from her crib. Babe tells her if it turns out that JR is as bad as everyone is saying, she promises she will do the right thing.

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