AMC Update Friday 8/13/04

All My Children Update Friday 8/13/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

A secret camera has been set up in the jail cell which Jamie is sharing with Seth, and Tad, Brooke and Derek are in Derek's office watching what's going on. Jamie appears to be sleeping on the upper bunk when Seth approaches him and reaches into his clothes. Tad comments that something needs to be done so Seth doesn't find the wire. Jamie suddenly grabs Seth's hand. Seth comments that he was out of cigarettes and looking for some. Jamie says he doesn't use them because he's not into dying young. Seth refers again to his promised six-month sentence. Jamie says he knows what the judge has in store for him – a minimum of 10 years. Jamie tells him to repeat the mantra "I'm a sucker." A frustrated Seth tells Jamie to shut up. Brooke questions why Jamie is taunting Seth and says it could put Jamie in more danger. Tad says it's Jamie's way of getting Seth to break. Tad says Seth needs a little push. He asks Derek for his tie, a pair of glasses and a briefcase.

JR confronts Bianca on the terrace of Chandler mansion after he sees her with the baby. Bianca puts the baby back in the crib and says she was just saying hello to her goddaughter. JR apologizes and says that was nice of her. Bianca says she thought he was cool about her being with Bess. JR says he is, he's just stressed. He asks Bianca if Babe has talked to her about Jamie. She says Babe is upset about the falling out between the two of them. JR says he never thought that she ... his voice trails off. She asks what he is trying to say. Are he and Babe having problems? JR says Babe has been upset with people lately. He tells Bianca that this morning in bed ... Bianca interrupts and says this isn't her business. JR continues, saying that he reached out to Babe but she pulled away. "My wife, my life ... she doesn't want me touching her," JR says. He says he doesn't know what he would do if he lost Babe.

Inside the house, Krystal reveals Jamie's plan to Babe in confidence. She tells him he's in jail intentionally to get information from Seth that would incriminate JR. Krystal says the police must suspect JR, otherwise they would not have allowed Jamie to be put in jail. Babe still refuses to believe JR is at fault.

Ryan is at the police station to look up the records on Michael Cambias when he runs into Ethan. Ryan tells Ethan why he's there and Ethan comments that he's saving him the trouble from doing it himself. Ryan says he needs evidence of Ethan's claims that he is Alexander Cambias' grandson. He reiterates that if a genuine grandchild appears, he will sign over Cambias Industries. He tells Ethan that he already did that once, when Miranda was born. Unfortunately Miranda lost it when she died the same day as her birth. Ethan says he had read about that and is sorry about it. But Ethan says there will be no doubt that he is actually Alexander Cambias' grandson. Ryan tells him that while Michael's tissue samples were destroyed, the police computer still has records on his DNA. An officer approaches and informs Ryan that the records are no longer in the computer. Ethan calls Ryan a "bloody liar." He accuses him of deleting the files that could prove who he really is. Ryan says he was about to accuse him of the same thing.

Kendall is at Zach's office telling him that she needs to know if Michael's brother had a son named Ethan. Zach says it won't be hard to prove if Ethan's a fake. Kendall says she doesn't want him to be a fake. She wants to prove he's for real. Zach asks if she believes Ethan is a Cambias or is she just hoping he is. Kendall asks him if it matters. Zach says there must have been a clause in Alexander's will about an heir. Kendall tells him he's getting warmer. He surmises that if Ethan is real, Ryan will lose everything. Kendall tells him he gets it now. Zach asks what kind of proof Ethan has. Kendall says he produced a birth certificate and a letter. She thinks he's for real. If he was fake he would have been more prepared, she says. She says he is just a poor guy trying to find out who he is. Kendall says she'll help prove who Ethan is even if he doesn't want her help. Zach offers his help, but notes that if Ryan loses Cambias, he'll be penniless. He asks Kendall if she wants Ryan to lose it all. "Every little thing," Kendall says.

JR asks Bianca if she thinks Babe is believing all the trash people are saying about him. Bianca says Babe has been nothing but loyal. JR tells Bianca that while in bed, Babe rolled over to hug him and called him Jamie. Bianca tells him that Babe is the one he should be talking to. Just then Babe storms onto the terrace and is agitated about what her mother has told her. She tells JR that the real reason Jamie is in jail is to get information to frame in. "They're all out to get you," she tells him. JR tells Babe not to worry. There's nothing Seth could say that would hurt him. Babe asks him if he's sure, because the police wouldn't allow this if JR wasn't under suspicion. She hates that they're attacking him. JR repeats that there's nothing to worry about and asks Babe to trust him. JR leaves and Krystal asks Babe what was wrong with her for running to JR and telling him what she told her. Babe says she had to see JR's reaction. Krystal says JR is covering pretty good. Babe asks if she thinks JR is not telling the truth. Krystal says she's not convinced. "Neither am I," Bianca says. Bianca tells Babe that JR was trying so hard to convince her that she and Jamie have something going on. She tells Babe that JR said she was being distant and pulling away. Babe says that absolutely isn't true. Bianca says JR has changed. When he stood here and tried to get her to doubt Babe, she didn't believe a word he was saying.

Tad walks into the jail, puts on a pair of glasses and asks which one of them is Mr. Phelps. Seth asks him why he's asking. Tad introduces himself as Thadeus J. Darrow, Seth's new attorney. Derek, still watching on the monitor, is concerned and wondering what Tad is trying to prove. Seth asks where his regular attorney, Arch Madden, is. Tad says he's involved in some expensive litigation in California and put him in charge. Seth says he'll wait till Madden gets back. Tad says that's fine. He'll file a postponement and see him after Christmas. Seth stops him from leaving, and Tad tells him there's a problem with his plea bargain. It needs to be based on truthful information but it's coming apart at the seams. It's calling into question his implication of Mr. Martin, he says. Jamie asks Seth if he's sweating yet. Tad tells Seth he needs a new plea arrangement because this one is going south. He thinks he can get him off in 8 to 10. Seth excitedly says 8 to 10 months would be good. Tad says no, he meant 8 to 10 years. He leaves, saying he'll be in touch. Jamie tells Seth that he should have went to Mexico after JR paid him off. Tad returns to Derek's office and asks if his ploy worked. Brooke says Seth is sweating. There is another visitor at the jail. This time JR enters and tells Jamie he was worried about him and wanted to see how he was. Seth asks JR "what about me, Chandler." JR says word is that Seth is going to be a free man. His attorney Madden subpoenaed him. Seth asks JR about this new attorney and JR tells him it sounds like he's being set up. Seth grabs JR through the bars and accuses him of double-crossing him. He says JR is the one who bought the pills. "You're the one going down, not me," Seth says. "He did it, he pulled it off!" Brooke says.

At Fusion, Ryan tells Jonathan about his interaction with Ethan at the police station. Jonathan says if Ethan is trying to take Ryan's money, he'll have to go through him to do it. Jonathan says he's the reason that the board is breathing down Ryan's neck and he doesn't want to screw up again. Jonathan says he has two guys in London already checking out Ethan. Ryan asks him how good he is at hacking. Jonathan wonders if Ryan wants him to break into a computer. Ryan tells him someone broke into the police computer and wonders if Jonathan could have been the one. Jonathan laughs and says he's an idiot when it comes to computers. He wishes he had, though. He loves the idea. Kendall walks in, hears the brother talking and stays out of sight to eavesdrop. Ryan says if this guy is for real, this is his company. Jonathan asks Ryan about his marriage. He knows he got married for business and if he no longer has the business, there is no reason for Greenlee to stay with him. Technically that's true, Ryan says.

Ethan goes to the cemetery and runs into Zach, who asks who he's looking for. Ethan says he's looking for his uncle. Zach asks for his uncle's name and offers to help. Ethan asks him who he is and why he cares. Zach says he's just trying to make conversation. He didn't mean to interfere with his grief. Ethan says there is no grief. He didn't even know the guy, and from what he hears it sounds just as well.

Babe tells Bianca and her mother that she never called Jamie's name out while in bed with JR. Bianca says she didn't think she did. Bianca thinks JR is hiding something. Babe asks if they think he's drugging him. Krystal says she's afraid it might be true. Looking at her mother, Babe says if it is true than everything they have done ... Krystal interrupts, saying only "I know." Both of them look at Bianca, who's holding the baby.

Jamie pulls Seth off of JR. Jamie and Seth struggle and Seth throws him against the bed. The wire on Jamie's chest is now revealed. Seth rushes toward him and tells him that nobody messes with him. Jamie grasps his side and looks down and sees blood gushing from his hands. A worried JR calls out to Jamie. Jamie looks at Seth and sees a bloody knife in his hand. Jamie collapses. Brooke, watching on the monitor, screams in terror.

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