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Right when Anita is planning for her romantic dinner with Bobbie, she mistakenly runs into Aidan in the dark, mistaking him for Bobbie. He kisses her, assuming that her marriage has ended and she might be interested in him again. She asks where he has been. He says he’s been traveling overseas and doing investigative work for Edmund Gray.

A strange man enters the Fusion office, right in time to interrupt the big brawl between Kendall and Ryan and Greenlee. He announces that he is Alexander Cambias’ grandson, Ethan Cambias. Right away, Kendall inquires of he is Michael Cambias’ son, sounding shocked and horrified.

Erica unexpectedly enters the rape clinic where Bianca has gone. She announces that she herself is also a rape survivor. The counselor tells Erica it’s an open group and she is welcome to stay. Erica approaches Bianca, informing her she did not know she’d run into her at the group and offers to leave if Bianca is uncomfortable with her there. Bianca says no, it’s ok for her mother to be there. The counselor calls for the group to sit and for everybody to introduce themselves. Each woman identifies her first name and introduces herself as a rape survivor. Erica and Bianca both do the same. Erica speaks first, admitting that she has chosen to say nothing for way too long. She admits that she has just introduced herself as a rape survivor, but that is not an accurate term to use. She says that not all of her survived, she buried the girl who was violated on her 14th birthday and that she has been buried all these years. Erica admits that at first it was easy. She first just denied that she existed. But she admits that the more she ignored her, the more she haunted her. She admits that she attempted to bury that girl with pills and alcohol and by pushing away everybody who loved her. She says she did not know that she had a choice and she just had to get rid of her, because if she survived, then Erica could not.

The supposed grandson of Alexander Cambias tells Kendall he wanted a warmer welcome than what she’s just given him. But she tells him only in hell. Ryan claps his hands, telling Kendall that he believes that she must have hired some strange dude to pass himself off as a Cambias heir hoping to fool him. She protests why he would believe she’d want anybody to make up being a son of Michael Cambias after what Michael did to her sister. Ryan protests that this behavior right there shows what a liability Kendall is to the corporation. Kendall turns to face the her guests to tell them that Ryan is not competent or sensible with business because he is not over her. Greenlee protests again how unstable Kendall is. Kendall shoots back at Greenlee, mentioning that Greenlee and Ryan’s marriage is all a lie. But Jonathan protests that Kendall does not know what she’s talking about in regard to their marriage.

Anita asks Aidan whom he’s been chasing all this time and that it had better not be Bobbie. He says his intent to go to Vegas was not to spy upon Bobbie, but to find Erica. She admits that she once believed that Bobbie was having an affair with Erica and was ready to file for divorce but now she has torn up the papers and is back with Bobbie because she trusts him.

When Maria is out in the wilderness, she sees Slater again, assuming he is following and stalking her. She tells him she is tired of his researching her business. She remembers being at that very spot, at the top of a cliff ready to take her life once before. She admits that she is very upset about what’s happened to Edmund and their marriage. But she wants all of her feelings about Zach Slater to go away for good. She says she does not want to have any more of these feelings. For one thing they are not even hers, they are Maureen’s and Maureen is gone. She protests that she loves her husband more than anything and has fought to get her life back. And no matter what had happened between them in the past, he will never be the man that Edmund is. He tells her he does not want to get in the way of her life, but he can tell that there is something more at stake than her and her perfect marriage.

Erica tells the rape support group that her father’s friend raped her when she was 14. She says she could not see past the pain and was too consumed by her own hurt to see the way she was treating the people around her and does not want to do that anymore. She says she wants to see past the pain and make amends to the people she hurt, especially her daughters. She addresses Bianca, admitting that she knows she hurt her, and also Kendall. She admits that when Kendall was born, she just wanted to bury and forget all about Kendall and did the same thing when she found out that Bianca was pregnant. And when her father died and she was not ready to face what he did, she ran from everything and everyone that loved her and she does not want to do that again. Right then, they hear thunder. But Erica goes on to say that she wants to dig up everything that she has buried. She wants to find the 14 year old girl and feel everything that she felt when she was raped and the horror that she felt when she found out that her father gave her to that monster easily, like she was nothing. She admits that she loved her father more than anything in the world. Bianca holds her hand and tells her how sorry she is. Erica admits that her father’s “business deal” was more important than she was, so her father did not protect her, nor even try. He did not love her the way she needed to be loved because he could not. He put himself first. She addresses Bianca about how it was, when she lost her baby, and admits that she abandoned Bianca the way her father abandoned her. Bianca shakes her head and denies that her mother could ever be compared to Erica’s father. But Erica goes on to apologize and ask if Bianca can ever forgive her.

Anita tells Aidan that he must get out of there because she is planning something with her husband. He protests that he remembers the last time he talked to her, that she was having serious trust issues with Bobbie. But she tells him that was in the past and now she loves and trusts Bobbie. At that moment, Bobbie enters.

Zach protests to Maria that he is in Pine Valley on business, because he wants to open a casino. But she reminds him that she knows him better than that. She asks if Ryan Lavery was right. Is he there because of some secret? She inquires about his funding of Bianca’s foundation. And right there, she asks if he’s there because of Bianca. She keeps protesting that she needs him to fess up. But at that point, he has an outburst about needing her to leave him alone and stay out of his business. But she protests that with the way he’s been violating her right to privacy, she has the right to know what he’s up to. But he then tells her he will make a deal. He will leave her completely alone and stay out of her life, if she stops asking him why he’s there. Right away, she knows he must have a deep dark secret.

Although Bianca does not want Erica to believe she is remotely similar to her father, Erica admits that she has treated both of her daughters as her father treated her. She gives the example of Kendall and her behavior, where all Kendall knows and can expect is to be rejected and abandoned because that’s all Erica has shown her. Bianca protests that Kendall is responsible for her own behavior, Erica has tried many times to reach out to Kendall and it is not Erica’s fault. But Erica goes on to mention how Kendall has been the target of Erica’s hurt. And she says she believes that it is her fault that Michael Cambias raped Bianca.

Kendall tells Ryan, Greenlee and the “guests” that it only looks to them as though they would believe this “Ethan” character is an imposter, but she swears that she did not hire him to lie for her. Ryan says that may or may not be true, but regardless, they cannot believe a word than comes out of Kendall’s mouth. The guy tells Ryan that he’s never before met this woman (Kendall) in his life. He says he is the grandson of Alexander Cambias. He presents his birth certificate, revealing that his father was named as Alexander Cambias Jr., Michael’s brother. Kendall concludes that would mean he’s Michael’s nephew. Greenlee admits that anybody can falsify a birth certificate, and notices that there is no official seal on the one that he has shown them. He presents a letter that was supposedly written to the woman who allegedly raised him, by his biological mother, where she expresses that she is afraid that if she keeps the baby, Alexander Sr. will take him from her and that she cannot do to her child, what Alexander Sr. did to his sons. Jonathan interjects and says he does not buy a word of what he is saying, and believes that letter is as fake as his English accent. But he protests that he is who he says he is and he is there to claim everything that is rightfully his.

Bianca keeps protesting that her mother was in no way to blame for her rape and could not have done anything to stop it. But she says she could have and should have seen the signs. And she says she was wrong to assume that the only thing for Bianca to do when she found out she was pregnant was to abort. And she says that Bianca was so much braver than she was, she got help, owned her problems and loved her daughter. Bianca says that she ran from her pain, she just did it in a different way. She says that Miranda was not a reminder of her rape; she was an escape from it. She says she used her daughter because she could not deal. Erica protests that she knows that Bianca loved her baby; it was in her voice and in her actions. Bianca says she can no longer hide behind Miranda. She has to face what happened just like Erica has to. She has to face all the hurt and the shame and the guilt. But Erica tells her that she has nothing to feel guilty about. Bianca says that she should have put Miranda first, yet she did not. She just wanted Miranda to fill a hole in her heart, but thought nothing about what Miranda’s life would be like. All she wanted was for her pain to go away. And she’s afraid that that is why Miranda was taken from her.

Bobbie tells Aidan that he believes he is after his wife and has probably sold Anita a story that Bobbie was messing around with Erica, so he can break up their marriage. And he tells Aidan that whatever fantasies Aidan has about his wife, he must get out of his head. But Aidan tells them both that they are wrong to believe that he does not care about Anita. Anita interjects to tell Bobbie that Aidan cares about her as a friend, a buddy, but nothing more. Aidan makes some comment about how Bobbie is not to be trusted. But Bobbie tells him he must get out. Aidan leaves.

Ethan tells Ryan that if he does not believe his story, he may feel free to investigate. Ryan says no, he’d like to hear it right from him. Ryan tells him that he knows there is no living Cambias left to inherit anything. And if all he has to go on is this stranger’s word, then nothing is going to happen..

Erica emotionally tells Bianca that she must not ever blame herself for the loss of Miranda. She knows Bianca loved her baby with everything in her heart; her love was pure and selfless. And she puts her arms around her daughter, both of them sobbing. She tells Bianca she loves her so much.

The corporate giants ask Ryan if he is still willing to keep up the battle to be CEO and believe that Ethan is an imposter, or if he has given up. Ryan announces that he plans to dig up every bit of information and secret he can find on Ethan, and if he finds out that Ethan checks out as who he says he is, then he will back off and let Ethan have everything that is his birthright.

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