AMC Update Tuesday 8/10/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 8/10/04

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Greenlee comes to visit Ryan at the Fusion office. They hold each other. And it seems they are very happy to be together. He informs her that there is something he should have told her in the past, but which he is surer of now than ever before.

Erica questions Kendall for sleeping with Ryan’s brother. But Kendall tries to convince her mother of her motives, rambling away about how Ryan is bluffing by acting as though he doesn’t care about her, and about the corporate takeover, which she is planning. But Erica interrupts her daughter and tells her she is talking like a crazy person. Kendall tells her mother she wants her input. But Erica tells Kendall that what she needs to do more than anything else, before anything else, is deal with her anger. Kendall reminds her mother that she has her own problems, which she has taken a long time to deal with, which happen every time she hears thunder. Erica admits that she has made mistakes in the past, but at least she is making efforts now to deal with her issues.

Bobbie goes looking for Anita, still haunted by hearing Kendall threatening to blackmail him and ruin his marriage. He knocks on the door calling for Anita. But she yells that he must go away. He assumes that it can only mean she is angry and does not want to see him.

Ryan suddenly gets up the courage to tell Greenlee how he feels. She inquires how he feels about what. He replies about her. And he tells her that it’s about time to make a change in their marriage. Right before he can get it out about what he’s about to tell her, Simone interrupts them. She seems to have a new idea about business and she informs them that she does not blame Jonathan for the problem that transpired with the Chandlers taking over their company. She says she does not trust Kendall but has no cause for alarm with Jonathan. They seem to agree. And she says she wants to be a spokesperson for a new product with Enchantment.

Kendall informs Erica that she has tried too hard and for too long to make things work with Ryan. She informs her mother that when she and Ryan went looking for Erica in Vegas, she had this dream that everything would be perfect with her and Ryan. Erica says that she is sorry for Kendall’s dream not materializing. She apologizes, telling her daughter that if she’d had any idea what she was going through, she’d want to help. But she realizes that she was drunk and incapable of helping herself at that time. She tells her daughter, however, that she still needs to accept responsibility for her relationship with Ryan going sour. Kendall inquires what Erica would do if her father were still alive. Erica replies that she would kill him.

Jack tries to convince Bianca that she needs to bury the hatchets with her mother and forgive her. But Bianca says that Erica just wants everybody else to live in her misery. Jack inquires if Bianca’s intent is to “move head” and leave her mother behind. Bianca says that Erica is really good at doing exactly that with everybody, and not caring about others. Jack tells his niece that she can hold against her mother what happened the previous night. But he thinks she should get past that. And he inquires whether she really believes she does not need her mother any more. Bianca tells Jack that she is just fine, has gotten over all her issues and is ready to move on. When they hear thunder, she informs Jack that to her, thunder is just noise. Lily interjects about what thunder really means. At that point, Jack concludes that they must all get home. Bianca inquires whether Jack is worrying about her mother. He admits he is. She suggests, in that case, he can go and look for Erica and she will take Lily home. Lily senses that maybe she should go and look for Erica instead and let Bianca go home with Jack, since Bianca might be angry at her for her inquiries about her deep dark secret. But Bianca informs Lily that it is ok and she is not angry anymore.

Although it sounds as though his wife is very angry with him, Bobbie threatens to bust down the door if she does not let him in. She unlocks the door. He enters and discovers, to his surprise, a romantic dinner with a wedding cake and candles. He also discovers her hair is still in curlers, revealing she’s taking a lot of time to prepare everything just right. He is pleasantly surprised to discover she is not angry with him but reveals to her that something going on with him is not right. She tells him that she wants to forget the past and focus on the future. But he reveals to her the grim reality that they might not have a future.

Kendall assures her mother that she o.k. and she needn’t worry about her. But Erica tells Kendall that she is worried and she can see that Kendall is not fine. At that point, Jack enters. Kendall tells them goodbye and departs. But Erica warns her daughter not to do anything she may regret. Kendall smugly tells her mother not to worry; she has no plans to kill Ryan. For one thing, it’s too much fun watching him sqirm.

Ryan reveals to Greenlee that his last exchange with Kendall had no effect on him. All of the emotional attachment he once had for Kendall, no longer exists. She asks if what he wanted to tell her is that he is immune to Kendall. He reveals that that is part of it, but not all.

Lily says to Bianca that she knows that there are some things you shouldn’t do and some things you shouldn’t say and she says she knows she should not have brought up the sore subject to Bianca about her baby or the baby’s father. Bianca tells Lily it’s ok, sounding outwardly calm, but is really burying the turmoil she is feeling. When Lily keeps talking and what she can sense of unresolved issues creating tension in the air, Bianca reveals that she is still upset. Lily reflects that she knows that nobody can fix her disability and make it go away, and all that she can do is control it. She tells Bianca that maybe she too can only control her issues. But Bianca reveals that she wants it to go away forever and is very frustrated that it cannot.

Erica informs Jack that she really does not believe what Bianca is saying, about how she believes she can end therapy and that she has completely healed from the rape, the loss of Miranda and everything else. And she also reveals that Bianca told her that she feels it’s just as well that Miranda is dead, because her life would only bring back the monster, Michael Cambias. Erica tells Jack that she is very alarmed to hear these words come out of Bianca’s mouth, because they are not her own, they are her words which she told Bianca. She says she knows that Bianca always felt differently. Erica admits for the first time that she really understands how there might be nothing wrong with Miranda coming into the world and having a quality life, because she is innocent. Jack inquires whether Bianca’s sudden “change of heart” might have something to do with Kendall’s unstable behavior, due in part to her conception. But Erica says no, she will not use that as an excuse. She says she must not sit idly by and let both of her girls destroy their lives.

Bobbie reveals to Anita about the night when he was in the Valley Inn with Kendall and their exchange of money. He reveals that Kendall gave him an ultimatum for giving him the money to give back to Zach. Hearing this, she wants to know what the demands and ultimatum was all about.

Right when Ryan and Greenlee are in the middle of their amicable, romantic encounter, Kendall enters and tells them that it’s about to end. Ryan and Greenlee try to ignore Kendall. But at that moment, several people enter. A man informs them that he just found out that Adam Chandler took over a merger. He informs them that Adam Chandler is holding them hostage and he has Ryan and Greenlee to blame for not informing him. Ryan informs them that the Chandlers are only bluffing about the takeover. The man says that the credibility of Ryan’s promise about that is about as good as the credibility of his marriage to “Mrs. Lavery”. The man concludes that he and the people there with him have the authority to remove Ryan as the CEO of Chandler Enterprises. At that point, Jonathan enters and says if anybody gets fired, it should be him. But Kendall says no, it is not Jonathan’s fault, it’s Ryan’s. And she reminds everybody that Ryan so simply and conveniently inherited Alexander Cambias’ fortune about a year ago, one day when he was just out on his motorcycle and so conveniently ran into a dying man whom he’d never before met in his life. She reflects that Ryan is pretty swift to be able to pull something that that off, but he has not earned his position of authority because of that.

At first, Anita inquires whether Bobbie slept with Kendall to get the money. He assures her that he would never do that. She believes him and happily tells him that she trusts him and has some very positive plans in store for them. She pushes him out the door, telling him she needs to get ready for their big celebration. She sounds very happy. But when he is out the door, he clearly reveals that he is worried.

Erica admits to Jack that she still has a lot of problems in her life. But he reminds her that she is sober and that is a big step. And he tells her that getting over her father’s death and the horrifying revelation of what he did all those years ago when she was raped, is a big thing which nobody could get over in such a short amount of time.

Lily tells Bianca that if she had a life jacket she’d give it to Bianca. Bianca inquires why. Lily replies because she remembers Bianca saying that she was smothering. She tells Bianca how she remembers almost not learning to swim and how a life jacket made her feel more confident in the water. This, right there, reminds Bianca of how her little girl had no life jacket and could not fight the water. At that point, Bianca breaks down, crying and says she cannot breath and feels as though she is smothering thinking about it. Lily concludes that there must be a life jacket out there somewhere for Bianca.

When Erica and Jack are still in the park, they hear a loud thunder. Jack instinctively tells Erica that they must go home, since there is thunder. But she tells him that she must face it. He tells her then, they can wait to go home later. But she tells him she must go home by herself and handle her situation by herself. She asks him to promise that he will not follow her. He tells her ok and she departs.

Greenlee explains to Kendall’s “guests” that Ryan never intended to take anything that rightfully belonged to anybody else. She says although Alexander Cambias willed everything to Ryan before he died, Ryan was ready to offer everything to Bianca Montgomery to give to Miranda and if Miranda had lived, Ryan would have nothing because he would have put it all in the hands of Bianca and Miranda. She also informs them that since Ryan has been CEO, profits have gone up, there has been good business and sales and no reason for anybody to doubt his competence or good will. But the man still has an ax to grind with Ryan. Right when he is lecturing them on business ethics, a strange man enters and identifies himself as Edan Cambias and announces that Alexander Cambias was his grandfather.

Right when Anita is getting ready for her big occasion with Bobbie, while in the dark, she mistakenly believes her husband has entered. She kisses him only to discover that it’s Aidan Devane.

Lily talks to her father about all the storms there are out in nature. He tells her that is true. She can sense that he is frustrated about something. He reveals to her that is true and that no matter how much he wants to fix things, there are some things that cannot be fixed. She tells him she loves him. He says he loves her too.

Bianca goes and finds the rape counselor whom she previously terminated with. The woman welcomes her and assures her that healing from rape takes time and there’s nothing wrong with needing to come back. Right at that moment, they unexpectedly run into Erica at the clinic.

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