AMC Update Monday 8/9/04

All My Children Update Monday 8/9/04

By Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

Adam and JR are urging Liza to side with them. She tells JR that she knows Adam didn't have a conscience but she always thought he did. JR says he does have a conscience. He knows Bess would be better with him. Babe walks in unexpectedly. JR tells Liza he's waiting for an answer, and she says they can count on her. Babe says now that business is finished she's hoping to steal JR and Bess away for the day. JR says he hasn't even scratched the surface of work, and Adam says he needs JR with him today. Now that Babe's within earshot, Liza asks the group if they heard about Jamie. JR tells his wife that Jamie was arrested for jumping bail. He says he won't lose sleep if Jamie rots in that cell. Babe is struck by his callousness. He and Adam talk about screwing Ryan and how they're going to "move in for the kill." Babe says she thought JR liked Ryan. JR says he did until Ryan fired him. Babe tells JR that he's not like himself. He sounds like Adam and she doesn't like it one bit. JR informs her that he's just protecting his wife and child and trying to outsmart the man who fired him from his own company. He won't apologize for that. Babe says he's being mean about it. JR says the move he made on Ryan will set Bess up for life. Babe says she doesn't care about the money. JR says the bottom line is that no one crosses him and gets away with it. Adam and JR prepare to leave for a meeting but Liza declines their invitation to leave with them, saying she is too nauseous. Before he leaves, JR tells Babe he's sorry she's upset. Babe, feeding the baby, tells him she wishes he could see himself acting like a copy of Adam. After JR and Adam leave, Liza re-enters the room and shuts the door. She says she has something to say and she doesn't think Babe is going to like it.

Liza says she has experience being a Chandler wife and wants to fill Babe in. Comparing life with a Chandler to "The Wizard of Oz," she says what appears to be the good parts is only living in technicolor. It's better in black and white. Babe tells her JR's behavior was a fluke. He's really nothing like Adam, she says. Liza says JR is exactly like Adam. Being married to a Chandler is magical until you do something they see as a betrayal. Then they turn on you. Liza reminds Babe that she crossed JR. Babe says JR forgave her. Liza refers to Bess being JR's daughter, then wonders out loud if maybe this is Bianca's daughter. Babe insists the baby is her's. Liza says she wondered because she once had a theory that Krystal changed the DNA results. She tells Babe that when you have a Chandler baby they'll toss you out like garbage. Stick around long enough and she'll find out for herself.

At Jack's place, Reggie tells Danielle that he hates Seth. Danielle asks if it's because of his mom. Reggie tells her not to talk about something he doesn't know anything about. He tells her she knows nothing about his mom. Danielle says he doesn't have to talk about it, but she wishes he would open up to her. She asks what Seth did to his mom. Reggie starts to open up, telling her that at first his mother would be stoned a couple times a month, then once a week, then every day. He caught Seth in their house a couple times and threw him out, but his mother kept letting him back in. Reggie says he called child protective services to protect his sisters. Afterward he doesn't know where his mom went. He doesn't even know if she's still alive. He's angry that Seth is still dealing and says if he messes with Jamie, he'll have to kill him. Danielle says she's sorry that Seth put his mother through that. Reggie tells her to save her pity for someone who needs it. He just wants to make sure Seth is locked up for a long time.

Jamie complains as he is put in the cell with Seth. Once left alone by the jailer, Jamie grabs Seth by the collar and threatens his life. He says a lot of people would give him a medal for killing him. Jamie starts working on Seth, telling him never to believe what a Chandler says again. Seth brags about the deal he's made with the DA to get out in six months, but Jamie tells him if he believes that he's dumber than he looks. JR will hang him out to dry and they'll be in prison 10 to 20 years together. Jamie tells him JR will not want him out on the street because he knows his secret about drugging his wife.

Bianca tells her mother that she thinks it might be easier since Miranda died. If Miranda had lived she would continually have to hear about rape and death. Now, with the building of the women and children's center, people will hear the name Miranda Montgomery and think only good things. Erica says Miranda's life would have been filled with love. Bianca says if she had lived, her life would have been filed with as much pain as Kendall's life. She says Kendall has spun out of control again. This time she's targeting Ryan and Greenlee.

Kendall, with Ryan on the roof of Fusion, berates Jonathan for blowing the takeover deal. Ryan remains silent. She tells him if he wants to be mad, be mad at Jonathan, not her. She asks him what he's thinking. He tells her he's thinking about making love to her right here on this roof. Kendall, thinking he is making a play for her, warms up to him. He tells her that he's not thinking about making love again, but rather he's thinking about the one time they did it on the roof. He says he connected with her in a way that he couldn't figure out. He thought he was in love with her. Kendall draws closer to him and asks him what he's feeling now, but he lifts his hand to hold her back. "I feel nothing," he says. "I'm over you." He says he's been carrying around a ton of bricks and now he's finally able to let them go. Setting his brother up to be the fall guy for losing the takeover bid and using Bianca to do it finally did it for him. Kendall says what they have won't disappear. They have a bond that can't be broken. Ryan says it's not just broken, it's smashed into a million pieces. Kendall says he will never stop loving her. He's just furious that she slept with his brother and this is how he's fighting back. She knows she still gets under his skin. Ryan asks her what is it going to take to show her he's done with her. She tells him to stop lying to himself. He heads for the door, telling her she's fired.

Erica says Bianca was right when she accused her of taking Bianca's pain and making it her own. Now Bianca is trying to make Erica's pain her own. Bianca loved Miranda but Erica could not even accept there was a baby when she was raped. Erica asks Bianca what her therapist says. Bianca says she stopped going. She's done with this. Erica tells her it's too early for her to stop therapy. She surely can't be over everything that's happened. Bianca says she is fine and it's time to move on. Thunder rolls in the background. Erica says they're not over it if thunder sends them back to their nightmares. Kendall enters the scene and is surprised to see her mother. Erica hugs Kendall and tells her she's looking well. Bianca asks Kendall what she did to Ryan since Ryan found the need to come and warn her. Kendall says Ryan has a savior complex and deserves whatever happened. Bianca tells her to forget it and she doesn't know why she bothers trying with her. Bianca leaves and Erica tells Kendall that she stopped therapy. Kendall says Bianca looks fine with her. Erica asks how Kendall is. Kendall says she couldn't be better. Erica asks if they can cut the smokescreens and be honest with each other. Erica says she knows she hasn't been there for Kendall in the past and wants to change that. She wants Kendall to count on her. Kendall seems touched that Erica wants to help her and tells her if she works with her they can be unstoppable. They can get back at Ryan and Greenlee together for what they have done to her and turn their lives upside down.

Ryan leaves a voice mail message for Greenlee, telling her he misses her. Jonathan overhears and is surprised by Ryan's calm demeanor after losing the takeover bid. Ryan says he knows that Kendall played a part in that, and now that he's over Kendall he has finally found inner peace. He's a free man and he feels fantastic. Now they just need to find out who got the company and get it back. Adam and JR walk in and identify themselves as the new owners. Ryan introduces the Chandlers to his brother and tells the two he knows they had illegal inside help on the takeover. The Chandlers say they'll let Ryan have the biotech company under one condition. They want him to give up his shares of Chandler Enterprises and they'll give him their shares of the biotech company. Ryan tells them to go to hell. He won't be blackmailed. He knows what they put up for the new company and he wants to sit back and watch them drown in red ink.

Bianca returns to the picnic site and finds Jack and Lily. Bianca asks Jack if he'll tell her mother not to worry about her. She says she doesn't need her help. Jack asks Bianca to give her mother a break. He tells Bianca to get over the resentment over her mother hurting her. If she doesn't, they may lose each other for good. Bianca says she's sorry she brought it up.

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