AMC Update Friday 8/6/04

All My Children Update Friday 8/6/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Jamie is hauled into jail for jumping bail with Tad trailing behind protesting. Danielle is at the police station and witnesses the event, but she doesn't know it's all a set-up. She asks Jamie to tell her he didn't do something crazy. Derek tells his daughter to go home and takes Jamie and Tad into his office. Now that they're alone, Derek gives Jamie a chance to back out. Jamie says he's going to go through with this.

Erica, Jack, Bianca, Reggie and Lily are in the park for a picnic. Erica comments that she's expecting Kendall but Bianca tells her mother that Kendall won't be there due to a business deal. A crack of thunder startles Erica, and Jack tells her they can take their picnic to his place. Erica says she's sure that it won't storm and that if it rains, it will be on someone else's picnic. Lily informs the group that the thunder is 11 1/2 miles away, then as she hears it again, says it's 12 miles away and moving away. An amazed Reggie asks her how she knows that. She gives a mathematical explanation that surprises everyone there. Erica says now is no time to panic and run for cover. Danielle arrives at the picnic and tells Reggie that Jamie has been arrested for jumping bail. Reggie decides he's going to the jail to help his buddy out, but Jack won't let him go and tells him he can't do any good there. If Reggie goes to the police station and tells Derek how to run things Reggie will find himself in his own cell. Reggie says he won't go and walks Danielle away. Once they turn the corner, Reggie tells Danielle he's going to the police station with her. He'll deal with his father later.

Brooke arrives at the police station and is hopping mad at Tad for allowing Jamie to be booked into jail. She demands to know what's going on now or she'll rip this place apart. Tad explains Jamie's real plan but that doesn't ease Brooke's concerns. She says Jamie will be found to be wearing a wire and will be in trouble. Tad says they can't stop Jamie. He's tried but it's Jamie's call. Brooke calls it a suicide mission. Tad says Jamie will be in the cell only long enough to get information out of Seth.

Back at the park, Erica promises Lily that she'll take her shopping. Lily says that's fine as long as they don't go to the mall. The mall is too big and loud, she says. Lily asks Bianca where her husband is. When Bianca says she doesn't have a husband Lily asks why. Bianca asks Lily if she knows what gay means. Lily says it means happy. Bianca tells her now it means to be homosexual. Lily wonders, then, how Bianca could have had a baby. Jack tells Lily that a family picnic isn't the place to talk about this. But Lily protests, saying he told her she could ask questions whenever she had them. She wants to know where the baby's father is. Bianca, getting more agitated, tells Lily that the father is dead. Lily asks how he died. Bianca snaps at Lily to shut up. Bianca quickly apologizes but walks away. Erica follows her. Lily tells her father that she did it again. Jack tells her yes, she did. &# 9;

At Fusion, Ryan is on the phone with Simone and Jonathan present when Kendall walks in. Ryan is making arrangements to take over a biotech company. He hangs up the phone and is confident the company is in his hands. Kendall snipes that it's too bad that Greenlee isn't here to beam at Ryan. Kendall's cell phone rings and she pretends to be talking to Bianca. She tells the caller to go ahead and sign Zach's form because he is trustworthy. It's JR on the other end of the phone who is working with Kendall to steal the biotech company out from under Ryan. The two hang up and JR tells Adam that the next sound he hears will be Ryan squealing like a pig. Ryan immediately pounces on Kendall, fearing she is getting Bianca into trouble with Zach, who he does not trust. Kendall tells him to calm down but he says Bianca should not be signing anything that has to do with Zach. He insists on calling her and asks Kendall for her number. Kendall gives Ryan her own cell phone number, discreetly shutting off her phone so it doesn't ring. Ryan calls but gets continual ringing with no answer and no voice mail. He decides to go look for Bianca. He tells Jonathan to call him when he hears anything about his bid on the biotech company.

JR is on a business call and proudly hangs up knowing that he's getting Chandler Enterprises back from Ryan. Adam says he can see his son loves this jolt of power and the thrill of the kill. He could not be more proud. JR wonders what will be more satisfying... getting Chandler Enterprises back or getting rid of Babe and Krystal. Adam gloats that soon the company will be back in their hands. Liza walks in after hearing their conversation and confronts them. JR says he thought she would be happy if Krystal was kicked to the curb and out of the way. Liza tells him she knows he would never allow Bess to be taken from him. The silence from Adam and JR helps her figure out what they're up to. She realizes that it was JR that drugged Babe and framed Jamie. She tells JR that he could have killed Babe. JR, with a sly smile on his face, smugly accuses Liza of throwing around accusations. Liza says she knows how Adam operates and now he's operating the same way. She turns to Adam and says he will not take Bess from Babe. JR tells her that since she's no longer a Chandler, this is none of her business. Liza asks JR if he wants to ruin his brother's life. She tells him that Jamie jumped bail and is back in jail. JR comments that this is too easy, and he and Adam chuckle at the news. Adam informs Liza that he's taking an extended vacation with Colby. Liza says he can't do that because she has custody of Colby. Adam tells her that can be changed.

Simone gets a phone call regarding the biotech company and gives the phone to Jonathan. He asks the caller who put in the counter-bid. He repeats the company name and asks Kendall if she's familiar with it, but Kendall plays dumb. Jonathan hangs up and tries to call Ryan. He just gets voice mail and leaves a message saying this is an emergency. Jonathan tells Kendall and Simone that Ryan is being given a chance to up his bid before it's too late. Kendall tells him that he shouldn't go over Ryan's head and suggests that it's a farce to get more money. Jonathan asks if he should let Ryan's bid stand. Kendall tells him he's in charge and he has to make the decision.

Erica finds Bianca and tells her she's sorry that Lily upset her. Bianca says Lily was just curious and says what everyone else is thinking. She's the only one of them willing to face the truth. Bianca says Kendall isn't facing the truth about Ryan. Erica acknowledges that she's working on the truth in her own life. Bianca says she's denying the truth as well. Erica tells her that she thought she had faced everything in her life. They're interrupted by Ryan who asks Bianca if she's signed anything yet. Bianca doesn't know what he's talking about. He asks her if she spoke with Kendall this morning about signing some papers. Bianca says she last talked with Kendall last night about the picnic. Ryan realizes that he's been conned. He reaches for his cell phone but it is missing.

Simone takes another call regarding the biotech company and tells Jonathan this is the last chance they will have to increase their bid. Kendall tells Jonathan to try and not look like a jerk when he undermines Ryan's decisions. Jonathan tells the caller that their bid will stand and to let him know when the company is theirs.

Adam threatens to sue for custody of Colby and tells Liza that will tie her up in legal quicksand until Colby is ready to pack for Harvard. JR, who is sitting at the computer, tells Liza that she needs a better firewall. She asks if he hacked into her computer. She demands to know what he has done. Adam tells JR to make a copy of the document he is looking at to use in the custody hearing, then he tells Liza to wait for the call that will make Bess and Colby rich little girls.

Reggie and Danielle arrive back at the police station and talk to Jamie. Jamie assures them that everything is OK. Jamie goes to his mother, who says she won't let him do this. Jamie says he has to do it and asks her to have faith in him. He'll be OK. Brooke hugs her son.

Reggie asks Derek to not allow Jamie to be near Seth. Derek asks him what he knows about Seth. Reggie tells him that Seth messed his mom up. He's not a low-level street punk. He's bad news. He begs Derek to watch out for Jamie like he tried to watch out for his mom. Danielle walks into her father's office and asks him what he's doing with Reggie. Derek says he's letting Reggie go. Meanwhile, Jamie is put into a cell with Seth, who says "lucky me" when he sees Jamie come in.

Ryan arrives back at Fusion and asks Kendall what's going on. She tells him he has bigger things to worry about. Jonathan steps up and admits to him that he lost the biotech company and it was his fault. He apologizes. A speechless Ryan grabs Kendall by the arm and pulls her into the lobby. At Chandler mansion, JR gloats that he loves corporate takeovers. Adam tells Liza that it's nicer to be with us than against them.

Standing at the spot of the future Miranda Montgomery Center for Women and Children, Erica tries to get Bianca to talk to her about Miranda, but Bianca doesn't want to talk. Erica says they have to talk about Miranda. She says she wishes it would never have happened. Thunder sounds in the background. Bianca tells her mother she doesn't need to do this. She's beginning to think Miranda is better off dead.

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