AMC Update Thursday 8/5/04

All My Children Update Thursday 8/5/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Maria tells Zach that it is over. But he seems persistent to reconnect with her. Unknown to both of them, Edmund is outside the door.

Kendall meets with Bobbie and asks whether he’s had his graphic sexual encounter with Greenlee. She tells him she wants to hear all about it and reminds him that she paid him to seduce Ryan’s wife. But he tells her that he is married and he will not seduce anybody except his own wife.

Tad tells Derek that if he cares about him and his son he will arrest him all over again and throw his butt back in the slammer. Derek wants to know why Tad would suggest he does such a thing and why Jamie seems to want the same thing, as though he has a plan.

Babe goes to see David, noticing that the door was unlocked. Unknown to both her and David, an unidentified person has entered and put a secret potion in David’s booze. David reminds Babe that the last time they spoke, she told him that he was no longer her father. She tells him that it’s hard for her to choose between her father and her husband. But David is adamant in telling her that she cannot trust JR. He tells her that he knows the real reason she is there is because she is fishing. He says he knows that she is there to find out what transpired in his previous conversation with JR and that he knows she’s having doubts about trusting him and considering the possibility of Jamie being innocent.

Derek tells Tad and Jamie that the only person able to make a confession about what JR may be up to is Seth but he believes Jamie will get into further trouble going and asking Seth more about it.

Krystal corners JR knowing that he has some secrets. She tells him that it’s very odd that he has a problem with Babe hiring and firing caretakers for the baby. She tells him that most fathers would never have a problem with that and that it’s very odd that he’s gotten so upset about it. He tells her that he’s sorry and once again plays the “good son-in-law” in order not to make her angry. She inquires what he’s up to and asks if this is another Chandler “control-freak” situation. She says that she wonders why he’d want to hire and never fire Beverly; because it’s very obvious she is not child-care material. He says he has his reasons for hiring her but will not tell Krystal what that reason is.

Kendall tells Bobbie that since he still has his kneecaps, it would only look as though he did what she asked him to do so that Slater would have his money and not carry out his threats. She realizes that he’s taken her money but has not “delivered” on his end of the agreement to seduce Greenlee.

Slater is alone in his office and discovers Edmund outside the door. He tells Slater that instead of a cocktail, he would prefer the truth, straight up.

Kendall shows Bobbie an envelope with pictures in it. Apparently, she has incriminating pictures of him and Greenlee which she can show to Anita if he does not do what she’s asking him to do in order to end Greenlee’s and Ryan’s marriage. He tells her there’s nothing incriminating with the pictures Kendall apparently took of him talking to Greenlee, since they did not even touch and were fully clothed. She goes on to tell him how anybody could construe his getting it on with Greenlee and reminds him that in this age of modern technology, with cell phones and digital cameras, she can make the “innocent pictures” look like something that could ruin his marriage.

Edmund reveals to Slater that he has been investigating him, knows about his resume and a secret, which Slater might mistakenly believe nobody would uncover about something that happened 10 years ago.

Maria secretly goes off with Anita and sets up a table for a romantic dinner. Anita inquires what is on Maria’s mind, which she’s not telling. Maria tells her sister that she knows she has a great marriage with Edmund and she will not let anything out there ruin it. Right away, Anita inquires what, specifically Maria means that could ruin her marriage.

Derek informs Tad and Jamie about Seth’s rap sheet and how he might be dangerous to Jamie if Jamie goes into prison, wired and questions him. Tad says, in that case, maybe they should re-think that. But Jamie tells them that Seth has a lot more to fear from him. He also reminds Derek that if the DA gets him on those bogus drug charges, he will be in prison anyway, so if Derek puts him there in order to get a confession from Seth, then they will be killing two birds with one stone. He also reveals that he knows that Lily Montgomery overheard a conversation between JR and Adam, which could reveal the truth about what JR is up to. Derek says that although he believes what Jamie is telling him, there might be a problem getting a judge and jury to warrant credibility to the testimony of an emotionally challenged young woman.

JR tells Krystal that he had the nanny, Beverly, take over the job of caring for Bess because he was concerned that day when Babe, supposedly left Bess unattended and she almost got kidnapped. Krystal at first does not appreciate his accusing her daughter of being negligent. But JR is able to convince his mother-in-law that he has good intentions. Krystal finally agrees to do what JR wants but she tells him that Babe must be able to give orders to the nanny and not the other way around.

David tells Babe that he knows she has real loyalty and trust, and can only see the good in everybody. He tells her that’s not a bad thing except that she is unable to see what JR is really all about. She still keeps telling him that she believes that JR is kind and loving. He tells her that JR must really have her brainwashed. David picks up a drink, offers Babe one. She says she won’t drink when she’s driving home. But he drinks the very scotch that was tainted with the drug. He chokes on it. Then, he realizes that somebody put his castration potion for Michael Cambias in his scotch. He admits that he was very lucky to have discovered that without drinking the whole thing. Babe sounds concerned for her father, wondering who would do this, but then inquires whether he believes that she would do that to him. He tells her of course he would never suspect her of doing that to him. But he believes JR would. She tells him she resents that accusation of JR.

Kendall runs into JR, revealing to him that she’s had a very frustrating day. They seem to have a meeting of the minds.

Anita encourages Maria to believe that she has a great marriage and Maria seems to agree. At that moment, Edmund appears.

Tad reveals to Jamie that he is secretly praying that Derek will shoot Jamie’s plan down. He admits to his son that he’s never seen him so courageous and keeps warning him that there are too many risks involved with being in prison. Jamie says he can handle it and it’s the only way to clear his name and get JR implicated for his actions. At that moment, Derek enters and announces that he is ready to put their plan into motion. Suddenly, Krystal enters.

David informs Babe that JR was in his home before she came. She asks him why he keeps bashing her husband. He tells her that he did see JR put some “pill” in her orange juice, and then suddenly after JR left his home, he discovers a potion put in his drink. She suggests that maybe David put his potion in his own drink to build a case for her to believe something untrue about JR. He reveals to her that he could not have since he didn’t even know she was coming and was in the shower when she entered. He asks her about the types of lovers’ quarrels she may have had with JR when they were first married. She says she remembers very well what they talked and argued about when they first got together, specifying his wanting her to quit smoking, and his problem with the things she eats. But she reveals that recently, JR has been sweet as pie and never revealed any problem to her about anything. And right there, he tells her she’s proven his point that JR is not behaving in a way that is credible. She says that JR knows how to take care of her. He tells her that when she goes home, she must ask JR if he really drugged David’s scotch. David tells her that if JR hits the ceiling and becomes angry at the accusation, that means he did not do it, but if he acts all “puppy-eyed”, then that is proof that he did do it.

Tad reveals to Krystal that he and Derek are about to have Jamie go into jail wired in order to find out what JR has done. She listens speechless then goes out the door. But before she leaves, he demands that she does not breath a word of this to JR.

Kendall says to JR that they may have a common goal to “screw unto” others the way they have “screwed unto” them.

Right when it looks like Edmund is ready to have his romantic dinner with Maria, he gets up and leaves. She is devastated. In Slater’s office he keeps looking at the painting that symbolizes his affair with Maria, looking as though he knows that her marriage to Edmund is about to fall apart.


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