AMC Update Wednesday 8/4/04

All My Children Update Wednesday 8/4/04

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Babe suddenly hesitates when JR is kissing her. She tells him that she cannot do this because something confuses her and makes her uncomfortable.

Edmund gets on the phone to contact Aidan Devane. Anita appears and he tells her he notices her glow and asks if it has anything to do with Bobbie. She tells him she’s ready to make her marriage work with the man she loves.

Bobbie tells Maria, that he cannot stop her from making a mistake if he does not know what it is. She cries but cannot tell him specifically what is going on. He tells her that he has a short attention span, might forget if she tells him and he realizes he is the last person who could judge. Finally, she tells him she cannot get Zach Slater out of her mind. Right away, Bobbie tells her that she must because Zach Slater is not the right man to have on her mind.

Slater appears at David Hayward’s door and tells David he is there about Maria Santos Gray. He tells David that he is the man who made her leave.

Ryan and Greenlee are alone. He tells her that he is very grateful that she is there. He is ready to tell her more but remains silent. A voice tells him that he must tell her that he’s fallen for her. But at the moment, he remains silent. He distracts her from what he’s about to say by asking her if she knows how useless words are. He again finds a way to evade what is going on and announces that he has to balance his checkbook. She tells him that finances are a lot less painful when he has a friend to help him out. They distract themselves in the task of accounting and math. He tells her that he knows he is cautious before he speaks. Again, a voice tells him he must tell Greenlee what she means to him. But Ryan remains silent and cannot get the words out. He surprises her by telling her that their “deal” has made him the happiest man in the world. When she hears him say that, she questions why he words their marriage as their “deal”. And she inquires whether 6 months is really an adequate amount of time for them to be together.

Anita tells Edmund that she knows that Maria loves him and wants to be with him and he must not worry about one single act of sex. He doesn’t want to listen. But she tells him that it’s not his disability that is holding him back, it’s his pride.

Maria confides in Bobbie that she wants so much to get Slater out of her thoughts, but she cannot. She admits that she needs help. He tells her what happened when he first met Zach. He tells her that whether she is single or married or somewhere in between, she must stay away from this guy. She confides in him that it’s too late to tell her that now. He tells her it’s not. But she informs Bobbie for the first time that she had 6 months with Zach Slater.

David tells Zach that if he has some type of romantic fantasy about Maria, he needs to get over it. It happened many years ago. He tells Slater that he is busy and Slater must leave. But Slater reminds David that he is not innocent either, he drugged a poor young woman and made her forget everything and seems to have no feelings about it. David says he does not care what Slater thinks of him. But Slater says that he knows of how David took advantage of Maria’s vulnerability and that is something that he and David have in common. Zach tells David that although he is not a cardiologist as David is, he has fought a similar battle. But David tells Slater that he wants to know what he wants..

JR asks Babe if she believes the suspicions David, Jamie, Tad and others have about him. She says no, that is not the case. He reminds her that he knows that his father, Adam is on so many hate-lists, and David is similar. But she tells him she does not understand how David keeps telling her that he wants to be her father. And she admits she is also concerned about Tad and Brooke. He tells her that one can hardly blame Tad and Brooke, since Jamie is their son and they may feel obligated to do anything for him as his parents and he inquires if she would do the same if Bess wound up like Jamie. Babe admits that she would do anything for her child, not unlike what Brooke and Tad are doing for Jamie.

David tells Zach that he and Maria have made peace and he accepts the fact that she is back with her husband. He reminds Zach that Maria could not get back to Edmund fast enough in the past, Edmund is the man she loves and Zach needs to realize that. He says he has no regrets for what he did years ago, and still believes that he did Maria a huge favor. But Slater tells David that his main reason for being there is to invite him to a fund reason. Slater leaves and David sounds like he is somewhat baffled.

Maria inquires just what type of dirt Bobbie might have on Zach Slater. Bobbie doesn’t say much but makes it clear that he believes Zach Slater cannot be trusted. He tells her that he would be the world’s biggest hypocrite to judge anybody for being unfaithful, but he inquires whether she plans to leave Edmund for him. She says no way. He tells her he believes she is making the right decision.

While Ryan is holding back his feelings and resisting the voice in his head, Greenlee also hears a voice. He asks what she meant by first talking about wanting to change their 6-month deal, then reconsidering. She resists telling him what she’d like to. Again, when Ryan is careful not to speak, his “voice” tells him that he cannot let her get away. She also hears a voice telling her she must drop her guard and allow herself to have feelings for Ryan. Right at that moment, the two silent voices speak to each other, although neither of them speaks. He suddenly speaks up, asking if he heard her asking him to hold her. She says she wants him to “hold her” back from making another mistake. He replies that that is what he is there for; to prevent her from making another mistake. He tells her he just wants her to be happy. He says he may look at her and realize that this is what she looks like when she is happy. She suggests that they could start over, and make things right this time. But hearing that, he instantly tells her he needs a break and walks out the door.

David gets another knock on the door. He assumes it’s Slater playing games But to his surprise, it’s JR Chandler. David demands to know what he’s doing there. JR says he’s there to say that he’s sorry and he wants to know if David will accept his apology. David instantly bursts out laughing.

Right when Edmund is talking to Anita, Aidan returns his call. Edmund tells Aidan they have a bad connection and asks Aidan to call him back at another time. Hearing that Aidan is calling, Anita inquires what Aidan is up to. Edmund says he’s just doing some detective work. She concludes that she is no longer interested in Aidan. As soon as Anita leaves, Aidan calls Edmund back. Edmund informs him that the connection is better, meaning he is alone without Anita there to overhear their conversation about investigating Slater.

At the end of Maria’s and Bobbie’s conversation, she gives him a hug and tells him she’s very happy to be able to talk to him. Right at that moment, Slater enters and reminds them they are in his office. When Maria is alone with Slater, he reminds her again that she is no longer available to him. But he doesn’t seem to buy that.

Ryan goes to the steam room and meets his brother. Jonathan can tell that Ryan has something on his mind and inquires whether it’s Kendall or Greenlee. Ryan says he is just thinking about his checkbook. Jonathan tells Ryan that throughout their childhood he looked up to Ryan, and now he can tell that Ryan needs some type of adulation from his baby brother. Ryan admits that he is thinking about his dilemma with women. He confides in Jonathan that his agreement with Greenlee is to be nothing more than pals and business partners in a marriage. But throughout the day, he was thinking about how hot she is and how he wants to have romantic involvement with her. Jonathan does not sound surprised at what he is hearing.

Babe privately talks to Bess, telling her she does not believe all the things those “mean” people say.

Meanwhile, JR tells David that he is there for Babe. He tells David he may believe that David wants the same thing for Babe as he wants; to keep her safe and happy. David inquires where JR would come up with such a thought. JR admits that the two of them have something in common; they are both new father’s. JR admits that he might behave just as crazily as David has in order to protect Bess. David makes it clear that he does not trust JR. He tells JR that he believes JR’s mother was a sweet lady but he knows she would slap him silly if she could hear what he has just said and she’d know he’s lying.

Babe tells Bess that she knows JR loves her. She admits that she kept her away from Bianca because she knows it would just kill JR to lose her. But she also knows that if would do that for somebody who deep down hates her, what kind of a person would she be? She asks God to help for this all to be o.k, admitting that she really doesn’t know whether to trust JR

David makes it clear to JR that he will not let him hurt Babe.

Jonathan tells Ryan that everybody has choices. He admits that he got over the fact that he did not get a ten-speed, years ago. He also admits that Ryan has made a choice to marry Greenlee and still has a choice as to how the marriage is going to work.

When Greenlee is alone in the house, Bobbie goes to see her. She inquires what is going on. He indirectly tells her, speaking about him and Anita’s love being more important than Slater’s threats, that love is more important than anything else. Hearing that, she applies it to her own situation with Ryan. He tells her he realizes he’s made some major screw-ups in his life, he apologizes for what he was tempted to do with her, but he wants to make things right. Hearing that, she sounds very inspired.

While David is in the shower, some unidentified person sneaks into his home and puts a secret potion in his booze.

Right when Maria and Slater are alone in his office talking about their past relationship, they are unknowingly overheard by Edmund.


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