AMC Update Tuesday 8/3/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 8/3/04

By Jenn
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Jamie goes to Tad’s home. Tad discovers that his son has been up all night and has had a problem sleeping. Jamie tells his father that he has made up his mind. He plans on going to jail.

When Babe is sleeping, JR kisses her and acts as though he’s her loving husband. When she awakens, she sounds as though she trusts him. From outside in the brick tunnel of the Chandler house, David Hayward eavesdrops with intent to find out what JR is up to. When Babe departs and JR is alone in the room, he goes over to the tray with her orange juice and puts his famous drug in it without her knowing. David is able to see and hear what he’s doing.

Erica is in her home on the phone telling the person she’s talking to that Erica Kane is back and ready to take on the world. At that moment, there is a knock on the door. It’s Slater.

Greenlee is downstairs in hers and Ryan’s mutual house. He enters and asks her about the butterfly on the trapeze which he got for her. He remarks that she seems far away and looks like she has something on her mind. He asks her to talk about what’s going on. She informs him that something happened yesterday. She did not see it coming. But it made her think about them and what she really wants. He encourages her to tell him. She tells him she is a little afraid. He asks if she has forgotten about the first rule of being a trapeze artist, which is to never be afraid. He tells her that she needs to confide in him, he is her husband. Right when she is ready to talk, there is an impulsive knock on the door. A woman is demanding that Ryan lets her in. It’s Maria. She angrily tells Ryan that he was way out of line to go behind her back and talk to Slater about the conversation they had where she confided in Ryan about her past relationship with Slater. Greenlee tells Maria she must stop harassing her husband. But Ryan tells Greenlee that he’d like her to let him talk to Maria in private. When Greenlee departs, Maria tells Ryan that she just got a phone call from Zach Slater and found out that Ryan confronted him about the confidential information she told Ryan about her involvement with Slater. He tells her he did not intend to go behind her back or get into her business but he’s worried about Slater being up to something. She protests that he is being paranoid. She tells him he can be suspicious all he wants but he need not “guard-dog” Slater on her account, she can take care of herself.

Erica invites Slater into her home and asks if he’d like some coffee. He tells her that he took a chance and was not certain he would be welcome in her home or in Pine Valley. He tries to explain his reason for having her taken to the hospital for alcohol. She sounds courteous and as though he does not owe her an explanation and tells him they needn’t get back into that. She informs him that she knows he’s funding Bianca’s foundation. She also informs him that she is in recovery and plans to be for the rest of her life. And she asks him what his interest in her daughter, Kendall is all about.

Jamie informs his father that he will turn himself into jail with a plan. Tad asks why he’d consider doing such a thing. He asks his son if he believes that once JR sees him in jail, that it will motivate JR to come clean. Jamie says no, he knows better and knows JR will gloat and behave just like his father, Adam Chandler. He says the reason he wants to go to jail is so that he can talk to Seth, wired, and get a confession out of him that will clear him and implicate JR. Tad tells him that he will not be able to realistically pull that off.

Miraculously, right when JR encourages Babe to drink the “spiked” orange juice, David rushes into their room and demands that she does not drink it.

Maria protests to Ryan that Zach would never “force” his way into her life nor hurt her. Ryan says Zach does not have to force anything. He’s already somehow gotten into her life. He tells her that he can tell that Zach wants her. But she protests that regardless of that, Zach cannot have her. And she demands to know just what Ryan’s obsession about all of this is. He tells her that he’s just trying to help out a friend. She tells him that the last time a “friend” tried to help her, it was David Hayward who drugged and brainwashed her.

After David barges into Babe and JR’s room and prevents Babe from drinking the orange juice, Babe inquires what is going on. JR protests that David is crazy, he hates him and is making false accusations of him. JR says David can explain to the cops why he is trespassing in their house. But Babe urges JR not to call the cops. David tells Babe that he knows for a fact, that when JR was alone in their room, he put a secret drug in her orange juice and he may be trying to kill her.

Jamie inquires whether his father believes that by eating a balanced breakfast, that that will make him become a good boy. Tad says he knows better but he just wants his son to eat. He tells Jamie that his idea to go wired into jail and get a confession from Seth is a crazy scheme. But Jamie tells his father that last night he was thinking all night about that night when he found Babe passed out on the ground, and that she could have died, had it not been for a stroke of luck. And he knows that JR will try to finish the job again if he has a chance. He tells his father that he will get himself put in jail, get the goods from Seth and fight until Derek listens to him if need-be so that he can protect Babe.

JR drinks the orange juice for Babe and David to see and fakes passing out. She becomes alarmed and afraid that he is really hurt. But he reveals to her that he’s just faking, and there’s nothing wrong with the orange juice. He tells them he got his full RDA of vitamin C and David Hayward will not manipulate him. Babe goes and puts her arms around her husband, relieved that he is ok and sounding as though she believes him.

Slater reveals to Erica that he knows he might not be very popular or well trusted in Pine Valley. She asks specifically what he’s talking about. He tells her that some people might see him as the reincarnation of Michael Cambias.

Maria tells Ryan that instead of being so concerned about her life, he maybe should try to focus on his own life, about how he was engaged to one girl, and then suddenly married another. She runs out the door and Greenlee inquires what exactly was said. Ryan informs Greenlee that Maria just didn’t understand what he was trying to tell her. He informs her that Maria said he was being selfish. Greenlee inquires how Ryan’s actions of attempting to help Maria would cause her to believe he’s selfish. He tells her that he has had a habit of being Ryan Lavery to the rescue of everybody. He recalls having to protect Bianca after she got raped, then playing the hero to protect Kendall at her trial, and his marrying Greenlee was for the same intent. He says he may be doing this in order to atone for some crime he committed in a previous life. She tells him that he must not feel in any way ashamed or like there’s anything wrong with him. She tells him she knows that he suffered as a child and can maybe feel more pain than anybody and can therefore help others. And that’s what she loves him.

Erica angrily tells Slater all about what a despicable human being Michal Cambias was. And she tells him that if he is likening himself to Michael Cambias, he must watch what he drinks, and watch his back while in Pine Valley. He tells her he does not want to cause her any pain or stress. But she tells him she still questions what he wants and she does not believe he wants to do good for others unless there is something in it for him. He tells her he wants to help Bianca and maybe if he can help Erica heal, then maybe she can help him in return.

David urges Babe to go to the hospital, with the orange juice to get it tested. She tells him that if he was really a good father to her he’d want her happiness with her husband and not try to wreck her life. But he protests that he wants to save her life. She still refuses to believe that her husband would ever hurt her and she demands that David gets out of her room before she calls the cops. David does not move. JR yells to David that he heard his wife and he must get out. Before David leaves, he tells Babe that the person she cannot trust is right there with her. When he leaves, JR holds Babe and again plays the loving husband.

Tad tells Jamie that as his father, he must let him know of the consequences of going through with his plan. Jamie protests that the consequences of doing nothing are worse. He tells his father that he needs to realize he’s not a child who needs daddy to protect him from a bully that knocked him down on the school playground and Tad must stay out of it and let his son take care of things his way. He tells his father that he turned out the way he is because of his father. Tad asks if he should take that as a compliment. Jamie replies yes, it’s all in the DNA. He also reflects that JR never had a chance with his father and unfortunately turned out like Adam Chandler, whereas he turned out like Tad. Jamie says he remembers how Tad was the hero who protected Dixie from Adam, not unlike what he is planning to do for Babe. Tad protests that he did not get himself thrown into jail in order to help Dixie. But he concludes that he respects his son’s conviction to do what he believes he must do.

Slater tells Erica that he knows about David Hayward and how he drugged Maria Gray. Erica says although she knows David has his short-comings, she will not judge him and does not believe he ever intended to hurt Maria. She tells Slater that David was a tower of strength for Bianca and she does think highly of David. She tells him she has things to do. He goes out her door. But before he’s out, she confesses that although she hated him when she first met him in Vegas, she is very grateful to him, believes she might still be drinking had it not been for his intervention, and she believes he saved her life.

Maria goes looking for Zach at his office. She then discovers a painting, which brings back memories for her of her affair with him. She remembers giving him the painting so that it would be memories of them together, just in case they have to separate. At that moment, Bobbie interrupts her daydream and asks her what’s going on. She’s ready to walk out the door and refuse to talk to him. But he pulls her by the arm to prevent her from leaving and not talking. He asks her what’s wrong. She breaks down crying and confesses to Bobbie that she needs help.

Jamie thanks his father for seeing things his way. Tad informs his son that he does not see things his way, but he realizes he has no choice. He confides in him that he is not proud of the fact that when he was Jamie’s age, half the town hated his guts and the other half slept with him. And he tells Jamie that he must be careful when he is alone in that cell.

Before Babe enters to see what he’s doing, JR again puts the drug in her juice. When she enters, he sounds, again, like the loving husband. She notices he got her a refill. He makes a joke about being careful for what he’s put in it. But she sounds like it’s all a joke and drinks it.

Maria confides in Bobbie that she may have made the biggest mistake of her life.

Ryan assures Greenlee that she must believe that she is in a safe place with him and that she does so much for him.

Slater, again, is up to no good, following David Hayward.


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