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At Jack’s, Lily is looking at a book, silently. Reggie is pacing frustrated. Maggie asks Reggie if pacing is going to help Jamie. Reggie says he would like to hurt JR for what he’s done to Jamie. Maggie says she is also upset that she might be losing one of her best friends. Hearing their conversation, Lily asks if their “friend” is going to die. Reggie explains to her that “to lose” somebody can mean different things. He clarifies that Bianca’s baby died, and they use the expression that she “ lost” Miranda. But when they speak of losing Jamie, what they mean is that Maggie might never see him again, but they do not foresee that he’s going to die. Maggie tells Reggie she only wishes they could use that “logic” on the PVPD. She also reminds him that not even the police chief’s daughter, his friend Danielle, can help them clear Jamie. So they need to try a new plan. Lily asks them about Babe’s baby dying although Babe told her that her baby is alive and well. Reggie inquires where Lily got the information that Babe’s baby died. She describes a young man that matches the description of JR Chandler and his father discussing “losing” Babe’s baby.

David Hayward is with Jamie, overhearing Adam’s and JR’s conversation. They argue but share the common goal of helping Babe and finding out the truth about how she was drugged.

In the living room, unknown that he is being overheard, Adam confronts Tad. Tad tells Adam that he is nothing more than a wuss who is afraid of the truth. Adam inquires if that “truth” means the reality that Jamie drugged his daughter in law and is blaming JR. He says he admits that that is a hard reality for anybody to swallow. He tells JR that he believes that Tad’s fantasy of wanting to believe in his son and live in this delusion is sad. And he says he believes that Jamie needs extensive psychiatric care for what he did. JR says he hopes that Jamie is ok. Wherever he ends up. Adam Chandler says that no matter what happens to Jamie, neither he nor Tad will ever be welcome in Adam’s house again. Jamie appears and Adam tells him he will throw both him and his father in jail for trespassing. Tad inquires to JR how he can listen to and trust his father, the same man who locked his mother in a rubber room like a dog or worse, like garbage. And he tells JR that Adam is about to do the same thing to JR’s brother.

Babe catches Brooke planting the tape-recorder in the study. She inquires what incriminating information Brooke his discovered about Adam. They both agree that Adam Chandler is not to be trusted.

Maria talks to Slater and admits that seeing him again is like it never ended. He tells her that it never did for him. And he’s ready to kiss her. At first, she does not resist. But she pulls him away admitting that she will not act upon what she feels for him, and she still loves her husband. She admits that in the past she fell madly in love with him. He admits that she did not, “Maureen” did. She remembers that during their affair, the casino was their perfect little world, so intense, so incredible, and the most happiness she’d ever felt. But she admits that the chemistry, the history, the reality and the regret are all messed up and they must leave it in the past and move on. He suggests the unrealistic possibility of their being “friends”. She admits that many ex-lovers manage to be friends. But she also remembers that when he left her, it ripped her heart out. He tells her he’s right there now. He tells her that there is something else he needs from her. He asks her to tell him why, if it was so perfect, did she not stay by him. She says that much of it was due to the fact that she lost her memory. And what happened to all of their lives as a result of it is something they can all owe to David Hayward. Slater inquires what type of man would save a woman’s life, and then convince her that she’s a killer. She says David Hayward has his way of playing God and used her as his lab rat. She then has a flashback of telling David, on the phone, during her involvement with Slater, that she really loves Slater. She remembers expressing her desperation to David about having to go into hiding because of her supposed crime, and having to keep running. And David tells her that if she really loves this man, she has to go, run away and not tell him the truth. And torn between her two conflicting feeling, she cries and decides that she has to break away from Slater. And it is finally revealed to him, that she left him for the primary purpose of saving him.

David tells Jamie that he does not trust him to help his daughter. He believes Jamie merely wants to steal her from her husband because he’s obsessed over her, but does not care about getting to the truth. Jamie says that David’s only “fatherhood” to Babe is due to his cheap one-night-stand with Krystal many years ago. Jamie admits that he could go to jail for a long time and be accused of drugging someone to have sex with them. And he tells David he knows that David might be comfortable with that way of life but it makes him ill to even think about it. He says there is no way he will allow himself to be incriminated for such a thing and let JR get away with what he did.

In the study, Babe informs Brooke that she believes that Jamie drugged her. She confesses to her former boyfriend’s mother that she does not believe that she lead Jamie on and did not intend to hurt him by marrying JR. Brooke informs Babe she is over that, does not judge her, and that her only intent is to exonerate her son. Babe confesses to Brooke that she knows she’s lied about her previous relationship with Jamie. Brooke assures Babe that that is in the past and admits that this house is full of lies. She confides in Babe, that she, herself, came into this house, young and in love and found herself with no choice but to lie. She tells Babe that when somebody lives in this house, the only way to survive is to believe half-truths. Babe protests that she knows that Adam Chandler would make up lies and she does not trust him. But she knows that her husband is different. She tells Brooke that she is sorry that Adam Chandler has hurt her, but she knows her husband would not behave as his father would. And she knows that Jamie drugged her, not JR.

Brooke asks Babe how well she knows her baby. Babe says she knows Bess. Brooke says she knows that Babe knows her child better than anybody else, so she must realize how Brooke knows her child in the same way. She tells Babe she knows her son. She knows he has faults but she knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jamie did not do what he’s accused of. Adam Chandler suddenly appears and demands to know what is going on here. Brooke tells him that this is a private conversation. Right, at that moment, everybody else enters. Tad, Krystal, JR, and Jamie are all there. Babe says she does not want anybody going anywhere until they hear the tape.

David tells Jamie that although he doesn’t trust him nor think any more highly of him than he does of JR, he promises Jamie that when he finds out that JR drugged Babe, JR will pay, Jamie will be cleared, and David will apologize to Jamie.

Adam turns on the tape for everyone to hear a “non-incriminating” conversation where he and JR talk as though they care about Jamie’s well-being, want him to get some help, wish no ill toward him, and seriously believe that Jamie drugged Babe and falsely accused JR. Brooke says she believes that Adam found the tape-recorder and did a “play”. Babe puts her arms around her husband and tells him she believes him and does not trust Jamie. Krystal angrily tells Tad that she knows that he knew all along that his son was guilty of drugging her daughter. David, who is also secretly eavesdropping, hoping to incriminate JR and Adam, is equally disappointed to hear the tape.

Maria tells Slater that although she’s angry with David, she has made her peace with him and will not do anything to get revenge upon him. Slater tells her that David needs to be “dealt with”. But she says she does not want anything to happen to David and wants to leave everything that happened in the past.

Lily tells Reggie and Maggie that she overheard JR Chandler telling his father that he needed to get Babe out of his life and get that baby. She also mentions that she noticed JR’s red-tie and the fact that she has an “aversion” to seeing red, it confuses her brain. Reggie tells her that they need her to tell some other people exactly what she just told them. She says she can do that. Reggie asks if she is ok going to a place and confronting JR, describing him as the guy with the red tie. Lily says no, she does not want to see a red tie. But Reggie reminds her that it’s not the red tie he wants her to confront, it’s the dirty deed that the guy did.

Krystal catches David and asks what he’s doing. He says he is determined to save their daughter. She informs him that Brooke and Tad already tried and failed to set JR up for something he has not done. David says he knows that Adam Chandler and JR are making certain they can get away with whatever they do until somebody stops them. He tells her that he knows Adam Chandler all too well and knows that JR is becoming a chip off the old block. But she tells him that he is not giving JR the credit he deserves. But David protests that JR is not the person he used to be. Krystal says she believes her daughter’s intuition about JR before she believes David’s. He tells her that he plans to watch over JR and Babe until he can uncover the truth. She informs him that in doing that, he might discover that Babe and JR are about to have another baby. She tells him that Babe and JR love each other and want to start a family and asks David what more proof he needs of JR’s honor. David tells Krystal that if that is really true, then he has no ill intent for JR. But if it is proven that JR would drug their daughter, he inquires if she would ever trust anybody like that to be her son-in-law. She tells him that to suggest such a thing must mean that he is crazy. But he tells her he will not give up until he finds out the truth about JR.

Tad and Brooke protest to Adam and JR that they know that they are guilty and they will not let anything happen to Jamie for a crime he did not commit. Finally Tad tells JR that since he has made the choice to not make a whisper of regret, Tad will be forced to make his choice, which will be to bring him down as soon as he can prove what JR did.

Maria tells Slater that she cannot have any type of “relationship” after all that’s happened. No friendship, no working together, no nothing. Slater inquires what about Hayward. She keeps telling him that he needs to leave David alone. And she asks him to promise her that he will not use the past to bring anything back into their lives.

Right when it looks as though Jamie, Brooke and Tad have been “beaten”, Reggie suddenly appears with Lily and tells them that she has something very important to reveal to them.


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