AMC Update Tuesday 7/27/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 7/27/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Slater inquires whether Maria really believes he’s come to Pine Valley in order to kill somebody. She informs him that she’s noted that Ryan Lavery does trust him and she tells him she wants to know what the truth is right now, with no more secrets or cover-ups. He tells her he’s there because of her.

Kendall contacts Bobbie and tells him she intends to pay him if he seduces Greenlee Lavery.

Jamie returns home from jail with his parents and attorney, Livia Frey. They assure him that things have gone pretty well, considering everything. Livia assures him he will do everything she can to help him get cleared of all charges. But he firmly tells them all that they may forget him and go after JR, since he is the one who really did drug Babe. But Livia tells him that her job is to build a strong defense on his behalf for the jury to rule in his favor, not to incriminate somebody else. Brooke also suggests that since she remembers how Livia deflected the blame off of Kendall by establishing that many others were suspects with motives to kill Michael Cambias, Livia could do the same in Jamie’s defense. And Tad seems to agree. But at that point, Livia informs them that if they insist she goes after JR, then they need to find another attorney. They tell her they do not understand why she’d refuse to go after JR. And right then and there, Tad realizes that the reason Livia is refusing to incriminate JR is because she knows something about him.

Babe and JR are alone, looking like they are very happy. Krystal and Adam both enter to hear their two kids saying they plan to have another baby. Babe and Krystal depart and leave JR and Adam alone. Adam asks his son if he’s out of his mind to remotely consider having another child with that tramp. JR assures his father there’s no way he would, not if his life depended upon it. Privately Krystal asks her daughter if she’s really certain she wants to have another baby. They both still seem to have no suspicion about JR. Babe informs her mother that having another baby will make it hurt a lot less when she has to give Bess back to Bianca. Krystal is shocked to hear that Babe is planning to do that. But Babe reflects on how she is devastated to have lost her baby boy. And she talks all about giving up Bess, when unknown to her and Krystal, JR overhears their conversation and asks what they are talking about in the way of giving up Bess.

Kendall assures Bobbie that if he sleeps with Greenlee and ruins her reputation and marriage with Ryan, she will spring for a new honeymoon and keep the secret from Anita. She also reminds him that this would not be the first time he’s cheated on his wife and lied, and there’s nobody else who can give him the financial deal she is offering him. But he inquires to her if she really thinks he can pull off sleeping with Greenlee. She also reminds him that he can either do things her way or suffer a big debt, which she apparently already knows of, involving Slater and two shattered kneecaps. Hearing this, he tells her that he can understand why Erica wanted so much to get rid of her daughter.

Jamie tells his father that he’s worried about Babe and what JR is going to do to her next. Tad tells his son that the police are worried about what he will do to her next and they believe he may be guilty of date rape by putting a drug in her drink in order to get her into bed. He inquires whether that means he needs to sit back and do nothing. Both his parents tell him that that’s what he needs to do. Brooke tells her son that she knows he is a grown man, no longer a child, but he needs to trust his parents to help him because he has no choice. She reveals to her son that she is determined not to let JR get away with what he’s done and tells him about the tape she’s planted in the Chandler house which is right now, as they speak, recording JR’s private conversation with his father about all his plans to illegally hurt his wife. Tad reminds his ex-wife that the tape is not admissible in court and may get her in trouble for planting without JR’s or Adam’s knowing. But Brooke says she does not care. She is determined to help their son at any cost.

Bobbie sits by himself, remembering Slater’s threat of what will happen to him if he does not come up with the money he owes. At that moment, Palmer Cortlandt interrupts Bobbie. Palmer reminds Bobbie of the loan he made to him and the “wild cat” investment that Bobbie is about to pull off, which he believes will be a success. But Bobbie reminds his “grandfather” that he knows he’s had doubts about him when Palmer’s no-good son-in-law cheated with Bobbie’s real mother. At that moment, Kendall enters and assures Palmer that he must not doubt Bobbie. As Bobbie listens to both of them debating on what Bobbie has learned or not learned in the way of investments, he has flashbacks, again of Slater’s threats.

Right at the same time, Anita informs Maria and Slater that she is determined to make her marriage work with Bobbie. When Anita leaves, Maria asks Slater what he’s done to her sister. Slater informs Maria that Anita is about to get back with Bobbie and that in the case of some people love is worth never giving up on. Again, she tells him that she is not about to go back to “that time.”

Right when Palmer invites Kendall to join them in the toast to Bobbie’s future, Anita suddenly appears and says she hopes she can be included in the toast also. Palmer asks if they know each other. Kendall says yes, she knows Anita from when she took such good care of Bianca in the hospital. And she knows Anita’s husband through her mother.

When Babe is alone with her husband, he inquires why she’d say she misses Bess when Bess is right upstairs. Babe makes up some ridiculous story about how their baby is growing up so soon and will soon be out on her own. She speaks about wanting to get pregnant again. But JR inquires what the rush is. He tells her they are still both young and healthy and have enough time.

JR, Babe, Krystal and Adam go to confront Tad, Brooke and Jamie. Brooke still pretends that she believes her son is guilty and that she trusts Adam. But Tad reveals that he does not trust JR, knows he drugged Babe and set his son up to take the blame for it. Everybody tells Tad that he’s out of line. But he reveals that he knows what JR has done and that his son has been framed. Brooke enters the study, retrieves her small tape-recorder from the bookcase, which reveals exactly what the truth is about JR. Babe enters and asks Brooke what she’s doing there. Brooke suddenly has the confidence to reveal to Babe that her son did not drug her; JR did and she asks Babe if she wants to hear the proof.

Kendall privately tells Bobbie that it’s not her problem if she reminded his wife of his involvement with her mother. He suddenly tells her she must leave $200,000 in the lobby for him. She expresses how surprising it is that he’s suddenly “turned around”. She tells him she will have the money for him as soon as he’s slept with Greenlee.


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