AMC Update Monday 7/26/04

All My Children Update Monday 7/26/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan wakes Greenlee up and promises her she will get her secret fantasy. He brings her a breakfast tray to her in bed and admits he's been derelict in his responsibilities as a husband. He's about 20 surprises behind she is. Greenlee tells him it's been difficult for him lately with Kendall and all. He promises that from this moment forward Kendall is not even on his radar. He gives her a package of nuts and she finds on her tray chalk, a hairnet and a note that says "butterflies are free." She tries to figure out his surprise and finds something hanging from the ceiling. She can't reach it so she grabs a chair to retrieve it. It is a tiara. Ryan walks over to her and picks her up and tells her to close her eyes. He pins a butterfly pin on her shirt. He tells her the circus is in town and she tells how she used to watch the trapeze artists and imagine she was one. He surprises her by telling her he's arranged for her to have a private lesson with a trapeze artist at the circus. She'll be the green butterfly. He says he'll be there to cheer her on. She is touched and tells him she loves him. He tells her he loves her too. He loves her for sharing her dreams with him and making him forget everything that's dragging him down. They leave for the circus.

Kendall goes to JR and asks for his help in putting Ryan and Greenlee in as much pain as possible. She tells him everything she has done, including getting naked in front of Ryan, sleeping with his brother and offering cash to Bobby to seduce Greenlee. She tells him she supports his decision to get back at Babe for everything she's done to him. She knows the feeling of wanting to hurt the person who has hurt you. A shaken Babe, wearing a robe, runs in and embraces JR. She tells him she just had a nightmare that he was in jail with Jamie. He comforts her and promises her anything she wants. She sees Kendall and is embarrassed. She walks out and Kendall tells him it must be hard pretending to love Babe. She promises to help him get rid of Babe. He realizes that the two of them working together would be a match made in heaven. He grabs her hand, pulls her to him and kisses her passionately. He tells her they need to stay focused on the need to get Chandler Enterprises back to the Chandlers. He asks Kendall to be his eyes and ears from the inside. He wants to bring down Ryan's career. She tells him she'll cooperate, but she'd rather hurt Ryan on a personal level. She tells him Bobby was to pure for his idea but suggests he might take her up on it. He tells her they'll talk about Ryan and Greenlee after he gets Chandler Enterprises back. His phone rings and he tells Kendall he needs to take the call. She leaves. He tells the caller to have the funds in place when he says the word. Babe comes in and tells JR she knows what she wants. Another baby. A stunned JR just glares at her.

Bobby tells Anita that he won't fight her on the divorce. He'll give her whatever she wants. He says after his latest investment he expects to clear about a million and most of that will be her's. He apologizes for lying to her and admits to being selfish. He says he wants to give back everything he took from her. He tells her he loves her. She turns to leave and she asks him to wait. She asks what he would do if she ripped up the divorce papers. He says he would be the happiest man on earth. He would never betray her again. She tears the papers in two. She tells him she loves him and admits she has been unfairly expecting perfection from him. She wants to be with him and take risks with him. Bobby is thrilled and proposes that they go out and celebrate with a great dinner. She suggests following it with an amazing hotel. Her beeper goes off and she realizes she's late for her shift at work. She tells him she'll try to find someone to cover for her. He tells her he can't wait until tonight.

Zach tells Maria he wants to make a proposal, but she doesn't want to hear it. Edmund arrives and asks Maria if Zach gave her the proposal. Zach hands Maria an envelope and he tells her it's related to the Miranda Montgomery center. Edmund gets a call and leaves again. Maria tells Zach she knows he's not interested in raising money for the center. She says he hasn't been honest yet since he's arrived in town and she tells him to leave. He reminds her of the first fight they had and they flash back to a scene where Maria is telling Zach she needs more and their relationship isn't going to work. The fight ends with him kissing her. Zach reminds her that they made love after that and he knows she's not an angry woman. Edmund returns and Zach leaves. Edmund asks Maria about what Zach is up to. She asks him why he's asking about Zach. He asks her if she remembers the cell phone call he interrupted in which a murder was being discussed. He says Palmer got him a list of all the phone calls made within that radar at that time and Zach's number was on the list. Edmund is suspicious of Zach and says his actions aren't adding up. He asks Maria to watch to see if he does anything suspicious. Maria says she won't spy on him. He asks why she's protecting him. Maria says she's not protecting him. She just thinks Edmund is overreacting. Edmund says he's not obsessing over this phone call to avoid dealing with his paralysis and impotence. He's obsessing about it because it is a threat, and she can't talk him out of it.

Zach confronts Bobby and asks him to convince him that he didn't steal from him. Zach says he's missing $200,000. Bobby admits he borrowed the money to pay a personal debt but will be able to pay it back soon because he has a big payoff coming any day now. Zach demands he return the money by the end of the day. Bobby says that's impossible, but Zach says if he doesn't get it to him by then, he'll lose more than his job.

Bobby is at the park on the phone trying to drum up some money. Kendall enters the scene and says she has perfect timing. She knows he needs money and asks if he'll rethink her offer.

Maria goes to Zach and asks him who he came here to kill.

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