AMC Update Friday 7/23/04

All My Children Update Friday 7/23/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Tad tries unsuccessfully to get JR to admit that he drugged Babe and is setting Jamie up and that he's pulling the same stunt to take Bess away from her mother as Adam did with him and Dixie. Babe visits Jamie in jail. He tries to convince her that he's been set up and she must beware of JR but she does not believe it. Brooke, however, has a plan. She goes to Adam's, pretends to believe her son is guilty, but secretly plants a tape-recorder in his home in order to hear his secret confessions.

Kendall is ready to fire both Greenlee and Jonathan but Ryan will not let her and he seems to want to get closer to Greenlee and have a real marriage.

Jonathan is preparing to serve a meal to Ryan and Greenlee, who joke about whether they'll still be alive after eating it. There is a knock on the door and Jonathan lets Kendall in. Kendall informs Ryan that a hundred thousand dollars worth of cosmetics has been lost. He asks who's responsible for this. Kendall tells him to look toward his wife. Greenlee confesses that she wasn't on top of her game that day. Kendall is furious and tells Ryan that Greenlee not only made this mistake, she tried to cover it up. She tells Greenlee she should resign. Jonathan stands up and admits he's the one who made the mistake. Kendall tells Jonathan he's fired. She says he has cost Fusion a ton and the only reason he's still there is because he's Ryan's brother. Jonathan admits that he didn't have the experience for the job. Kendall tells him he has a voice of reason and says she'll see him tomorrow when he comes to pick up his things. She walks out followed by Greenlee. Greenlee tells her that she's never seen her sink this low. She asks if this is because Jonathan refused to bed her again. She tells her she's pathetic and that they're all onto her. Kendall tells Greenlee that she can't intimidate her. Greenlee gleefully tells her that Ryan is falling in love with her. Kendall replies that she's not living in reality because Ryan is actually fantasizing about her. Inside, Ryan tells Jonathan to ignore Kendall. Greenlee returns inside and finds Jonathan has gone to bed. Ryan tells Greenlee he appreciates her covering for Jonathan. He kisses her on the forehead. They talk about Jonathan and Ryan says he's going to stick around. Greenlee tells him that Kendall tried again to get Jonathan to go to bed with her. She suggests they go to bed but Ryan tells her to go without him. As she walks toward the bedroom, she looks at Ryan and sees that he is deep in thought.

Brooke warns Adam not to try to protect JR. Adam patronizes Brooke, telling her she had such high hopes for Jamie. He fooled all of them, he said. Brooke next pretends she believe Jamie is guilty. Trying to feign tears, she tells Adam she should have gotten Jamie therapy, but she thought his crush would pass. Adam hugs her. Brooke says she can't imagine what's happened with Jamie. He has always respected women and boundaries. When did he snap? Mary interrupts by walking in with her hands full of shopping bags. She tells Brooke she's sorry to hear about Jamie. Adam turns to Mary and asks her to leave. While Adam is distracted, Brooke looks around Adam's library for a place to hide a small tape recorder. She doesn't get it hidden by the time Adam turns back to her. But soon he leaves the room to get Brooke some tea and she continues looking for a place to hide it. She is startled when he returns quickly and drops it. She sits down and tries to cover the recorder with her foot while she talks to Adam. Brooke asks Adam for some advice. She tells him she hired Livia to represent Jamie. She asks if he thinks she can stack up against Arch Madden. Adam says he'll make some calls to try to find out. Mary interrupts Adam again to tell him they need to leave for a dinner party. Adam doesn't want to go and while they're arguing in the hallway, Brooke picks up her tape recorder and hides it behind a statue on a shelf. She then excuses herself and leaves.

Babe, visiting Jamie at jail, tells him she didn't mean to lead him on. Jamie tells her she didn't. This isn't her fault. He asks her if she forgives him for drugging her. She says she does. He then asks if she would forgive JR for drugging her, because he's the one that did. Babe asks Jamie why he keeps blaming JR for this. Jamie says JR is becoming Adam. She says she won't stand here and listen to him insult her husband. Jamie asks her if JR has done anything to show his love for her. Babe says JR has shown his love for her in a hundred ways. He asks if JR ever ignores her and if she has to ask him for attention. Babe is angry that Jamie is even ringing this up and asks him if he's trying to turn her against her husband so she'll run into his arms. Jamie says JR has changed and she knows it. He has that look – cold eyes that look through you, not at you. He's in revenge mode. Babe asks why JR would want revenge. Jamie says it's because Babe didn't tell JR that she was married to Paul Kramer then lied about the annulment. Jamie tells Babe about the emails found on his computer that acknowledged he loved Babe. Babe asks if he wrote them. Jamie says he didn't, but he could have. She asks what he means. He says he could have written them back when he felt that way, but now he feels more like a friend to her. He warns her that if she doesn't fight him she will loss Bess. JR would never let her have his flesh and blood. Babe tells Jamie she was stupid to come her and even dumber for staying. She tells him he's gone too far and hopes he gets the help he needs. She leaves. Adam tells Mary that he knows Brooke was just pretending to think Jamie is guilty. HE says he can't wait for her return performance.

JR, surprised by Tad at a psych ward, says he's not planning on locking Babe here. If anyone should be here, it should be Jamie, he says. JR realizes Tad tricked him and says he knows exactly what this is about. Tad tells him he's throwing him a lifeline and he wants him to take it. JR says if he brought him to a padded sell to save him, go for it. Tad reminds JR about how Adam had Dixie committed to this very cell. From the moment JR was born, Adam set out to prove Dixie was an unfit mother, Tad says. JR tells him not to use his mother to manipulate him. He won't come here and give some bogus confession. Tad tells JR that it's not too late to turn around and pull himself out of this. Tad knows that JR doesn't trust Babe and Bess is the only one he feels safe with. He says he knows JR put this whole thing in motion so he would not lose Bess. JR acknowledges that his life revolves around his daughter but says his marriage is solid. Tad asks if that's why he found him studying a book on divorce law. Tad tells him that he sees his mother's eyes and heart and asks that he tap into that. JR asks if he wants him to go to the police station and admit to drugging Babe. Tad says yes, that's exactly what he wants. JR says nothing could be further from the truth and he won't sacrifice himself just so Jamie can be free. He tells Tad he knows he's just favoring Jamie because he's his real son. Tad tells him he's just as much a part of his family as Jamie is. He tells JR he loves him because of who he is. Neither one of his sons comes in second place. JR asks where they go from here. Tad assures JR that he and Jamie will stick by him. JR says Jamie can rot in jail and Tad can rot too. He walks out.

Brooke and Tad are at the park and she tells him about her encounter with Adam. She says Adam didn't suspect a thing. Now she wants to get her hands on Adam's phone records to see if he called Arch Madden. Tad tells her that they'll save Jamie. However, he's afraid JR is past saving.

JR is now at home cradling. Bess. He has a flashback to when he was much younger and telling Tad that he lied to him about staying with his mother. Back in the present, JR tells Bess he'll never let her down. Babe arrives home and looks at the two of them, saying it's the best thing she's seen all day. Jamie is lying on the prison cell cot. A dream sequence is shown with JR throwing Babe out then picking up Bess. He tells her that her mean old mommy is gone. The sequence flashes to JR holding Bess.

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