AMC Update Thursday 7/22/04

All My Children Update Thursday 7/22/04

By Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

 Danielle sits in front of the door to stop Reggie from hitting the streets in search of someone who knows about Seth's drug dealings. She then encourages her friend to seek other incriminating evidence against J.R. to save his probation. When Reggie gets around her and makes a dash for the door, Danielle screams out, I can't lose you? then backpedals by claiming that she doesn't want anything to happen to him, because then he wouldn't be able to help Jamie. Reggie encourages Danielle to admit that she wants some of him, but she denies there is any majorly deep thing going on between them. Aware that they're together, Derek calls Reggie's cell phone looking for his daughter. Offering to overlook her grounding violation, Derek asks for Danielle's help in getting Reggie into the police station, promising that it will be a quick in and out trip just to talk. At the station, Derek insists on talking with Reggie alone and asks him to squeal on Jamie in return for a get out of jail free card. To sweeten up the pot, Reggie suggests he throw in his daughter. After Derek blows his top, Reggie assures him he was just playing, because Dani is a deal breaker not a deal maker. Insisting that Jamie is innocent, Reggie suggests that Derek take his deal and shove it.

While Adam and J.R. congratulate each other about everything coming along quite nicely, Maggie enters Chandler Mansion with Bianca and demands an admission of guilt from J.R. for planting drugs in their sofa to frame Jamie. Overhearing the conversation, Babe confronts Bianca, asking if her good friend actually believes that J.R. would do something so messed up to his brother. Adam then enters the fray and puts Babe on the spot by asking if she honestly believes that the father of her child could have done something so despicable to his own brother. Babe turns the tables by directing the same question to Bianca who is very confused by the crazy events unfolding around her. After Maggie accuses J.R. of having planted the drugs, he claims that he can't bring himself to confess that he framed his brother due to facts that he cannot ignore no matter how much he loves Jamie. Though Babe stands by her husband, Bianca recalls Adam's successful campaign to institutionalize Dixie and asks if he framed Jamie for some reason she can't fathom. J.R. puts on an outraged act and threatens to pack up his family and leave the family home if his father did anything to hurt Jamie. Adam, however, insists that he has learned from his mistakes and has become a trustworthy man and father. Wanting to hurl at the Chandler Family Theatre Show enacted before her, Maggie begs Bianca not to listen to any more ridiculousness. She leaves the room after Adam suggests that her judgment wouldn't be so clouded if she ?spent a little less time having sex with Jamie in someone else's limousine. To stop Maggie from searching his son's computer, Adam forcibly restrains her by her arm, but J.R. innocently offers his records for her perusal. Calling her a street urchin, Adam succeeds in getting Maggie to leave. Since Bianca elects to stay, Maggie cautions her to watch her back and not listen to a word the Chandlers say. After J.R. hugs his wife and apologizes for the brutal way that their family is being split apart, Babe reassures him with a hug that they cannot be divided. J.R. hopes that Maggie's attempt to help Jamie doesn't screw up her friendship with Bianca. To help Jamie beat this, J.R. offers to speak with his lawyer, Livia, so she has everything she needs right down to the paperclips. Bianca doesn't know what to say when Babe points out that there's no way J.R. would work so hard to protect Jamie if he'd set him up. Recalling how beautiful the Miranda Montgomery Center dedication was, Adam offers Bianca a sizable donation and goes to write the check. Alone together, Babe confides to Bianca how weirded out she was to hear Maggie accuse J.R. of planting drugs in the sofa. For what it's worth, Bianca can't believe that Jamie would drug Babe but doesn't think that J.R. did it either. Hearing Bess crying over the intercom, Bianca wonders how any father could do something so horrible to the mother of his child. While Bianca feeds Bess, Babe asks what she thinks of her marriage but doesn't seem very happy when her friend assures her that, from what she's seen, J.R. is totally into her and the baby. Bianca promises Babe that, despite her long-standing friendship with J.R., she would inform her if he ever did anything to hurt her. Babe takes heart in Bianca's assertion that she just doesn't see J.R. doing anything to mess up their wonderful family life. By the same token, Bianca can't believe that the straight and dependable Jamie she knows would ever drug her to get her into bed.

Confronted with e-mail evidence that their son was in contact with Seth and still pines for Babe, Tad and Brooke wonder why J.R. would want to ruin his brother's future if he did plant them in Jamie's computer and PDA. In her attorney mode, Livia insists that there is no shred of direct evidence linking Jamie to e-mails between him and Seth and encourages Derek to let Brooke and Tad speak with the drug dealer. Upon hearing that Seth is being represented by a high-priced celebrity attorney named Arch Madden, Tad smells a giant silver-haired rat. Tad asks Derek to think about how a street level pusher working playgrounds could possibly afford such a lawyer, the police chief accuses them all of playing their friendship. After Livia calls that comment uncalled for, Derek steps out of the interrogation room. Although frightened by the mere thought of it, Tad is so sure that Adam is behind this that he would bet every dime in his 401K account. Moreover, it scares the hell out of him when he realizes that if Adam is in it that deep, then J.R. has to be.

David visits Jamie in jail offering his help to save his daughter. When Jamie resists, David insists that he has to do everything in his power to help Babe by stopping J.R. David needs something concrete from Jamie to prove that J.R. is guilty. Though David invokes their respective love of Babe to get his trust, Jamie accuses him of using his daughter to decimate the Chandlers, because he hates them as much as he hates the Martins. Disgusted with Jamie's accusations, David states that his whole family is dumber than they look. Pointing out that he protect Babe from behind bars, David begs Jamie to tell him what he has on J.R. before it's too late. Despite hating what his brother is doing, Jamie doesn't want David serving him up to the cops or blowing his life up in his face. Although he admits that J.R. is screwing up, Jamie doesn't want David barging into his house in the middle of the night with a torch and a pitchfork, but the protective dad is more concerned about what Babe deserves. As Derek, Tad, and Brooke enter the cell area, Jamie purports to have faith in family. When Tad agrees with his son, David smugly feels a song coming on. Tad wonders if there's anything Derek can arrest David on, ?like impersonating a human being.? Before leaving, David advises Jamie to think long and hard about what he said, ?for Babe's sake. Though he shares Maggie's indignation at J.R.s evil machinations, David urges her not to blame Babe, because she has to believe in her beloved husband even though its going to cost her everything. Maggie sympathizes with David's feelings of divine retribution when he finds it ironic that after discovering his beautiful sweet daughter, she ends up smack in the middle of all his enemies. He understands that Babe just doesn't want to see what her loving husband is doing because of her need to hold on to him and Bess, even though the harder she holds on, the deeper the scars will be. Grateful to have an ally on Jamie and Babe's side, Maggie hugs her cousin and thanks him for letting her know that she's not crazy and thanks to J.R. the sky really is falling. After assuring her that Jamie will be sprung sooner or later if everything goes according to plan, David promises to do whatever it takes to make sure the Chandlers don't take anything away from him ever again.

Asking not to let her talk to her son behind bars, Brooke has Derek unlock the cell door then hugs Jamie and assures him that they believe him. Brooke understands David's motivation to use everything he's got to save Babe, because he couldn't save Leora, but Jamie agrees with his dad that Hayward is more interested in taking out J.R. then he is in taking care of his new-found daughter. Although Livia is working on getting Jamie's bail hearing set up, there's a distinct possibility that he has to spend the night in jail. Jamie reassures his worried mom it's okay and suggests that she think of it as camp or like a sleepover. Confident that they'll beat the rap, Livia tells Brooke not to worry then points out that They're not our little boys forever. After the attorney leaves, Tad shares the e-mails he supposedly wrote with Jamie who exclaims that he hasn't written anything this dumb since the fifth grade when he wanted Nancy Story to take her shirt off. Embarrassed, Brooke thinks that's more information than she needed about her son. Realizing that J.R. is on a roll, first with the drugs and now these fake e-mails, Jamie is sad to think how much his brother hates his guts. Though Brooke suggests that J.R. might be a victim of Adam's manipulations, Tad's gut tells him that Dixie's son is in the driver's seat and his father is simply a navigator. Determined to talk to J.R. before he crashes and burns, Jamie is desperate to get out of jail. Brooke comforts her distraught son by assuring him that they'll get to the truth. Encouraging him to hang tough, Tad kisses Jamie and assures him that he has a lot of people on his side. While Jamie busies himself with some push-ups in his jail cell, Babe appears on the other side of the bars.

Finding J.R. sitting at her desk, Livia orders him to get out of her chair because he is not a member of the state bar association, although he has a few on retainer. After J.R. threatens to report her to the ethics committee for representing his brother after all the work she did for him, Livia points out that there might be a conflict of interest if he is exercising a prior claim on her services and needs her to defend him for drugging his wife. After he insists he's innocent, Livia assures J.R. that if she were to find proof that he was so furious with his wife that he wanted to have her arrested for bigamy so he could take away her daughter, she would be obliged to bring it to the court. Happy that Jamie has an attorney of such integrity and righteous anger, J.R. offers a donation to his brother's defense, but she refuses his money and his handshake and promises that, even though nothing they've just discussed can come back and bite him, they are done, for now and for always. After leaving Livia's office, J.R. receives a text message asking him to meet me at Babe's new home and assumes it's from his dad. When he arrives at Oak Haven, however, J.R. is surprised to find Tad in the room where Adam had Dixie locked up. J.R. doesn't know what to say when Tad urges him to look at the place where the mother of his child might be forced to live. Adam refuses to discuss Jamie with Brooke, but she wants to talk about J.R. with her ex-husband.

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