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All My Children Update Wednesday 7/21/04

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Ryan asks Maria about her involvement with Zach Slater, suspecting that she knows him pretty well. She just about blurts out to him that she had an affair with Slater, but tells him it’s in the past. He inquires just how, when and under what circumstances it ended. She admits that she was in love with Slater, but it was in another lifetime. Ryan inquires just why she would have kept a secret like this. She tells him it is her private life. Ryan asks how Maria could have hooked up with the likes of that man, and inquires whether he was that much of a jerk then and what she would ever see in him. She doesn’t want to talk about it and rehash the past. But Ryan protests that Zach is hurting people he cares about and whom she supposedly cares about also, so he wants to know all that she knows about Slater and make certain that she no longer has feelings for him or any motive to cover for him or help him hurt anybody Ryan cares about.

After being asked by Bianca, what his motive is, Slater tells her that he is contributing to the charity because it’s good business. She tells him that it doesn’t sound just like business. She knows he’s had run-ins with people that she cares about. And she is not stupid. But Slater is able to convince Bianca that he has good intentions. She tells him that she has no ill feelings about him, but she still doesn’t understand what his fascination is with her mother and her sister.

After the cops come and arrest Jamie, Brooke protests that they must leave her son alone. Jack assures Jamie that he will help him. Reggie protests that his friend has done nothing wrong. Tad speaks up and says how dare they treat his son like a dog. The cops says if Jamie’s friends want to play hero, that could be called obstruction of justice there are many more cells available to accommodate all of them. JR protests that he did everything he could to help Jamie, found him a job, and wanted him to get some help. Babe demands to know how Jamie could do anything like that, and that she thought he was her friend. Everybody except for Babe and JR side with Jamie and know he’s being framed. As the cops drag Jamie away, he protests that JR is behind all of this and cannot be trusted.

Krystal tells Tad that although she feels for him and his son, she needs to protect her daughter. Brooke asks Tad what is going on and how drugs, cops and jail would have any involvement with their son and with JR and Babe. He assures her that he does not want to keep any secrets and that it all started at SOS.

Reggie tells Jack that he is very upset over what has happened to Jamie. Jack tells his son that he needs to calm down and let his father and other friends of Jamie handle this and believe that everything is o.k. Reggie makes a comment about cracking skulls and informs Danielle and Maggie that he knows that Seth drugged Babe but the punk who put him up to that is JR. Lily hears the whole thing and has a lot more insight about it than anybody knows.

Maria confides in Ryan that when she was with Slater, for the time they were together, he was the love or her life. She reminds him that she lost her memory, had no recollection of Edmund or anything else, and all she had, at that time, in her mind or her heart, was Zach Slater. He inquires how Edmund feels about all this. She informs him that she has never told Edmund and Edmund would not want to know about it. Ryan tells her that if his wife had such a “secret”, he’d sure want to know about it. She tells Ryan that Edmund and all others have no cause for alarm with Slater, because she no longer has feelings about him. But Ryan reminds her that there is something more than that at stake involving Slater. He tells her that he ran a thorough background check on the guy and knows he’s trouble. She inquires what kind of dirt Ryan dug up on him. Ryan replies that he found no dirt, and that means that there is serious concern for suspicion.

At that moment, Slater is indirectly confiding in Bianca that something has been lost in his life and that is one reason why he is contributing to her charity. He knows he’d better not tell her or anybody about his affair with Maria and assumes she would not approve of his motives. But she assures him that he is welcome to be there.

Brooke asks Tad if they were both blind, not realizing or minimizing the fact that Jamie was in love with Babe, with the cow, the cover-ups when she was married to JR, and so much more. But Tad tells his ex-wife that he knows their son does not have any special problem except for the fact that JR is trying to set him up. At that moment, Reggie informs Bianca and Maggie that he knows the same about JR. Bianca is shocked. But it seems as though Jamie has many people in his corner.

Jamie sits at the police station looking depressed.

Krystal finds David Hayward and tells him he’s not picking up on his daddy lessons and needs to apologize to Babe for falsely accusing her husband of drugging her. She reminds him that the guy they just hauled off is not her son-in-law. He reminds her that he knows that Jamie is also not a Chandler, nor did Jamie drug Babe, nor should anybody vilify him. He tells her he knows JR is the culprit who intends to hurt his and Krystal’s daughter.

Adam Chandler confronts Dr. Joe Martin; gloating about how it must be a shock that somebody in Joe’s family finally got caught. Joe reminds Adam that they will not get much dirt on Jamie, Jamie has a clean record, no history with drugs, but JR does. And he is very confident that Jamie will be acquitted of all charges and JR will not get away with what he has done.

Privately, JR is able to convince Babe that Jamie is the bad guy. She inquires how they can let somebody with so much hate be Bess’s godfather. He inquires how they could let somebody so worthless be his best man.

Bianca, Reggie, Danielle and Maggie return to Maggie’s and Jamie’s apartment and discover a cop going through all of Jamie’s possessions. Danielle protests that the police chief is her father and these people who support Jamie’s defense are her friends. But the cops tell her that they are following her father’s orders and could name them all as accessories for being in his home and defending him.

Livia comes to represent Jamie as his lawyer and tells the cops that she knows her client is innocent and has been set up by the Chandlers. But the interrogating officer tells her that there is proof of Jamie’s guilt and pulls out a bag of hard drugs, obviously something planted upon him by JR and Adam.

Bianca Maggie and Reggie notice all that has been inspected of Jamie’s apartment. Reggie tells them that he knows that in order to get a search warrant they’d have to be looking for something specific. Danielle enters and tells them that she knows somebody has found Jamie’s stash. Maggie protests that she knows Jamie does not stash any drugs. But Danielle informs them that the “stash” the sargent found in Jamie’s home were the same drugs that got Babe sick. Maggie wildly defends Jamie, but Bianca says she knows that JR would never drug his wife and pin it on his brother; Adam Chandler wouldn’t even do that. Reggie concludes that that must mean that they have now discovered that JR is an even bigger sleaze than his father.

Livia inquires to the cops that although they found the drugs in her client’s apartment, do they have his finger prints on it? They reply that forensics has yet to prove whether they are or not, that they would like nothing better than to release Mr. Martin and believe that he is not a flight risk, but they must do their job. Tad and Brooke watch speechlessly while their son gets taken through the police station after being set up for drugs.

Ryan assures Maria that he will keep her secret between them and tells her that he believes she might be right that Zach will leave town as soon as he says he’s going to. Realizing he may not, she protests that Zach might really be who he says he is. Ryan says he cannot take that chance.

Reggie assures Maggie that they both know they are right that Jamie has been unjustly set up. But Bianca defends JR to them, believing he would never hurt his wife or his brother. Reggie tells them they must all put their heads together and try to remember anything that would lead to the truth. Right then, Maggie remembers that only a few nights ago, JR came to their home and was there unseen for a long time, long enough to be able to plant drugs there and set Jamie up. But Bianca defends JR, assuming he was only there to apologize to Jamie.

Babe assures JR that she is only his and would never cheat on him with Jamie. And he successfully convinces his wife that Jamie has a problem with that reality. He tells her he wants her to love and trust him. She says she does with all her heart and soul.

Kendall approaches Ryan. He asks, can I help you? She replies not unless he can point her in the direction of her very charming guest, Mr. Slater. She ambiguously sounds like she might have feelings for Slater in an attempt to make Ryan jealous, but also indicates that she might want to simply make nice to Slater in order to get him to trust her so she can find out what Slater will not reveal to Ryan. He informs her that Zach Slater came to Pine Valley for a reason, for a mission, and she will seriously regret her “role” in whatever he’s up to. She inquires what he means. He tells her that he warned her about Zach but she did not listen. He tells her that if she wants to “cozy up” with Slater, she might want to think about all the lives she will be destroying. And he names for her a previous similar “mistake” she made with Michael Cambias.

Privately Adam tells his son that he could tell he still looked stunned when they came and carted Martin off to prison. JR reminds his father that Jamie is still his brother and he does kind of feel bad about hurting him. But he admits that he will stop at nothing in getting just desert with his lying wife and mother-in-law.

Tad tells Derek that he wishes he would arrest the person who is really guilty. Derek says he’d like very much to do that, but he presents more proof from Jamie’s computer of his guilt.

David Hayward goes to visit Jamie in jail and informs him he can help him. At first, Jamie does not believe David has any interest or means to do any such thing. But David tells him he can prove that JR put the gun in Jamie’s hand and pulled the trigger.


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