AMC Update Tuesday 7/20/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 7/20/04

By Giselle
Pictures by Juanita

Krystal runs into Tad and informs him that she cannot figure out which of Tad’s two sons has drugged her daughter. She acknowledges that JR and Jamie are going at each other’s throats and doesn’t know what to make of it and that they are both behaving very strangely. She says she’s a little baffled by JR accusing Jamie of drugging Babe so he can have her and she admits she does not know which one to believe. Tad admits that he knows there is something not right with the two of them and that it is not normal for either to make such accusations of the other. Adam Chandler appears and informs Tad that his son will be in a lot of trouble for the accusations he’s made of Adam’s son. Tad departs to find his son. When Krystal is alone with Adam she tells him she knows he is one crafty old fox. He looks surprisingly at her.

JR fakes a gracious apology to Jamie for their previous dispute. Jamie does not buy it and seems adamant in knowing that JR drugged Babe and is up to no good.. Jamie tells JR that he needs to apologize to his wife and seek professional help.

Zach Slater talks to Kendall, Ryan and Bianca, with Maria witnessing the conversation, informing them that he only wanted to help Erica. Kendall sounds as though she believes he did help Erica and that Erica did have a nervous break down. Ryan takes Zach aside privately and asks him what his “motive” is to worm his way into the good graces of Erica, Kendall and Bianca. Zach asks what Ryan’s interest is in this and informs him that Kendall asked him to escort her to the Miranda Montgomery foundation meeting. Ryan tells Zach the bottom line is he could care less what he does with Kendall. But he tells him that he cares about Bianca and Zach better not mess with her. Observing their conversation, Bianca inquires to Kendall and to Maria why Ryan distrusts this guy so much.

At the police station, Danielle informs Edmund that she was not able to “communicate” with her uncle Bob. But he informs her that he has another plan. It seems there are many people who know what JR is up to.

Jack talks to his daughter Lily about starting high school in Pine Valley. He also discusses with her the hardship of Bianca losing her baby. Lily inquires why somebody would use the expression “losing” a baby when Bianca’s baby died. Jack tells her that’s a good question, which he does not have, an answer. He also “briefs” her on what she says when she meets people when starting school.

Krystal tells Adam that she knows that he and his son are covering up on something. He comes up with many excuses for why they would not do that. Krystal tells Adam that if she finds out that his son did anything to hurt her daughter, nobody in his house will ever see that baby again. Although Adam tells her he’s warned her about making threats, she reminds him that the only reason JR has any involvement whatsoever with the baby is because of Babe’s choice to stay married to him and trust him. And she goes on to say that she and her daughter can take the baby away from all of them if she finds out he or his son did anything to hurt Babe. Hearing that, he assures her that he wants the truth to come out as much as she does, he knows how she must be scared by having her daughter taken to the emergency room, that he has been there too, and he is scared for all of his children, including Babe and Bess. And he tells her that they are finally on the same page. If anybody hurts his child or his family, he will feel and do the same as she says. And he concludes to her, the obvious conclusion that it may have been Jamie who drugged Babe, not his son, or that maybe the drinks got mixed up. And obviously responding to knowing that she and her daughter can take his granddaughter away from him, and that she might very well be able to find out what JR did to Babe, he assures her that he only has good intentions and she must trust him.

Jack and Lily appear at the meeting where Bianca is going to speak. Lily informs Bianca that she knows how it hurts inside to lose somebody she loves, that she has felt the same loss as Bianca is feeling, remembering losing her mother.

Jamie and JR keep “competing” to get Babe to believe them and disbelieve the other. Reggie speaks up, informing JR that he knows what he’s done, he believes Jamie, and the cops are going to get him. JR lashes out to Reggie that it’s none of his business. It’s between him and his family. At that point, Tad enters and says that since he is family, he wants to know what is really going on. Jamie informs Tad that his youngest son, JR has crossed the line. Babe departs with Bess. JR inquires whether Tad knows of what Jamie has accused him of. Tad confirms, yes, it’s the same thing that he has accused Jamie of. JR informs Tad that even if he does not believe that Jamie would drug Babe, it’s plain to see that Jamie is obsessed with JR’s wife and would have motive to do anything to break them up. They both go at it in their argument, until Tad asks them both to shut up and realize what they are saying. JR keeps saying that Jamie is obsessed with his wife and he will not stand there and listen while Jamie trashes him with those lies. He turns his back and gets up to go, telling Tad that Jamie is his son and he must handle him. At that point, Jamie informs JR that the police will handle him. Tad reveals that he knows JR cannot be trusted.

David tells Bianca that although he cannot throw a lot of cash into buildings, he wants her to know that he will always be there for her with anything she needs. Bianca sounds very gracious to David. He tells her he does not know how she does it, being so up-beat after all that has happened. She informs him that she has to, because of Miranda. David hugs her and tells her he does not deserve to have a friend who is so good to him. He still has the dilemma of whether to tell her that Babe’s baby is actually hers’.

Jack and Lily enter and run into Babe. He introduces Babe to his daughter.

Maria and Edmund are together. He asks her what Slater is doing there. She says she does not know except that he showed up with Kendall.

Adam gets a secret phone call at his home and tells his contact that they’ve gotten some good “information” for him and that they must keep in touch.

Tad tells Jamie that he cannot and does not want to believe that either of his two sons would drug Babe. He reminds Jamie that he cannot believe the word of a convicted drug dealer saying something like that about his own brother. Jamie tells his father he does not want to believe it either, but all facts point to it being JR who drugged her. He also reminds his father that throughout both of their childhood, JR has revealed by his eyes whether he is lying or telling the truth, and he can tell right now by the look in JR’s eyes that he is lying.

Bianca speaks at the meeting, thanking everybody for being there. She acknowledges the board members she’s selected, naming Ryan Lavery, Kendall Hart, Maria Santos Gray, David Hayward and Myrtle Fargate. She acknowledges that she knows there must be a reason for why God has taken Miranda to be by his side. And she admits that maybe some day, in the future she will know that reason. She also acknowledges that there are women and children out there have been abused and have nowhere to turn. And that she realize that any fortunate person could find themselves in a similar situation, having an unfortunate accident, making the wrong choice or any number of possibilities of things that could happen to them. She says she knows that if her daughter were alive today she would be one of the fortunate ones. And it is for that reason that she wants to take that light that her daughter gave to her, and offer it to other children. She mentions a garden and playground for children, a women’s prenatal clinic, and healthcare for all children.

Kendall comes up and speaks at the meeting. She says in honor of this center she would like to acknowledge people who have made special contributions, naming JR Chandler and Palmer Cortlandt, also Edmund Gray and Brooke English. Bianca mentions Dr. David Hayward for his contribution at the health clinic, also her uncle Jackson Montgomery, and also Ryan Lavery, without whom these opportunities would not be available. Surprisingly to most people there, Zach Slater comes up and introduces himself and says that he is funding a hotel and accommodations in honor of the Miranda Montgomery Foundation. Kendall is obviously the only one there who is encouraging him to talk and to be there. Ryan confronts him. He says he wants to give back to the community and excuses himself. Ryan tells Kendall that if her “plan” is to use Zach to get to her, it won’t work. He tells her that he really doesn’t care what she does or whom she wants to play spite-games with, including Greenlee. But she cannot drag her sister into this and cause her to risk being hurt by Zach Slater. All Kendall can say in response is that Ryan really made a bad choice dumping her for Greenlee.

Adam privately tells his son that they must “play this carefully”. He tells JR that he will have his lawyers on it, but JR must do the rest. JR says he loves that baby and cannot let Babe take her. Unknown to both of them, Lily is overhearing their conversation.

Krystal tells Tad that she does not believe that JR would hurt Babe, that she is the mother of his child.

Maria gets up and asks Zach Slater what he’s doing there. She tells him that she knows that it’s due to the fact that he knows she’s on the board of this foundation, that he’s contributing. She tells him he will not manipulate her into getting back together. She is with Edmund and her family and “they” are a thing of the past.

Bianca asks Babe how she did in her speech. Babe says she was brilliant. Bianca makes some comment about wanting her baby to live forever, but realizes she might be asking for too much. At that moment, Lily approaches them and addresses Babe, not Bianca, after hearing Adam’s and JR’s conversation, offering Babe her condolences for her baby dying. Hearing that, Babe is horrified that there might be a “leak”. But Bianca, still suspecting nothing, believes Lily is simply mixed up in which of the two of them lost their baby and sets Lily straight that it was herself and not Babe that lost her baby. Bianca approaches Zach Slater, asking him why he has so much sudden involvement in this foundation, when it involves so many people he doesn’t know.

JR has a flashback of Jamie confronting him, cornering him, knowing the truth and being unfooled by JR’s “charade”. But right at the moment, a cop suddenly enters and arrests Jamie. He charges him with tons of very serious offenses. The only explanation for this is Adam Chandler’s private phone conversation and malicious schemes. Many people watch, knowing that Jamie is being framed and has done nothing wrong.


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