AMC Update Monday 7/19/04

All My Children Update Monday 7/19/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall is at home when there is a knock on her door. It is Zach. She asks him what brings him to Pine Valley, or should she say who? Zach says he's opening a casino in the area and stopped by to see how Erica is doing. Kendall tells him Erica is in rehab. She says she's going to the ground-breaking ceremony for the Miranda Montgomery women's and children's center. Zach offers to make a contribution. Kendall tells him that's generous but she questions his motives. Zach says he thinks that if his casino donated part of its profits to the center, people may view it in a more favorable light. She asks him to give her a ride to the ceremony. On the way out of her condo, she sees that Michael Cambias' condo across the way is for sale. She stops and looks at it and tells Zach that he is the man who raped her sister.

Maria is wheeling Edmund through the park where the ceremony is to be held. Bianca arrives and asks Maria if she would make the dedication speech. Bianca says she can't get up and talk about Miranda being gone. Bianca says it's such a special occasion she doesn't want to make it all about her grief. Maria says she doesn't have a prepared speech and is not good at speaking off the cuff. Bianca then asks Edmund if he could write something simple for her to say. Edmund says he could write words, but it wouldn't be from Bianca's heart. She admits she's afraid that she'll break down. Edmund says there is nothing wrong with that. She can mourn while celebrating. He encourages her to find a way to give her life meaning, and says the center is a start. He asks what she would give Miranda if she were here. Bianca says she would tell her little girl to not be afraid to love or be loved. She would read and sing to her every day. She thinks Miranda would have the sweetest laugh. Edmund tells her she'll hear her laugh and see her smile every time a child comes to the center. Bianca thanks Edmund and says she's going to write those words down. She leaves and Maria sits on her husband's lap and tells him she loves him.

Later Bianca returns and find Maria alone because Edmund had to go to the police station. Kendall arrives with Zach and Maria and Zach eye each other.

At Chandler Mansion, Babe brings the baby to JR and Adam is there. She says she's getting ready to take Bess to the ceremony. Adam comments that that is not a suitable place for an infant, but Babe says they need to be there for Bianca. She wishes JR would go with her, but he says he has to work. Babe asks Jamie if he talked to Jamie. JR says he's tried but hasn't reached him. Babe says the sooner he does the better because then they can get back to being brothers. She leaves the room and Adam tells his son that they've got to get moving. When Adam talks to JR about getting the shares of Chandler Enterprises so the company will be under their control again, Ryan walks into the room and tells him not so fast. He says he knows what's going on and that Adam went to a company stockholder to try to get him to dump his shares. Adam plays dumb. JR chastises his father for trying to pull the company out of Ryan's control. Ryan tells JR he's onto him and he knows he's just as involved in this as his father. Ryan confronts JR. They agreed the best thing for Chandler Enterprises was to lock Adam out. What happened? JR says he changed his mind. This is a family company, he says. Ryan tells him he's turning into someone just like Adam but it's not too late to turn around. This is not like him, he says. JR asks how he knows this is not him. Ryan reminds him of the time he ruined his motorcycle and worked to pay off the debt. He viewed things differently than Adam back then. Ryan tells him if he sells his soul he'll end up evil and lonely and vengeful. Is that what kind of father Bess needs? JR says Chandler Enterprises belongs to the Chandlers. Ryan tells him he'll have his office packed up and sent here. Babe runs into Ryan on his way out and asks him if he tried to talk some sense into JR. Ryan says he could not. She walks toward JR and hears him spouting off. She asks if he's still going after Jamie. JR, smiling, tells him that Ryan fired him. Babe becomes gleeful and says that is the best news she's ever heard. They'll now be able to spend all their time together. She says they can make a budget and stick to it. She prepares to leave for the ceremony and JR says he'll go along.

Greenlee is at Fusion and notices a mistake has been made. She assumes it's Simone's mistake but Jonathan steps up and admits it's his. Greenlee tells him it's a bit early on in his job to crash and burn. The mistake is regarding a shipment of lipstick sent on an interstate truck to the west coast. Jonathan says the transport saved the company a ton of money. Greenlee says they lost money because all the lipstick melted since the truck wasn't refrigerated. She tells Jonathan they can file this under learning experiences. He offers to pay for it but she says she doubts that he could afford it. He apologizes, not for the lipsticks but just for working there. He knows Ryan hired him without asking her and he suspects she views him as a mercy hire. She denies that and doesn't hold the mistake against him. She then talks to him about Kendall and warns him to be careful of her. She'll do anything to get Ryan back, she says. Jonathan asks her why she married Ryan if Kendall still had a chance with him. She says she knew he still loved Kendall but she went in with her eyes wide open. She says she made a list of what would make her happy and Ryan was at the top. Ryan returns to Fusion and Jonathan tells him he needs to hang onto Greenlee because she's a keeper. Ryan tells Greenlee that he lost a friend today. He tried to turn JR around but couldn't. He asks how his brother is doing. Greenlee doesn't tell him about his mistake and says he's terrific, but needs a little more time. Jonathan returns to propose an idea. He suggests donating part of the profits from the new fragrance line to the Miranda Montgomery center. Ryan likes the idea and Jonathan says he'll draw up a proposal. Greenlee tells Ryan she should stay at work rather than go to the ceremony. Later, Jonathan goes to Greenlee with a report on how they can cut their product price and double their profit.

Reggie and Jamie are at the police station to see Seth. Derek asks them if they're there to get their story straight. Reggie tells him to get over his hate for him for two seconds because this is a matter of life or death. Who's life, Derek asks? "Mine, Daddy," Danielle says from across the room. Derek asks his daughter if her life is in danger. She says it will be if he lets Seth out on the street. She calls Jamie and Reggie heros for causing Seth to be in jail. Derek turns to the two young men and tells them they're not getting anywhere near Seth. Jamie tells Reggie he has to get Seth to give him information on JR. Danielle approaches a police officer at the station, calls him Uncle Bob and gives him a hug. She tells him he's always been her favorite uncle. Danielle later goes to Reggie and Jamie and tells them to color her brilliant. She tells them this man used to come to their house all the time before her parents split up. She learned from him that the DA is willing to offer Seth a deal if he names names. Jamie says he knows JR drugged Babe but he wishes he would admit it. He says if he has to go against his brother to keep Babe and Bess safe he will.

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