AMC Update Friday 7/16/04

All My Children Update Friday 7/16/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Zach is in his office when Anita barges in looking for Bobby. Zach doesn't know where Bobby is but invites Anita to stay and wait for him. She reluctantly decides to stay for awhile and Zach shares his Chinese food with her. He also invites her to play a card game with the winner taking the candy in his jar. She agrees and pulls her hair out of her pony tail. Zach stares at her and realizes that Bobby has a photo of her in his wallet that he shows to everyone. He is very proud of having such a beautiful wife, Zach says. Anita didn't know this but gushes when he says it. She warms up to Zach as she plays and her candy supply is growing with her victories. Zach tells Anita about Bobby's success in scoring Justin Timberlake to perform at one of his casinos, then starts talking about love. Anita asks who he's talking about, but he won't answer and says she's just trying to distract the dealer. They play a little more and Anita needs to leave. She mentions the groundbreaking for the women and children's center. After she leaves, he gets on the phone and asks someone to get all the information he can about this new center. He says it's time to give back.

Bobby is with Palmer at the Valley Inn and hands him an envelope of money he owes him. Edmund is there with Maria and mentions Bobby's divorce. Palmer is surprised to hear about the divorce and tells Bobby he's managed to screw something else up. Edmund mentions Bobby's affair and Palmer tells Bobby he doesn't have the sense of a rock. He drove off the finest woman in his life.

Bobby leaves the table and goes to the bar and Maria follows him. She urges him to fight for Anita but he says she won't listen to anything he says. He admits to having an affair but says it had nothing to do with Anita. Sometimes it's possible to have a desire for someone even though you love someone else, he says. This makes Maria think about Zach. Maria tells Bobby that Anita planned her life with him from practically the day they met in high school. Bobby is surprised and says now Anita can't get away from him fast enough. He says no one can measure up to her idea of a husband. Maria tells him he was her ideal person. Bobby says nothing can reignite what they had together. Maria starts asking Bobby about Zach, such as how much he knows about him. Bobby says he only knows him through work, but acknowledges that he doesn't have a family.

Edmund asks Palmer about his company, Cortlandt Electronics, and wonders if Palmer could get a list of phone calls made. He needs it for research on an article, he says. Palmer refuses the request but Edmund convinces him and Palmer says he'll get him the list he wants.

Jamie tells Maggie and Bianca that JR is the one who drugged Babe and they have to convince her to leave him. They don't believe him and Jamie angrily leaves. Meanwhile, Babe tells her mother at the Chandler Mansion that Jamie is the one who drugged her. Outside the Chandler Mansion, David is telling JR to prove that he didn't drug Babe or give him hard evidence that Jamie did it. Otherwise, he'll crush his world. Babe and Krystal come outside and Babe tells JR that she doesn't believe Jamie drugged her and she doesn't want him to believe it either. JR says it makes perfect sense, but Babe says Jamie has been a good friend who has only worked to bring the two of them together. She says a lot of people were at SOS that night and that drink could have been meant for someone else. JR admits that he freaked when Jamie accused him and he just wanted to hurt him back. He agrees he needs to talk to Jamie and set this straight. He thanks Babe for talking him out of this idea. JR leaves and Babe is relieved, thinking maybe things will get back to normal. David asks her whether she's ever considered that it might be JR who drugged her. She can't believe he's suggesting such a thing and Krystal accuses him of messing things up again just when they settle down. David says that when JR took Bess to the hospital, JR accused Babe of being a lousy mother and being more interested in partying than in Bess. Maybe spiking her drink was Phase 2 of his plans and Jamie figured it out first, he says. He says he doesn't trust Jamie or JR but especially JR since he is becoming just like his father. He has no scruples, David says. Babe angrily defends her husband and says if he continues talking about him that way, he won't ever see her or Bess again. David says he is genuinely concerned about her. She says JR is too and he'll have to accept it if he wants them in his life. Babe leaves and Krystal tells David he blew his chance to be father of the year. David tells Krystal to watch out for Babe and leaves.

Jamie is at the park and has flashbacks of his recent times with JR. Reggie arrives and Jamie tells him they need to protect Babe and Bess from his brother. Jamie also thinks that JR staged a fake kidnapping, but they need hard facts from Seth to prove it. Jamie says he'll take Seth on and try to get the information he needs. Reggie says maybe JR didn't do it, but Jamie is convinced he did. He says he saw the real JR today and he has to get Babe and Bess away from him.

JR goes to the apartment of Maggie and Jamie to look for Jamie. Maggie and Bianca open the door and Maggie treats JR rudely. Bianca tells her to be nicer but Maggie says JR treated Bianca like dirt and now he's doing the same thing to Jamie. JR tells them he wants to find Jamie so he can apologize to him. He says he wasn't thinking when he said the things he said to him. Bianca says it would help if they knew who really drugged Babe. JR apologizes to Bianca for the way he has treated her since she took Bess. He asks her to forgive him for being an idiot. He misses their friendship. She hugs him and says he just needs to protect his family. JR says he'll take care of Babe and Bess.

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