AMC Update Thursday 7/15/04

All My Children Update Thursday 7/15/04

By Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

After slapping Jamie on the patio, Babe won't listen to him, sure that he is just spreading more lies. Jamie is stunned to hear Babe say that J.R. is accusing him of drugging her. J.R. sends Babe inside, so he can give Jamie a piece of his mind. Jamie thinks J.R. has been acting ?kind of weird? because he knows what it?s like when he?s keeping something deep down inside while showing a face of hatred and distrust. J.R. refuses to give him a confession and listens with disbelief while Jamie recalls how he acted that night at SOS when Babe was drugged. Jamie is horrified as he realizes that J.R. wants him to have another affair with Babe, so he can get rid of her and get custody of the baby. He insists that J.R. assure him he?s wrong and make him believe that he doesn?t hate his wife. J.R. suggests his brother has lost his mind. Jamie informs him that Seth gave him up, and he?s way too calm to be using drugs himself, so they must have been for Babe. Jamie urges his brother to come clean, because he loves him and has his loyalty and trust. Meanwhile, David admires a beautiful picture of Babe holding Bess and vows to live with the choice they?ve made. He assures Krystal that Bess and Babe will always be able to trust him. Krystal and David find a distraught Babe pacing around the living room. David insists on knowing what J.R. and Jamie are fighting about but takes Krystal?s advice to back off and leave. J.R. takes Babe outside and, in front of Jamie, tells her that his brother is the one who drugged her. Babe is confused by J.R.?s assertion that Jamie bought drugs from a dealer friend and is planning on drugging her again to get her back. Jamie realizes that J.R. is too far gone and advices Babe to take the baby and get as far away as she can. Calling him sick, Jamie accuses J.R. of wanting to get rid of his wife but vows that he won?t get away with it. Unable to hear any more accusations, a tearful Babe orders Jamie to go and clings to her husband who vows not to let anyone come between them again. Promising to always take care of her and Bess, J.R. sends Babe upstairs with a promise to be up soon. Emerging from the shrubbery, David applauds J.R.?s performance and challenges him to now convince him that he truly loves his wife.

At the apartment, Bianca receives a voucher for a flight to Poland to be with Lena. Maggie listens while Bianca talks with Lena on the phone about how much she can't wait to see her again and will make arrangements to go to Europe maybe for the rest of the summer. Maggie encourages her to go because there's no reason for her to stay in Pine Valley, since she has no commitments and is absolutely free to do as she pleases. Before the ticket agent can take her reservation, however, Bianca hangs up, wondering why she can't bring herself to leave even though she loves Lena. Bianca wonders who wants her to stay in town. Maggie suggests that her heart may be here with someone she loves, maybe Bess, but Bianca still can't figure out why she can't go be with Lena even though she has her ring. Storming into the apartment, Jamie breathlessly begs Bianca and Maggie to help him save Babe and Bess.

Kendall tries to stop Ryan from meeting Greenlee with an excuse of signing a contract then begs Jonathan to stop her by keeping her busy at work, but he refuses to be her professional hand holder. Kendall orders Jonathan to hold on to the keys and not let her go if he knows what's good for him. Kendall is afraid that if she goes after Ryan yet again, she'll hurt him then will plot new ways to get revenge or sit in a corner and cry because this is who she is ? a woman who wants a man who doesn't want her back. She claims to be tired of the anger and jealousy she feels toward Greenlee and actually hates self-indulgent women like herself. Kendall tearfully urges Jonathan to get out while he can, and she doesn't blame Ryan for hating her, because she hates herself, too. Jonathan sits Kendall down and tells her a story about his high school crush with a teacher who broke his heart, followed by one with a college professor. Kendall asks for his help in getting Ryan out of her system. Being the practical type, Jonathan urges her to stop the melodrama. Kendall feels sorry for having taken advantage of him without caring what she did to him when they slept together. A sympathetic Jonathan suggests that she distract herself and find ways to keep herself out of trouble, such as immersing herself in her business, but she fears it's the after hours that are more difficult. After he offers to get something to eat with her, Jonathan is not pleased when she wants him to go home with her. Realizing that the whole breakdown was a set-up to get him back into bed, Jonathan makes a quick getaway, throwing back her keys as he jumps into the elevator.

Ryan is stunned at the lengths Greenlee has gone to set up a quiet little dinner at the park complete with a lovely white dinner jacket. Greenlee suggests that Ryan see this as a long dream with strings of surprises, like pearls, and tonight he's in for fabulous. Unveiling a scrumptious meal, Greenlee puts a large bib on Ryan so he can enjoy his ribs while listening to a baseball game on the radio. Ryan surprises himself when he calls Greenlee gorgeous then wonders if this arrangements of theirs is enough for her now that things have shifted and they feel attracted to each other. Though Greenlee tries to be flip about it, he asks her to be honest, so they can discuss how they really feel about each other. Recalling how they linger in bed together and the closeness they feel, Ryan asks if she wants more of a sexual relationship. Greenlee divulges that the next time she gives in to attraction she wants it to be for real and wait for a man who truly loves her back. Ryan recalls the passion he had with Gillian and the pain he felt when he lost her. After a few rounds with Kendall, he feels knocked out. Greenlee offers him a safe place to be and is happy just being his wife for now. After tenderly holding hands, Ryan and Greenlee toast to finding love again, wherever it may be.

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