AMC Update Thursday 7/15/04

All My Children Update Thursday 7/15/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall enters the Fusion office to notice Ryan asking his brother where Greenlee went. Jonathan informs Ryan that Greenlee took off somewhere but he has no clue where or why. Ryan ignores Kendall and gets in the elevator to attempt to find his new wife. Kendall tells Jonathan that Ryan cannot do what he is doing. She says he must sign the contract and his brother cannot just stand there. She attempts to manipulate him into helping her in her scheme of jealousy toward Ryan and Greenlee. But he tells her she needs to deal with her own issues and keep him out of her psychodrama.

Ryan goes out and finds Greenlee in the park. She surprises him with a romantic dinner. She tells him that she’s had time to arrange everything for their dinner, since she left the office. She gives him a white jacket to put on and tells him that tonight is like a long string of surprises. He reveals that he is happy to be with her.

Jonathan asks Kendall what her intent is in order to get what she wants with Ryan. She admits that she has no agenda except to be foolish and destructive. She reveals to him that she is a sick person, a woman who wants a man who does not want her back. And she says she is tired of being that way. She says that she hates women like her with all the jealousy, dependence and weakness of character. She says she wishes so much she was not that type of a woman. She admits that she uses people, sucks them in to all of her schemes and cannot blame Ryan and others like him for hating her for being the way she is because she hates herself also.

Babe informs JR that she believes Jamie when he told her that he was the one that drugged her. Babe leaves the two young men alone so that Jamie can confront her husband. He informs JR that he got himself in trouble and taken to the police station, because he cares about both JR and Babe. JR informs Jamie that he got over his anger of finding out that Babe’s annulment to Paul Kramer was not over, and reminds Jamie that he was his best man and there’s no reason for Jamie to be suspicious of him. But Jamie tells JR that he is onto him and inquires if he was so angry at his wife that he had to drug her just to end his marriage and cause her to lose custody of the baby. He tells JR that he knows he’s has had a history with drug dealers and so he must have contacted Seth for a reason. And he says he knows that Seth was nowhere near Babe that night, Seth would have no motive to drug her and he happens to know that JR voluntarily sought Seth out in order to obtain the drugs to put in Babe’s drink. JR inquires to Jamie why anybody would believe that he would do such a thing. Jamie says it makes perfect sense that he would if he hates his wife, wants to divorce her, prove her to be an unfit mother and obtain full custody of the baby. JR asks what Jamie wants him to say. Jamie informs JR that he confronted Seth and got some information about JR’s intent to drug Babe. But he also assures his brother that he will do anything to help him, that he loves him and he does not wish to hurt JR over the situation

David observes a photo Krystal shows him of Babe. He tells her it’s a beautiful shot. He informs her that they both made their choice. He tells her that he defies trust and liability and tells her that where his daughter and granddaughter are concerned, they can always trust him . They both go to find Babe and David makes it clear that he knows she is suspicious of JR and he suspects him also. But Krystal tells him that he must refer to his “daddy crib sheet” and back off when his daughter does not want to talk. JR goes to find his wife and demands that David leaves his home. When Babe is alone with her husband, she sounds “nice” and asks if Jamie has stopped his “craziness” about the drug. JR leaves and then goes out again to talk to Jamie and brings Babe with him to join their conversation. She says she does not believe that JR drugged her. JR surprises them both by informing Babe that Jamie was the one that drugged her. But Jamie will not go along with that story. He tells Babe that she should not buy this and realize that JR is simply making this up in order to cover his own butt. JR makes up some story about Jamie meeting Seth at the record store, alleging that he did that in order to buy drugs to give to Babe. But Jamie will not go along with his story. And he advises Babe to go and get Bess and take her as far away from this place as she possibly can. JR persists in a story about Jamie wanting to drug Babe, making it look like JR did it, so that he can be the hero to rescue her and take her away JR because he’s still in love with her. But Jamie truthfully tells them both that he knows that JR is plotting a plan to take her baby away form her. Unfortunately, however, Babe believes what JR says and angrily asks Jamie how he could hate them both so much as to do something like that. JR says he can “help” Jamie. But Jamie protests that Babe must be aware of the malicious things her husband can keep doing to her if she trusts him. But she demands Jamie leaves and he does. JR holds his wife and plays the “good husband”.

Bianca is with Maggie when she receives some mail. It’s a voucher for a flight to Poland from Lena. She seems very happy that Lena wants her to come and visit her. She informs Maggie that Lena cannot get away to come to Pine Valley to visit her. Maggie encourages her friend to get away for a while, realizing that Kendall and Erica, the family and the cosmetics industry can survive without her for a while and she is free to go to Poland if she chooses. But she later reveals to Maggie that she has backed out of her plans to be with Lena. Maggie tells her she may always reconsider and go at a later time. But Bianca admits that she cannot do it ever. She says she does not understand why, herself. She has no reason to stay in Pine Valley. Maggie says that maybe the reason for why Bianca needs to stay in town is because her heart is there.

Jonathan asks Kendall if she needs some water or something to calm down. She simply says that she no longer wants to dream about Ryan, nor chase him or obsess about him. He tells her that he remembers himself having a similar obsession, over his teacher as a child. And he also tells her about his feelings of jealousy when he caught his teacher making it with the sports couch. And remembering a past “habit” in his life, he sounds as though she can get over Ryan and let it go in time. He notices that he has just gotten a laugh out of Kendall by telling her about his story. But she tells him that she is still concerned about having this addiction over Ryan that cannot go on for the rest of her life and she must find a way to get it out of her system. Right when he offers her a “pep-talk” to get out of her addiction to Ryan, Greenlee gives Ryan a pep talk to get over his addiction to Kendall.

David goes to privately confront JR and tells him he is onto him and knows he’s trying to hurt Babe. David makes it clear that he will not let anybody hurt his daughter.


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