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All My Children Update Wednesday 7/14/04

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Tad gets ready to go see about his hotheaded son who’s just been arrested and thanks Krystal for understanding. Assuring him that she’d be disappointed if he didn’t go help Jamie, Krystal grabs him by the sleeve and swings him back into her arms for a lingering kiss good luck and a rain check, after which Tad needs a cold shower. Much to Tad’s dislike, David shows up wanting to talk to Krystal about Babe. After Tad grudgingly leaves, David asks Krystal to teach him how to be a real father instead of just a sperm donor. She is shocked to hear that a part of him was faking it when he hugged his daughter and gave Babe “all the “right daddy lines.” She’s really insulted, though, when David accuses Babe of playing him, so he wouldn’t tell the truth about the baby. He’d like to have a relationship with Babe and wants to know where to start, so she can trust him. Seeing what Babe and Krystal have, David wants the real deal, too, but needs Krystal’s help to run interference with the Chandlers, so he can get to know Babe. When she declines, David tells her she owes him because of the secret he’s keeping. She takes that as a threat and accuses him of having “done some God-awful things, so David points out that it takes a pretty cold-hearted person to do what she did to Bianca. He wants a daughter in his life who is his own flesh and blood so much that he’s willing to sacrifice the happiness of someone he cares deeply about. David gets very emotional as he shouts to Krystal that she doesn’t have a clue what it’s like for him, since he has absolutely nothing in his life. Assuring him she understands, Krystal agrees to help him be a real daddy to their daughter, as long as there are no tricks and no games.

Afraid of what Kendall is up to now, Ryan can’t muster up any excitement about Greenlee’s exclusive deal at Fusion. Greenlee shouts out to Kendall in case she’s eavesdropping. Ryan fears she’ll use his brother as a smokescreen for her next move, and she’s just waiting for the right time to pounce on Greenlee. Overhearing them, Jonathan jokes that if Kendall tries to get him to sleep with Greenlee, he’ll fight it all the way, but the humor is lost on everyone. While Ryan takes a business call, Greenlee ignores Jonathan’s attempt to talk about taxes and tries to determine how he could be so smart and have slept with Kendall, not knowing that it’s Ryan’s ex. Jonathan admits it was a mistake and wants to go back to talking about business, but Greenlee continues to prod him about his motivation, because she wants to get to know her brother-in-law. Jonathan talks about only concentrating on school for the last seven years so much that any social life was inexistent and there wasn’t even any time for “personal grooming” due to long work hours. Seeing Ryan expertly deal on the phone, Jonathan talks about how much his big brother inspired him when he left home to get what he wanted, but he’s the total opposite. While Ryan reaches into the fire when things heat up, he goes look for an extinguisher. Not wanting to shrivel up in an office, Jonathan underwent an extreme makeover, packed up his disploma and went to NY, so he could also undergo an internal makeover, as well, and learn to speak above a library whisper. It was lonely behind the library stacks, so when Kendall propositioned him couldn’t say no. Greenlee understands, because he isn’t the first one to be taken in by Kendall.

Meanwhile, on the roof, Kendall doesn’t see the hardship in romancing Greenlee, but Bobby turns the tables on her by offering to seduce her instead, because he finds her very attractive. Kendall insists that she picked him to help her because he’s a risk taker, but he’s not so sure what’s in it for him. Encouraging Bobby to take another big risk to get what he wants, Kendall offers him $20,000 to spend on romancing Anita by living large but accepts Bobby’s counteroffer of $50,000 cash. She just wants Ryan to find his “wifey” in bed with another man and believes that the plan is foolproof, because she’s done it before. To Kendall’s surprise, however, Bobby walks back into the office and tells everyone that she just offered him a very interesting proposition. Kendall wants him to get into bed with Greenlee on an ad campaign for Fusion, but Ryan refuses to work with him. Claiming he doesn’t need a job anyway, Bobby leaves, whispering to Kendall that the next time she wants to pimp someone to get her boy back, not to call him. Greenlee and Jonathan are suspicious that there is something else behind that offer, knowing never to trust a word that comes out of Kendall’s mouth. While Greenlee shows Jonathan the file room, Kendall accuses Ryan of spoiling her fun and asks him if he wants to hear more about her ad campaign idea. Hearing Jonathan and Greenlee approaching, Ryan whispers for Kendall to meet him on the roof. After Kendall pretends to leave for the day, Ryan finds Kendall as she’s remembering the time they made love up there. Ryan insists that nothing is going to happen between them and warns her that she’ll be dust in this company, this town, and in his life if she tries anything. After Ryan storms out, Kendall challenges him to give it his best shot, because she will get what she wants, “and that’s a promise.”

When J.R. asks Jamie and Babe what the secret is, because she looks so upset, she lies that he was just asking how Bess is doing. J.R. assures Jamie that they’ll find the person who tried to kidnap Bess and takes his wife and baby home. Derek takes Jamie and Reggie into the interrogation room at the police station to wait for processing while Danielle calls her Aunt Livia for help on a matter of life and death: “It’s Daddy; he’s completely lost it,” she cries. Jamie confides in Reggie that he made a mistake when he told Babe that her husband gave her the drug, because she might confront him about it and unleash his fury. Afraid that he’ll lose the brother he loves if he does something stupid, Jamie is desperate to get out of jail. Tad goes to the police station and yells at his son for doing something so stupid. When he demands to know who he is protecting, Jamie admits he wants to find out who gave Babe the drug that put her in the hospital but doesn’t tell his dad whom he’s suspecting. Jack pleads with Derek not to book his son, because he’s already on probation and will go to prison, but the chief believes Reggie’s story is lame. Alone with his son, Jack wonders why Reggie really made this drug deal and if it had anything to do with payback against a drug dealer like Seth Phelps, because his mom is an addict. Dani is concerned when she hears Reggie’s tone of voice as he assures Jack that this had nothing to do with his mother. A livid Livia storms up to Derek to give him a piece of her mind. Since Jack asked for her help, Livia is not only representing her niece but also Reggie on whose behalf she threatens to sue for “malicious prosecution;” brother or not. Sure that this has nothing to do with the drugs, Livia accuses Derek of using his status as police chief to try to keep Dani and Reggie apart, but he’s actually going to lose her if they don’t learn to trust each other. Seeing how crestfallen he is, Danielle calls Reggie awesome for how he went off on that dealer earlier. Relieved when her father lets Reggie go, Danielle thanks Derek and hugs him. Although Tad offers to help him, Jamie insists that he has to do this himself and runs out. After Reggie thanks Livia for saving his butt, he leaves with his dad who wants to explain to him the many other options to a vigilante drug bust. Though Danielle expects her dad to stomp all over her self-esteem, Derek apologizes to his daughter for having made a mess of things, because he’s still adjusting to the full-time gig of being her father. He admits he’s coming down too hard on her, but she has made his life so much better by making a home for him. He asks her to be patient with him, so he can be the father she needs. After declaring their love for each other, Danielle gets her dad to agree to let her see Reggie, even on a limited basis after her one-week grounding. A very excited Danielle runs out to go tell Reggie.

At home J.R. suggests that Babe go swimming or take a nap to relax, but she keeps staring at him all teary-eyed, wanting to know if he blames her for what happened to Bess, because of the way he wouldn’t let her take care of the baby after what happened at the park. Although he insists he doesn’t hate her, J.R. won’t reassure her that he doesn’t blame her for nearly losing Bess. When Babe tells him what David said about her neglecting her baby, J.R. attributes it to the fact that the doc hates him and wants her to hate him, too. After he claims he “never talked trash” about her, she demands to know if he thinks she’s a good mother who makes him happy or even if he still loves her. J.R. tells her not to worry about it, but she recalls all the times he’s been so cold and aloof toward her and realizes that something is wrong with their relationship because they barely touch each other anymore. Though J.R. tries to hug her, she feels that something is different and demands to know what he’s keeping from her, but he insists he tells her everything. She brings up how he was looking at the drug dealer at the station and wonders if he knows him. J.R. admits he went to school with Seth and is afraid that he slipped her something in retribution for not responding to his subtle drug pitch. J.R. insinuates that Jamie has been acting really weird and is using drugs because of her. He apologizes for acting as though he didn’t care when actually she’s his life and he loves her more every day. Assuring she believes him, Babe hugs her husband. When Jamie breathlessly approaches her on the terrace wanting to talk to J.R. about what happened, she slaps him and calls him a liar, while J.R. smirks from inside.

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