AMC Update Tuesday 7/13/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 7/13/04

By Giselle
Pictures by Juanita

At Fusion's office, Ryan suggests that Greenlee go work at one of Cambias' other companies until Kendall gives up, because being with her all the time might drive her to homicide if he doesn't beat her to it. Meanwhile, Kendall cozies up to Jonathan who thinks she's trying too hard with her "in your face" approach. An irate Bobby storms in demanding to know where Aidan Devane and Jack are and why "all these stupid people" are conspiring to mess up his life. When Ryan accuses Bobby of hiding Erica in Vegas while boozing and partying, Kendall threatens to pound him into dust if he doesn't leave. Bobby responds by recalling how Erica told him that Kendall has a gift for pushing men away and dismisses her by asking, "Bet they can't get away fast enough, huh?" After Bobby declines Simone's invitation to lunch, Greenlee takes him out to the terrace and gently tries to calm his fears by encouraging him to keep going after his dreams. As Ryan asks Jonathan if he's having fun yet, Kendall eavesdrops while Greenlee assures Bobby that breaking up his marriage isn't Jack's or her style. To his surprise, she cites her own experience with holding on to her marriage despite interference from Kendall. She divulges that she really doesn't have to do much because Kendall's outrageous actions make her look good. After Greenlee urges him not to give up on Anita, because he clearly loves her, she leaves. Kendall enters the terrace and offers to help Bobby get his world and his wife back by seducing Greenlee. Back in the office, Simone glibly encourages Jonathan to hit on her and invites him to her gym where they have all sorts of " sweat-producing type of things" such as boxing. Jonathan doesn't find it funny when Ryan jokes that he could drop him on the canvas, because he "created the Lavery bob-and-weave with the old man." When Simone wants to blow off work to share a steam with him, Jonathan hesitates, making her storm out of the room. Greenlee happily speaks with Brady Soames on the phone. When a concerned Ryan asks her if she can take working so closely with Kendall, Greenlee assures him that with this sweet deal, she's no longer a threat to them.

Krystal arrives at Tad's place ready for romantic action. When she asks Tad what took him so long to answer his door, he jokes that he was putting in his teeth, but now he's ready to satisfy her craving. Anita opens the front door and barges into Tad's living room wanting to find Aidan. When Tad tells her he's out of town on a job, Anita asks if there's anything he can tell her, because she fears she's making a huge mistake by filing for divorce. At first Tad is reluctant to share any confidential information, because Anita is not the one paying him plus he can't give relationship advice, but Krystal urges him to help her. Tad assures Anita that there is no evidence that anything is going on between Bobby and Erica, and he's not just saying that to make Bobby look good, because he still remembers how he got Kelsey pregnant and skipped town. Krystal serves drinks and calms Anita by helping her see that sometimes lying to protect someone you love is justified. Tad takes it personally when Krystal accuses men of screwing up all the time, but she makes him sit down and listen up so he might learn something to take back to his brotherhood. Krystal involves Anita and Tad in a game filling out a pretend application for a "singles love connection thing" to determine their must-haves for their perfect man. When Anita insists that her mate has to always be honest and true, Krystal encourages her to see that no such person exists. Tad agrees that in relationships there will always be disagreements. Although he doesn't even like Bobby, he's better than any "perfect" bachelor her mom might bring home to her. Anita leaves thanking Krystal and Tad for helping her reconsider the divorce. Tad calls Krystal "a hell of a woman" and "close to perfect" then kisses her, hoping they'll never let secrets and lies make them go crazy. Derek interrupts their make-out session on the sofa with a phone call informing Tad that Jamie has been picked up for possession with intent to deliver drugs.

At the park, Bianca and Maggie hear Babe's desperate cries for her baby and rush over to help her look for Bess. Meanwhile, J.R. is hiding in the bushes with Bess in her carrier pretending to shout to someone not to hurt his baby and to put down his little girl. After returning her to Babe, J.R. breathlessly claims that he rescued his daughter from some guy in the parking lot. He coldly berates Babe for not paying attention while some stranger walked up and just took their baby, then orders Bianca and Maggie to get a cop. J.R. gives Lt. Perry an extremely detailed description of the abductor (a white guy, 180-190 lbs., brown hair, big bushy mustache, blue-hooded sweatshirts with jeans, gray running shoes with black laces, wearing big sunglasses 10 or 20 years old) and agrees to work with a sketch artist. J.R. suggests that the little boy who distracted Babe by asking her to tie his shoelace was some sort of set-up. Conveniently, neither he nor his mom is anywhere to be found, so they can't be questioned. Although Babe pleads with J.R. not to hate her, he picks up Bess and barks at his wife that the only thing he's worried about right now is making sure that this never happens again. Bianca and Maggie sweep the park, fruitlessly questioning all the moms and kids. Though happy that Bess is safe and sound, Bianca worries that Babe and the baby are targets, because of the Chandler family's high profile.

At the police station, Derek yells at Reggie, Jamie, and Danielle as they joke about having this matter cleared up before lunch, that Reggie's burger and fries are now in the officer's rear end, and how the handcuffs in Vegas have fur on them. Having had enough of Reggie's smart mouth, Derek suggests to "Sugar Lips" that, since he is on probation, this felony means that the next time he hooks up with his daughter will be in senior citizen home. Undeterred, Reggie counters that the chief is making a joke of his unit. As Derek pulls Danielle away from the others, she promises Reggie that "they'll never make me squeal." Derek orders Danielle to go to her aunt's without listening to her plea to hear Reggie's side of the story, because he is disrespectful of the law and what it stands for. Danielle refuses to leave and demands equal and fair treatment under the law. After separating his daughter from the other guys, Derek takes Jamie into the interrogation room and urges him to cooperate with the police to avoid upsetting Brooke. Jamie assures Derek they were not buying drugs but only wanted to settle a score with Seth who helped drug a woman he knows who almost died, but the police chief is mainly interested in Reggie's involvement with the drug dealer. Meanwhile, Reggie assures Seth that he's going to move to a cell with a guy named Bubba, and he's going to do everything in his power to make sure he gets everything that's coming to him, even if he has to go along with him to keep him company. Reggie encourages her by proclaiming she's a perfect 11 as Danielle loudly sings "Nobody knows the trouble I've seen; nobody knows my sorrow." Derek stops her plaintive singing by accusing her of making this more difficult than it has to be, and he takes his job very seriously. Reggie takes the opportunity to inform Jamie that Seth told him J.R. paid him to get out of town and maybe he can use that information to cover his tracks. Just then, J.R. walks in with Bess and Babe and pretends not to recognize the drug dealer standing in front of him. Seth tells Jamie to go to hell when he asks why his good friend J.R. isn't very pleased to see him. J.R. and Babe worry about what's going on with Jamie then go through mug shots to find the kidnapper. Lt. Perry suggests it's someone they've seen around but don't know. When Bess fusses, Babe starts toward her, but J.R. insists of taking care of the baby himself. Questioning Reggie alone, Derek wonders why so many good people are protecting him, even though he isn't "worth tobacco spit." Losing his temper, Derek clears the table with one swoop of his arm when Reggie plays along and "confesses" that he is doping his family and friends, because he likes to keep them high. Derek finally gives up when Reggie accuses him of only believing the explanations he makes up himself and not anything that makes sense. Next up is Seth, but he refuses to be questioned without his attorney present. After Derek places everyone under arrest for "possession with intent" to deliver drugs, Jamie tells J.R. that he got busted for paying Seth a visit but declines his brother's offer of a lawyer. Jamie assures J.R. that he intends to make sure no one messes with Babe again. He is shocked when J.R. informs him that someone tried to take Bess. As J.R. goes over the details of the "abduction" with Lt. Perry, Jamie approaches Babe and cautions her to be careful, because he's positive that J.R.'s the one who drugged her. Just then, J.R. approaches them asking what's going on.

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