AMC Update Monday 7/12/04

All My Children Update Monday 7/12/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

It's morning, and Ryan and Greenlee are still in bed. Ryan places his arm on Greenlee's waist. Greenlee, with her back toward Ryan, opens her eyes, realizes what he's done and smiles. She turns around to face him but keeps her eyes closed, and he just watches her. He wakes her up and she asks if he's trying to seduce her while she's sleeping. He says she is the one who is trying to seduce him. He tells her to get up because he wants to go to Fusion to see if Kendall turned over her shares. He tells her to get in the shower but she suggests showering together would save water. He resists her suggestion and she goes to the shower. He mutters to himself he needs a cold shower.

Kendall goes to Fusion and calls for Ryan, saying she's made up her mind. Jonathan enters the picture and tells her that Ryan isn't there so she'll have to settle for him again. She tells him she's looking for Ryan and Greenlee. He says they were still in bed when he left. They exchange barbs and he chastises her for what she's done to Ryan. She tells him he's just as bad as her. Jonathan informs Kendall he's now working there. Simone enters and tells him she'll make his transition as sooth as possible. She introduces herself and tells him she knows all about him because Greenlee warned her about him – in a good way. When he walks away, Simone says to Kendall she hopes she's not interested in him because he's totally her type. Greenlee and Ryan enter. Greenlee says she's surprised to see Kendall. Kendall says she wanted to deliver the Fusion document herself to show there are no hard feelings. Greenlee grabs the paper from Kendall's hand, telling her to have a nice life. Kendall suggests Greenlee look at the paper. Ryan takes the paper, looks at it and asks Kendall what is she trying to pull now. On the paper are plans for Kendall to launch a new Fusion fragrance. She indicates that she mulled over their desire for her to turn her shares over but just couldn't let go. She doesn't relish the idea of working with Ryan and Greenlee but she would be stupid to let personal feelings interfere with business. An angry Greenlee tells her this isn't about business, it's about trying to stick it to her and Ryan and be in their faces every day. She moves toward Kendall in a threatening way but Ryan stops her and tells Kendall that if she wants to stay, she's welcome to stay. Kendall says this project will require long hours and extra help. She suggests Jonathan be her partner on the project. Ryan tells Jonathan he can take on the project if he wants. Jonathan says he owes his brother a favor and agrees to the job. Greenlee follows Kendall into the next room and says her efforts to win Ryan back will not work. Kendall tells her she knows her and Ryan are over but at least he won't forget her.

Bianca is sleeping on Maggie's couch and Maggie lays a blanket over her. This startles Bianca, who grabs the blanket and Maggie's hand. She tells Maggie she was dreaming and lets go of her hand. She tells Maggie it was a hard day yesterday, with her mother's intervention and Babe's drugging. Maggie has planned a full day with Bianca, including a picnic at the park, watching a 5-K charity race for the Miranda Montgomery center for women and children, and a concert at the boathouse. Bianca, without mentioning that today is the first anniversary of her rape, tells Maggie she realizes she's trying to fill this day up so she wouldn't think about what happened one year ago. She thanks her.

Babe and JR are still in bed as he says he needs to call the office. He tells her to go back to bed. She asks him to stay in bed and make love to her. She tells him that since he's the boss, he doesn't have to call the office, but he resists her advances. He tells her she just got out of the hospital. She says she's fine, and thinks that he's upset because she had drugs in her system. She again stresses that she did not take drugs and someone drugged her. JR tells her to let this go but she says they need to talk about it. He's acting like he doesn't know her. JR tells her that Jamie saw her in the alley making out with some guy. She says she did not, but if she did she has no memory of it. It probably was the dirt bag who slipped her the drugs, she says. JR again tells her to let this go. She realizes this is about more than the guy in the alley. JR tells her she has a baby that depends on her. He says his mother was always there for him. Babe says she would never mess around with getting high and would do anything to protect her. They bicker about Bianca and David, and Babe tells him he'll have to accept David being her father. The baby cries and JR tells Babe to go get dressed and he'll take care of Bess. Babe leaves the room and JR goes to get the baby. He whispers to the baby that her mommy and daddy are taking her to the park and he has a plan that will make this a day her lying, cheating mommy will never forget.

Maggie and Bianca go to the park and have a picnic. They playfully squirt water at each other and Bianca says this is where she came right after her rape. Babe and JR arrive with the mother and find Maggie and Bianca, who asks them to join them. Soon, however, the race begins and Maggie and Bianca want to go watch it. JR tells Bianca he'll write a check in any amount for the center. After Maggie and Bianca leave, Babe tells her husband that he's amazing. JR says he's been too harsh toward Bianca and he wants to cut her more slack.

Jamie is at the park with Reggie. Jamie says he put out the word that someone wants to make a monster buy, so he thinks Seth will surface. Jamie says part of him wants to believe that JR didn't score drugs to give to Babe. Reggie asks him if he did, could he hand his brother over to the cops? Jamie says he doesn't even want to think that JR drugged Babe. But JR has been acting strangely, he says. When he learned that Babe hadn't gotten an annulment he turned into Adam. Jamie says he convinced JR to forgive Babe but maybe he just pretended to forgive her. Reggie wonders if JR wanted to ditch Babe, why would he drug her. Jamie says it would have something to do with Bess. Chandlers don't share their kids, they own them, he says.

Derek is at the police station when told someone is waiting for him in his office. It's Danielle, who has some questions for her father. She takes on the role of attorney and questions her father like he's a witness in a court case. She asks him about his refusal to let her see Reggie. He says his gut instinct tells him Reggie is not a good guy. She questions him about the gut instinct he had when he married her mother. He acknowledges his gut instinct told him she was the one he would be with for the rest of his life, yet they got divorced. She tells him that instincts can be wrong. He says most of the time, they're right. She asks if he wants to lose his daughter or push her away so she won't come back. Derek says he doesn't want that. He's just trying to protect her. Danielle assures him that Reggie won't hurt her. Derek agrees to give Reggie one more chance and she thanks him with a hug.

Jamie and Reggie see Seth and Reggie approaches him while Jamie hides. Reggie pretends he wants to buy drugs for JR. Seth is skeptical, considering Reggie has come after him before. Their encounter is interrupted by Danielle and Seth takes off running. Jamie chases after him. Reggie lashes out at Danielle, who tells him she just defended him to her father and now she finds him buying drugs. Reggie tells Danielle to keep her mouth shut about this. Jamie chases Seth into a building and threatens him if he doesn't answer his questions. He wants to know his connection to JR. Reggie and Danielle enter the building and in the confusion, Seth runs out again. Jamie runs after him and catches him, however. Seth throws some packets of drugs on the floor and Reggie and Danielle stoop to pick them up. Just then Derek and another officer barge in with guns drawn.

JR gets a phone call while on his picnic with Babe and Bess. He hangs up and tells Babe it was Liza. Something's come up at work and he has to leave. On the way out of the park, JR talks to a small boy. Later, the boy approaches Babe and asks her to tie his shoes for him. Babe turns away from Bess and happily complies. When she turns back, Bess is gone. She panics and starts screaming "my baby!" JR is around the corner with Bess and listens to his wife's screams.

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