AMC Update Friday 7/9/04

All My Children Update Friday 7/9/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Anita and Bobby are talking, and she is telling him that she wants a divorce because he lied to her about Erica Kane. He continues to tell her that nothing happened, but Anita says that it’s because he lied. Bobby gives up and says he agrees to sign the divorce papers. He says he gives up, he’s tried everything, and he even admits that maybe he should have told the truth about Erica, but he knows that Anita would have misconstrued it then, even if he had told her at the time. He feels like he can’t win, so he just wants to throw it all in and sign the divorce papers. Anita talks to him about respect and love, and she feels he doesn’t have those for her. She admits she still loves him though. Bobby accuses her of living in a world that is so black and white. He tries explaining why he didn’t tell her about Erica, maybe because he saw himself in Erica and her problems. He accuses Anita of being too perfect, of not understanding those that aren’t, those that have problems. He thinks that the divorce is something she wants, but she explains it’s the last things she wants, but feels that there is no other choice. He feels like he will never be good enough for her, and that he probably wouldn’t get it right even if he had another chance, and he doesn’t want to put her through that again, so he feels they should just get a divorce.

Ryan and Jonathan return to Ryan’s apartment and share a beer. Ryan tells his brother he can stay with him as long as he wants. They then start discussing Kendall; Jonathan wants to know about their history. Ryan explains that they were engaged many times but that she deceived him too many times, and that she never understood the meaning of trust and faith. Jonathan wants to know if him sleeping with Kendall is a problem for Ryan. Ryan assures him that he’s done with Kendall. Ryan explains that finding them together probably saved him, he finally sees her for who she is. Jonathan is still not convinced that Ryan is not upset with him, and even offers that Ryan punches him. Ryan laughs it off, admitting finding them together was really tough, but it’s what Ryan needed. Jonathan then asks him about his current marriage to Greenlee, wanting to know if they’re in love. Ryan explains that Greenlee is his best friend, that yes, he does love her, that she gives him something strong and stable and that they’re both very committed to each other.

Jonathan tells him about his life, about having graduated with honors, about getting good job offers, but his priority being coming to Pine Valley and finding Ryan. Ryan asks his brother to come work for him. They talk about their sister Erin for a while.

Greenlee comes to visit Kendall to make her sign the papers so that Ryan and Greenlee can get the Fusion stock back. Greenlee wants Kendall to sign right then, but Kendall purposely delays the process, saying she’s now not sure that she wants to sign. Greenlee tells her its ok, she can take her time, and she’ll send a messenger to pick them up in the morning.

Kendall tells Greenlee that she’s the one living in a fantasy if she thinks that Ryan is gonna fall in love with her. Greenlee doesn’t want to hear it; she just explains that she’s being honest with Ryan, and that she thinks things may happen naturally. Kendall keeps bringing up the “no sexual contact” clause of Greenlee’s pre-nup.

Greenlee reveals to Kendall that Kendall was really close to getting Ryan back before she messed it up by sleeping with his brother. She explains how moved Ryan was after Kendall offered to give the stock back, and admitted to Greenlee that he loves Kendall. But then, he went after Kendall and found her with his brother. Greenlee explains she doesn’t have to do anything; Ryan just comes back to her all thanks to Kendall. Greenlee warms Kendall that this time, she really messed up and there’s no going back. He agrees. They talk about their sister for a while.

Zach and Maria are talking; she explains that she’s confused about seeing him again. He says he’s happy to see her, but that he has no intention of messing with her marriage. She also admits that the past should remain in the past. They both agree they should move on. Yet, they continue to discuss their past together; they both admit they think about it. Maria wonders why Zach is back, she also wants to know more about him, admitting that she didn’t know that much about him when they were together. They have a flashback of their time together, where Zach is telling her he lives in the here and now, and doesn’t want to know too much about her, or her know too much about him.

Maria wants to know about him now, because he now knows a lot about her, about her marriage and her career.

Greenlee comes home and is about to go to her room, when she bumps into Jonathan and realizes he staying in her room and she’s staying in Ryan’s room. They pretend to act in love in front of Jonathan.

Ryan and Greenlee get into bed, and Ryan is concerned he won’t be able to keep his hands to himself. He is even more tempted when he sees Greenlee’s sexy nightwear. They both toss and turn and can’t get to sleep.

Anita walks over to her sister and cries in her arms. Meanwhile Zach and Bobby are talking, and Bobby wants them to just leave. But Zach refuses. Zach tells Bobby he’s refusing for Bobby’s own good, claiming that he should just give Anita a chance to see how much she misses Bobby, and to stick around for that.

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