AMC Update Thursday 7/8/04

All My Children Update Thursday 7/8/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

David reveals to Adam, JR, Tad and Krystal that he knows, by running a conclusive DNA test, that he is Babe’s father. Adam and JR are not happy to find that out. Tad informs them that although he does not personally like David, maybe they should be civilized to him because he is Babe’s father. JR reveals, however, that he may not really love his wife enough to respect his newly discovered father-in-law. Adam and JR secretly discuss how discovering David is Babe’s father is one more reason to do everything they can to hurt her. JR says he cannot decide whether it’s Babe’s lies and behaviors, or the fact that David’s genes have been passed on to his child that makes him more disgusted by his marriage to Babe. Adam tells his son that Bess is a true Chandler, and he must not see her any other way.

Alone with Babe and Krystal, David tells his newly discovered daughter that he is concerned about what she may have willfully done to get taken to the emergency room because of a drug overdose. But Babe assures David, in a convincing way, that she does not do drugs. Although he cannot dispute that they were in her system, she did not put them there. Krystal tells David that he may have a problem with drugs, but their daughter is the best moma to her child that anybody could expect her to be. David goes to talk to JR and Adam and seems to sense that they are not as convinced as he is of what a good mother Babe is. Although he does not directly accuse JR of drugging Babe, he gives both JR and his father reason to suspect that he is on to them. David also confronts Tad and tells him that if he is worried about his daughter, he must not be suspicious of him, but maybe he should confront his stepson and his other father.

Bianca tells Babe that it is great that David is her father. She encourages Babe to see what a great guy David is, how he’s suffered the loss of Leora and Miranda, but now he has a miracle to discover that Babe is his daughter. Babe tells Bianca, however, that she knows Bianca has known David much longer and may be more of a daughter to David than she is. Bianca remarks that she has a father who passed away when she was young but who was a great man, and she is very happy for Babe to discover that David is her father.

At the Independence Day party, Maria and Edmund introduce Zach Slater to Anita, Derek and Livia. Then, suddenly Bobbie Warner appears out of nowhere and is determined to make his marriage with Anita work. But Anita tells him it’s over and she’s filed for divorce. Opal and Palmer find them and encourage them to get back together. But Anita is determined to end her marriage with Bobbie. And Maria and Edmund support her decision. Maria, however, keeps being haunted by flashbacks of her romantic involvement with Slater.

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