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All My Children Update Wednesday 7/7/04

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Danielle accompanies her father and aunt to the picnic with an attitude. They tell her they want her to enjoy herself. But she says she is imprisoned on Independence Day. When Livia offers alcohol to some of the guests, Danielle tells them that they could be arrested offering alcohol when they are not in their own backyard. Maria, Edmund, Anita and Tom Cudahy are there. But Danielle keeps being a pain. She says she wants to get away from them. Livia says that maybe Derek should let her take a walk and get out of their hair. But Derek is afraid that once she’s gone she will go and try to find “that punk”, meaning Reggie, so he demands she stays within sight.

Strangely, at the hospital, JR is completely distracted when he sees the baby boy whom Kelly Buchanan has brought, and mentions to Kelly that he always thought he was going to have a baby boy instead of a girl. Hearing this, both Babe and Krystal freak, remembering that Babe did, in fact have a baby boy. Yet nobody has a clue that this baby is actually Babe’s and JR’s. Babe wanders into a room where David is talking to Bianca. She hears David tell Bianca that it is true; Bess needs her mother.

At the picnic, Edmund is on the phone trying, unsuccessfully to find a lead about what looks like death threats to somebody. Derek appears and Edmund informs him about the call. Maria goes to join the food preparation. She tells the others that Edmund is obsessing about work again. Livia says that it’s great that Edmund is working again. But it’s obvious that he’s very upset about not being able to walk.

Danielle tells her aunt that she wishes her father would stop preventing her from seeing Reggie, and that he would stop seeing Reggie as a punk and realize that he’s a great guy. Livia protests that it may not be about Reggie, or Derek’s attitude about him. It may just mean that Derek is being a protective father.

JR approaches Kelly, still consciously having no clue that the baby she is holding is his. He tells her that it’s odd that her baby is probably the same age as his little girl. Watching that, although still consciously aware of who that baby is, Babe and Krystal are still both freaked.

When Babe enters the room to meet with David and Bianca, Bianca can sense that something is not o.k. with Babe. She asks if Babe is really ready to be up and about. David asks if she is really ok. She sits and says she’s fine and asks Bianca to get her a glass of juice or something. When Babe is alone with David, she tells him that she is not asking him not to tell Bianca that Bess is really hers but she asks him if he can just give her a little more time. She sounds very emotional, thanks him for saving her life twice, tells him he seems like a really cool guy and that she hopes she can get along with him. At that moment, Krystal enters. Bianca comes back with Babe’s juice and Babe gives her a hug. Bianca offers to walk Babe out, knowing that she is not o.k. about something. When Krystal is alone with David, she asks him if he’s made up his mind to do something that will make Babe suffer. Tad overhears and asks what David is up to and why he is upsetting Krystal. David says it’s none of Tad’s business. But Tad says David must go through him first. When Tad is alone with Krystal, he tells her he wants to know what David is doing that could hurt Babe. When she refuses to tell him, he tells her that he will have to beat it out of David himself. She says that he is just treating Babe like an inconvenience and has no sensitivity toward her as her father should have for his daughter. Tad tells her that nobody can expect anything from David Hayward. He doesn’t know what love means. He tells her that David only knows how to take and use and throw people away. It does not matter if somebody is his own flesh and blood. And he says she must steer clear of David and not let him upset her or Babe. Little does Tad know, however, what David knows and can use against Krystal and Babe.

David is alone and hears Bianca telling him that she hates seeing him living like a hermit and needs to acknowledge that he has a child and get back out and enjoy life again. Babe comes to visit him and they have a cordial interaction, as he takes into consideration what Bianca told him.

Tad goes to David’s and tells him he needs to leave Krystal and Babe alone. David, knowing the secret Tad knows nothing about, informs Tad that he knew Krystal long before Tad did, and he is Babe’s father and Tad must just be jealous that David slept with Tad’s woman before Tad met her. Tad tells David that a drunken one-night-stand does not give him any right to be in either of their lives. He tells David that he was nothing but a sperm donor and is nothing to Babe or to Krystal. He tells David that if he does anything to hurt either one of them, he will do everything in his power to bring him down, for the sake of Babe, Krystal, Dixie, Gillian or anybody else who’s life David ahs ruined.

Adam warns his son that that “gold-digger” and her mother will do anything they can do to take the baby from him. JR protests that he can prove that Babe is a bigamist, a drug addict and an unfit mother. Adam says that may not hold up in court since there are people who believe he drugged Babe. But JR says he knows that their family has enough money and power to bring them both down. Adam encourages his son to not give up hope.

Alone with the baby, Babe tells her that she loves her but realizes she is not even hers and that Bianca is her true mommy. Krystal overhears her daughter talking to the baby, telling her that she knows Bianca will love her more than anything. When Krystal enters, Babe asks her mother how she can live with having to lose two babies. Krystal holds her daughter while she cries on her shoulder.

Danielle finally goes and finds Reggie and gloats about getting away from her father and aunt and seeing him behind their backs. He asks her if she ever gets over herself. But she is concerned that her dad could find them. He tells her that he is not afraid of Derek. She tells him that she knows neither of her parents want her and if she pushes them any farther, like seeing him behind their backs, she could get sent away. He tells her he can cut his hair and do an “extreme makeover” if necessary to win them over.

Derek asks Maria how things are going with her and Edmund. She assures him that everything is o.k. and that Edmund will come around eventually. He tells her if she needs to talk, she can contact him. Maria sits alone, listening to the fireworks, having a flashback of herself and Slater together one New Years Eve. She remembers not wanting their “romance” to end. He tells her it’s New Years Even, it’s a new millennium and it’s a new life for them both.

Derek and Livia are trying unsuccessfully to find Danielle. He tells her that he is very worried about her interest in Reggie and if that kid goes near his daughter again, he will be sorry. But Livia tells him he should not judge Reggie. Reggie is not a bad person. He got in trouble in the past but maybe Derek should have an open mind about him.

JR and Adam call Babe and Krystal down to talk to them. Babe has no clue that her husband wants to hurt her. Suddenly, David and Tad both enter. Adam demands that they get out. He says that this is family business. But Tad says as JR’s stepfather, this does concern him. David says he’s glad everybody is there. He has some news that affects everybody there. At that moment, Bianca enters and asks them if they know that their door is wide open. Adam demands to know where all these people have come from. The secrets have yet to be revealed.


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