AMC Update Tuesday 7/6/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 7/6/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Krystal and Tad are carrying popcorn tubs ready to go on a picnic. She expresses that she doesn’t want to leave her daughter. He assures her that Babe will be just fine. She asks him if he’s sure he’s not one of those “romance heroes”. He tells her he’s certain that he’s not. He hates tight pants and fluffy shirts. He tells her that he can sense that something is holding her back. She tells him he’s way too sensitive and there is absolutely nothing keeping them apart.

JR gets off his cell phone, talking to Seth, right when Jamie enters. Jamie inquires whom JR has been talking to. JR evades the question. Jamie tells JR that he knows he’s been talking to Seth, addressing the “speculation” JR had that Seth drugged Babe in order to get back at JR. Jamie tells his brother he’d like nothing more than to help get that dirt bag in trouble for what he supposedly did to Babe. But JR tells Jamie he cannot contact Seth. Jamie asks JR why he won’t let him talk to Seth. JR says that Seth is trouble and he does not want Jamie to take him on. Jamie says he can take care of himself and is not afraid of Seth. JR tells his brother that if Jamie messes with him, he could end up in the emergency room just like Babe. JR says he does not want Jamie getting involved. Jamie says he already is, he’s Bess’s godfather and part of the job means to protect the parents of his goddaughter from anybody who wants to hurt them. But JR refuses to let Jamie get involved. Jamie still wonders what kind of secret JR is hiding.

Bianca and Reggie are outside observing a big sign for the Miranda Montgomery foundation. She reveals to him that there is something wrong. He tells her he wishes he’d confide in him. She tells him she doesn’t know how to. He tells her why not let it out, scream, throw something, just let it out. She tells him she does not know where to start. He tells her she can start anywhere. She confides in him that last night she had a dream that Miranda was still alive. She says she was walking along the river searching for her. And right when she gave up hope, she heard Miranda start to cry. She saw Miranda safe and sound, Miranda knew Bianca was her mother and she reached out to her. And she held her baby and she felt all the closeness and bonding. And when she woke up, she could still feel Miranda in her arms. And she said that feeling stayed with her all day, as if there was hope that it could really happen. Her voice cracks like she’s going to cry. She says she’s so frustrated by being “haunted” by these fantasies about something happening, and being unable to get on with her life and the reality that Miranda is gone. Reggie tells her that there is nothing wrong with missing Miranda. But Bianca tells him that she can’t go on like this.

David Hayward tells Babe that whether Bess knows herself as a Chandler or a Cambias, either way you look at it, it will be messed up. But Babe protests to David that no matter what anybody can say about the Chandlers, they cannot be compared to Michael Cambias. He raped Bianca and the biggest concern she knows that Bianca had about having Miranda is having her knowing that her father was a rapist.

JR contacts Seth and tells him that he is a Chandler and Seth better not mess with him. He offers Seth money to leave town and tells him if he does not leave town, he will go directly to the cops. But it looks like Seth is not ready to “cooperate” with JR. They get into a struggle until Jamie pulls them apart. JR yells at Seth, playing a “role” for Jamie, and tells Seth that if he is responsible for what happened to Babe, he will kill him. When Seth leaves, Jamie tells his brother that pounding that guy is not going to help Babe. JR acts, to Jamie, as though he knows he’s acting crazy, but because he loves Babe so much, it makes him want to do crazy things and he cannot help it. He says he will go back to the hospital, gets up and departs. Jamie sounds like he knows JR is up to something.

Krystal inquires to Tad if he really believes he knows her that well. She informs him that many men have tried and failed. He tells her that he sees her as an iron fist and a leather glove. He says he notices that she wants to be tough and never cry in the presence of anybody. He notices she’s not afraid to confront Adam Chandler. He tells her she’s an incredible woman, beautiful, tough, and smart. He tells her she could have any man she wants and he’s very glad she’s decided to stick around. But, knowing differently, she tells him she’s got this soul that’s a little too much a “gypsy” to stay around. So he must not be surprised if it decides to wander and leave town. He asks her if she has plans, and if she’s leaving. She says no, not today. But she also tells him that she’s never wanted that white picket fence and has never had the need to “settle down”. He sounds very disappointed that she plans to leave. He also tells her that it’s ridiculous for her to leave. Babe is here, Bess is here. Why wouldn’t she want to be there for them? Is it David? She tells him no way, she could take him down with on arm tied behind her back. She characterizes a baseball field right next to a mental institution, with sudden surprises. And she tells him that’s very much what her life is like. She tells him everything is always coming at her from left field. He tells her that anything that comes at her from left field or any other direction is going to have to get by him first. She puts her head on his shoulder, expressing that she would like to stay and be with him.

Derek and Livia call to Danielle. She tells them that she is in prison and shows them that she is wearing what looks like jail clothes and handcuffs. She tells them that by preventing her from seeing Reggie, they are imprisoning her. She tells them that Reggie treats her with respect; they treat her like a prisoner. Derek tells her he wants her to behave and asks her to give her the keys to take the handcuffs off of her. She says she will not because she knows she is guilty, guilty of kissing a boy, in the first degree.

Reggie inquires to Bianca that wouldn’t it make her really sad to keep thinking of Miranda? She admits she knows that’s true, but she also wants to think of where Miranda would be now or what she’d being doing. She tells him that when a baby is the age Miranda would be right now, she could be waving her arms and asking her mommy to pick her up, reaching out her perfect little hands for someone to hold her

At the same time, at the hospital, Babe tells David that it was really amazing that the last time she saw her baby, she held out her hands for her mommy to pick her up. She tells David that she wondered one thing, however; was she reaching out her hands for her, or for her real mommy? She also tells him that she has dreams about the baby boy that she really did lose. She says she sees his sweet face and knows nothing will ever take the place of the baby she lost. But when she holds Bess, it makes her feel better. She also acknowledges that she knows Bianca must feel the same way but has no baby to make her feel better. David asks Babe what she really wants. She admits that she cares about Bianca, but she will not let her mother take the heat for what has happened. David tells her she still has not answered his question, what does she want? She says what she wants is to have her baby boy and for Bianca to have her baby. But she knows she will never see her baby boy again.

At that moment, right outside Babe’s hospital room, Kelly Buchanan takes the baby in question to the waiting room, having no clue that he’s Babe’s long lost baby. Right there, she has a flashback of her brother Paul Kramer, informing her that he cannot or will not reveal to her the baby’s true parentage. Right at that moment, she enters Babe’s room and meets with David so he can help her with her baby. Little does she know she’s just met the baby’s real mother and grandfather. Little do they have a clue about her or her baby. David directs Kelly to an empty cubicle just down the hallway. He, then, tells Babe that she may be released after she fills out some forms. Krystal appears and tells him that she knows she has no control over what he does in the way of whether to let Babe keep her baby, but she’s going to leave town because she cannot bear the thought of standing by and watching her daughter being tarred and feathered.

Bianca tells Reggie that she’s really glad she had a chance to talk to him. She acknowledges that she knows he has Danielle on the brain, and characterizes her as the princess for whom he must get past the troll, meaning her father, and chief of police. She departs and tells him she’s going to go and visit Babe.

Livia confides in Danielle that she herself has some “baggage” from her past; she abandoned her child, due to her accidental pregnancy many years ago when she was too young to be a mother. Danielle asks if they had birth control that long ago. Livia replies yes. Danielle tells her father and aunt that she uses protection. But Derek tells her that maybe, in order not to end up like Livia did, she should simply abstain. He tells her that he wishes she would just accompany them to the park for a picnic. She says she refuses, because if there is no justice, there is no peace. They depart but notice she pulls out a cell phone that rings in her pocket. Derek notices and tells her that if that is Reggie, she will really be under maximum security. It’s Reggie. She pretends, to her father, that it’s Michelle and lets him observe caller ID which reveals it’s not Reggie, although he is actually calling. She reminds him that she is allowed one phone call, persuading him to leave so he cannot hear her conversation with Reggie. She informs Reggie that she programmed his number under Michelle, so she cannot get in trouble if her father believes she’s talking to her girlfriend.

At the hospital, Bianca finds David, notices his unhappy expression and assumes that Babe must not be o.k. Right at that moment, Babe is healthy and ready to leave the hospital. But for some odd reason, right at that moment, JR enters and notices Kelly and the baby whom he has no clue is really his. He remarks to Kelly how cute her baby is and asks his wife and mother in law to notice this baby, although none of them have a clue who he really is


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