AMC Update Monday 7/5/04

All My Children Update Monday 7/5/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

JR is with Tad at the hospital fretting about Babe's spell with drugs. He tells Tad that Babe may have a drug problem. JR tells Tad that Babe got high and collapsed. What if she had done that at home. What is he going to do? Tad tells him he has to talk to his wife. JR says if some lowlife gave Babe drugs he's going to hunt him down. Jamie approaches and asks JR to look to Seth as someone who might have given Babe drugs. JR tells Jamie he could be right. He says he confronted Seth about dealing drugs and threatened him with the cops. Maybe Seth drugged Babe to get back at him.

Babe is now awake and asking her mother why she's in the hospital. David comes into the room and tells her she's been doing drugs. He wants to know again why Babe deserves to keep Bianca's baby. Babe says she didn't take anything. David tells her blood tests don't lie. Krystal chastizes David for his bedside manner and sits by her daughter. She wants to figure out what happened. She asks if she could have taken someone else's drink by mistake last night at the bar. Babe denies that possibility and asks who would want to drug her.

Krystal finds Tad and tells him whatever happens, he's one hell of a guy. He asks her what she means by whatever happens. She doesn't answer, but repeats that he's a hell of a guy. They kiss.

David tells Babe that she's lucky this time. There's no permanent damage. Babe tells him he has saved her life twice now. How can she repay him? He asks her to tell him what happened. She says she already did. She didn't take anything, at least not on purpose. She tells him that if he feels he must, he can tell the truth about the baby. She says every time she sees Bianca her heart hurts. This would be the best gift ever for Bianca. David asks her why she doesn't tell her. She says half of her wanted to and half of her didn't. She asks if he decides to tell Bianca, do so in a way that doesn't hurt her mother. If everyone knew how long her mother knew the truth, the whole town would never forgive her. She suggests he tell everyone he figured it out by himself. He says if he did that her mother still wouldn't be off the hook. Babe realizes that Tad is smart and would realize someone fixed the DNA results. She says she thinks about Miranda's father and how she would be haunted by having Michael Cambias as her father.

Erica's friends and family watch her as she appears to remember something. Erica is lost in her own thoughts. She's remembering her father and says he's everywhere she goes. He's watching her. Mark tells her he's there because she's not finished with him. He tells her to trust her family. Jack says they all love her. Erica looks into space in her penthouse and hears a man singing "Happy Birthday" in her head. "Please don't," she says as she cries and covers her eyes.

Erica tells them that all these years she told herself that her father forgot her birthday party. Now she remembers she set it all up. He set her up. He didn't forget to come to the party and invite other guests. There were no other guests. Her father stayed away on purpose so Richard Fields could rape her. Mark asks her if she's sure. She says it's staring her right in the face and she'll never escape it Her father sold her to the man who raped her. Her family stares at her in silence as she continues. She remembers the day after the party hearing Richard Fields talking to someone in the next room. She opened the door a crack and heard him talking to her father. They were sharing a private joke. She remembers thinking that if her father knew what Fields had done to her he would put a bullet through his head. Then she remembers hearing Fields say "Thanks Eric. A deal's a deal. Now I'll make your movie." Jack tells her what her father did was unforgiveable but was not her fault. Erica says her father handed her over to a child molester to save his career. That's how much her father loved her. Mark says if he would have seen his dying father he would have pulled the plug himself. A tearful Bianca tells her mother she's sorry. Erica tells her that she made her pain worse by adding her's to it. She hugs her daughter.

Erica apologizes to the group for giving them more than they wanted to know and more than she wanted to know. Opal tells her this needed to come out and Myrtle says she can now deal with it. Erica says she doesn't want to deal with this on some couch. She grabs a glass of wine. Jack approaches but she tells him not to stop her. She needs this drink. He says he won't stop her, but he will offer her something better -- their love. They all need her, he says, asking her won't she need them. He says there's no love in that glass. Erica says she hates the way she feels. She's not strong enough. Bianca assures her she is strong enough, saying she got all the strength she has from her. Erica says she doesn't want to talk about it and would rather pretend it never happened. Bianca says that's how she felt when she lost Miranda. She needed help. She says she'll help her. Jack says they can't stand by and watch her destroy herself. Mark says it's her family or that glass of wine. She cradles the glass near her mouth as tears flow. She presses the glass to her lips then dumps the wine in a plant. Jack hugs her. She asks him to sit with her and thanks her family and friends for having more faith in her than she had in herself. Mark tells her that if she wants to go to treatment, he'll take her. Myrtle assures her that they'll be there for her every step of the way. Opal says she's proud of her. Erica walks to her daughters and tells Kendall she's sorry for slapping her. Kendall says she didn't feel it and asks who she sees now when she looks at her. "I see only you, honey, the daughter that I love." Erica says she loves them both and hugs them. She goes into the bedroom with Jack.

Kendall says that this makes so much sense. No wonder Erica hated her and pushed her away. It was more than Richard Fields -- it was about what her father did to her. Bianca tells Kendall that their mother will need their help now more than ever.

Jack and Erica are lying on the bed. She tells him she wanted that drink more than air but got a better offer, their love. Jack tells her the love was always there. "I'll go," she tells him, saying that she will get help.

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