AMC Update Friday 7/2/04

All My Children Update Friday 7/2/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Erica, decked out in her red dress and pumps, is passed out on the couch at her penthouse. Nearby is a tipped over wine glass and a big red wine stain on the rug. She wakes up and rubs her head and temples as if she has a hangover. She grabs a bottle of wine on the coffee table but puts it back after seeing the stain on the floor. "Oh, wonderful," she mutters to herself. She goes into her bedroom and there is a knock on the door. She returns to the living room with a light blue shirt which she dons over her dress. The knocking continues but she tries to ignore it. She gets on her knees with a rag and unsuccessfully scrubs the stain until she can no longer ignore the knock. She puts the wine bottle and glass under the coffee table and walks reluctantly to the door. She smells her breath then slowly opens the door. She finds Jack, who wishes her a good morning. Erica asks him what he wants. He says he wants to talk. She asks him what's changed since last night when he couldn't kick her out of his place fast enough. She asks about Lilly and he says she's fine. He says he wants to talk about everything that's happened. He tells her he loves her and wants her back in his life. She suggests they discuss it over drinks. He sees the stain on the rug and she tells him it's cranberry juice.

Opal and Myrtle enter the penthouse, with Opal suggesting a remedy for getting a red wine stain out of a rug. Next Bianca and Kendall arrive. Erica asks whey they are there. Opal tells her they want to talk to her. Myrtle says they're worried about her. Bianca says they love her and want to help. "Oh, God," Erica says. "This is an intervention. You're all convinced I am a drunk." Erica tells them all to leave her home right now, but they don't budge. She walks to her phone to call security when Bianca approaches her. Erica did this to help Uncle Mark, Bianca notes. Erica responds that he was on cocaine. Bianca tells her she did it for her too. Erica says she's not on cocaine neither is she starving herself. She says she was addicted to pills but overcame that and has no problem with alcohol. This is ridiculous, she says. Opal tells her this could not be more serious. Erica walks out of the room, goes in her bedroom and shuts the door. Kendall says she knew this wouldn't work. Opal decides to try to talk to Erica, but Erica tells her to go away. Opal stands at the door and talks to her through the door. She tells her she loves her but Erica tells her to leave her alone. She slams a vase on the floor. Opal tells her she's always been a fighter but running away and locking out those who love her is not brave. She's being a coward, she says. She urges her again to come out and Erica opens the door and walks back into the living room.

"You want to intervene? Fine," she says. "I'll play and I'll prove you all wrong." She sits down and tells them to "please intervene." Jack sits next to her and says he wants to talk about how her behavior has affected him. He tells her she terrified Lily because she was drunk and out of control. She gave no thought to Lily and only cared about herself. He says if she continues drinking he doesn't want her near Lily, or near him either. Erica tells him that he betrayed her. He knew that Bianca was pregnant but didn't tell her. Now he wants her to love him? Bianca tells her not to blame Uncle Jack. She asked him not to tell. Erica turns to Bianca and says that she shut her out. Everyone knew but her. Kendall says Bianca was trying to protect her. Erica says they were trying to control her. Kendall gets angry. Bianca lost her baby and she took off to Vegas, she says. Jack asks Kendall not to attack her mother. Erica responds that they all blame her for what's gone wrong in their lives and now they want to vent. Kendall tells Erica that she sent Bianca into the storm that night and she lost her baby because of it. "She lost her baby because of you," Kendall says. Erica is speechless. Kendall continues, repeating that Bianca's baby is dead because of her. Bianca, in tears, begs her sister not to do this. A tearful Erica turns to Bianca and asks her if she blames her for losing Miranda.

Bianca says she doesn't blame her. Erica asks Bianca why she disowned her at the hospital. Bianca responds that she lost her baby and the pain almost killed her. She could no longer play the game that they've been playing since she was raped. They talked around it so much and avoided the subject because Erica didn't want to hear the truth, Bianca says. She says she couldn't help her because she never got over her own rape. Erica tells her she didn't need to protect her. Bianca says she had to protect herself. She could barely handle her own pain, let alone take on her mother's. She tells Erica that she never healed from her own rape, so she pushed her away because she didn't want to get trapped in the anger that she never dealt with. "I had no idea I was so toxic," Erica replies. Bianca says therapy has helped her. She urges her mother to come with her to a rape recovery group. Erica says she doesn't need that. Kendall says that's because it's more fun for her to be miserable. Kendall tells her mother that she relived her own rape the night Bianca was raped. Erica let her into her life that night, Kendall says. Kendall says that she felt like she mattered. Now she wished it had never happened because she turned on her. She took it all back because she had to keep hating the child of her rape. She had to keep holding onto the pain. Kendall mocks her: hail to the Queen, martyr of the world. Erica promptly slaps Kendall across the face.

Bianca goes to Kendall and leads her away from their mother. Erica sarcastically thanks Jack for putting together this little party. "Don't you all feel better now?" she asks. She picks up the bottle of wine and Myrtle asks her to remember the time she was addicted to pills. She went to Mona's grave and found help. Erica says her mother can't help her now because she's dead. Myrtle says she'll do anything to help Erica. Erica responds with sarcasm, asking her if she heard what Kendall said, that she embraces her pain. Myrtle breaks down and Opal and Bianca help her take a seat. Myrtle says maybe she should rest. Erica, now showing concern for Myrtle, offers her her room. Myrtle tells her all the help she needs is in this room. Erica ignores the comment and tells her there's an extra blanket in the closet. Opal helps Myrtle to the bedroom.

Erica holds up a glass of wine and asks Jack if this is what he envisioned when he concocted this little event. She toasts to Jack finding a woman worthy of the perfection he demands, then toasts to Kendall but breaks down when she turns to Bianca. She says she's so sorry for everything and wishes she could have helped. Lastly she proposes a toast to herself, calling herself the queen of pain. From the door she hears a voice, "my beautiful sister."

Erica turns and finds her brother Mark at the door. She excitedly greets him with a hug and says it's not every day her brother comes from Hong Kong. She asks why he didn't tell her he was coming. He glares at Jack and Erica realizes that Jack called him. She walks away and Mark greets the others in the room. Opal returns and is surprised to see Mark and hugs him. Kendall tells him she doesn't expect a hug, but he hugs her anyway and says the past is the past. Erica tells him he surely must have better things to do than waste his time here. Mark tells her he knows she feels cornered and trapped. If he hadn't felt that way himself he would be in the ground now. Intervention saved his life, he says. Now it's his turn to come between her and her addiction to alcohol. Erica insists she doesn't have an addiction to alcohol. She would recognize if she did. She's just drinking to enjoy the finer things in life. Mark tells her she's in denial. She has to deal with what's causing her to drink, he says. He brings up their dead father and knows she went to Vegas to see him before he died. That brings him to a revelation. "That's it," he shouts. "There's your hell on a cold slab." He says their father pretended to love them but jerked it away. It doesn't help her to take her love away from those who love her. Erica says she's not like her father. He tells her if she doesn't change she's going to end up alone. Just because their father didn't love them doesn't mean they're not worthy, he says. He tells her he's happy with life now and describes all the changes that have taken place in his life. It's all because he can love, he says. Erica, looking beaten, gasps. "What is it?" Mark asks.

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