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All My Children Update Thursday 7/1/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Reggie and Danielle talk about their plans for the future, while out in the wilderness. He talks to her about camping together. But she expresses that she is not used to primitive sleeping arrangements, porta potties, and no television. At that moment, she becomes startled hearing the presence of animals. He tries to make light of the situation, saying it might just be the squirrel and his woman getting busy. But she mentions coyotes and other fearsome creatures. He tells her she must stop scaring herself. There’s nothing to be afraid of, he says, then kisses her. But she tells him that this “nature scene” he’s trying to show her is not going to be R rated. He won’t use it to have a “booty call”. She tells him she really likes him but she wants to wait. At that moment they are suddenly interrupted by the flashing red lights of a police car. He concludes that since she is born into law enforcement with a cop for a father and a prosecutor for an aunt, she must have been born with a microchip on her head that makes her a magnet to the cops. Derek appears and tells Reggie he better stay away from his daughter. He tells his daughter that she is never to see this punk again. He privately tells Reggie that if he ever goes near his daughter again, he will personally take himself out of the police force and break the law in order to do to Reggie what he’d like to do, and Reggie needs to know who will “win the fight”. Reggie does not seem afraid of Derek.

Ryan tells Greenlee that he might as well have cracked his skull open in the accident because he feels like he has no brains over what happened. Greenlee tells him he must shut up, she puts her arms around him and tells him he must never again hurt himself or she will kill him. He tells her it’s nice that she still cares. Ryan informs Greenlee that he walked in on Kendall naked in her home. She says maybe he’d better not tell her more. He tells her that he also walked in upon his younger brother, in her home, naked, with her. Greenlee tells Ryan that she did not know he had a younger brother. He confesses to her that he knew better than to go back to his abusive family as a kid, so why now, does he not know better than to go back to Kendall? She tells him he must not stress over Kendall, and that all she cares about is that he’s o.k.

Krystal is with Tad. He seems to support her with what she’s going through and holds her in his arms.

While alone in his home, looking at childhood pictures of Babe, hearing Krystal asking him if he really wants to hurt his daughter, and hearing Babe tell him she will not take advantage of him just because he’s her father, David says to himself that he realizes it’s true, Babe is his daughter. At that moment, there is a knock on the door. David discovers Bianca. She tells him she’s there because she thought he might want to talk. He asks her if anything is wrong. She says no. It’s just that whenever she cannot sleep she goes to the crash site, and since she was in the neighborhood, she thought she’d visit him. At that moment, she discovers pictures of Babe. He reveals to her that Babe is his daughter. But he sounds like he does not know how to express his feelings. She tells him he has to stop sounding so “cerebral”. She gives him a hug and tells him this is the best thing that could ever happen to him.

Babe passes out in the alley behind the bar, while Jamie tries unsuccessfully to revive her. JR, who is still watching and spying upon them, looks as though his plan did not quite go the way he wanted.

Krystal tells Tad that one of her many “capers” has come back to haunt her after twenty years and she wonders what kind of a mother she is. He tells her she must not talk like that. She is a great mother. She says she failed with even knowing who her daughter’s real father is, and that Babe has to suffer because of her mother’s mistakes. He tells her that Babe is not suffering, she is a great young woman, and her mother can be credited for that. He says so what if she slept with the wrong man so many years ago? He tells her that everybody makes similar mistakes and if that were a crime, he’d have gotten the death penalty a long time ago. She admits that throughout Babe’s life, even when they had to live on fake food, she always did everything she could to make up for Babe not having a father in her life. She recalls once when Babe was a child, she got out her art box and made her imaginary father a card, gave it to her mother and they put it in a secret box.

Right at that very moment, Bianca discovers and brings to David’s attention, that very card Babe wrote to her father as a child. She says it’s great that they finally found each other after all of these years, two great people who deserve each other as father and daughter. He tells her that all is not well just because he’s discovered Babe is his daughter. But she urges him to see that he lost his daughter and now he finally can have a happy ending. He tells her that nobody could ever take the place of Leora. She says Babe will not try to. She reminds him that he doesn’t exactly have a great social life. He tells her he has friends and family like Maggie and herself, and a medical career. She says that she is not enough for him. He confesses to Bianca that if he ever did have a daughter he’d want her to be just like her. Bianca, still having no clue what he is attempting to reveal to her, says that’s really sweet. But he tells her that he is having difficulty knowing that he’d choose Bianca as his daughter, but now discovers this biological connection he has to Babe, and does not know how to choose between them.

Right at that moment, when Babe is unconscious in the alley and Jamie is trying to help her, JR comes out of hiding and assists Jamie. JR calls 911. They both panic, knowing that Babe is still not breathing and JR urges that the 911 respondents sends somebody down there fast.

Tad tells Krystal that she must not worry, because he can take care of David. She says he should not make that sound so “final”; David is Babe’s father. But Tad tells her that she must not let David upset her or Babe. He tells her that she must never be embarrassed about conceiving, giving birth and raising Babe. And he tells her again that Babe Carey Chandler is an awesome young woman, due in large part to her mother. At that point she asks if he has any plans tonight. He says he does not. She tells him she wants him to make love to her. He kisses her.

At the hospital, Jamie asks JR what is going on to have caused Babe to O.D. on drugs. He says he remembered Babe telling him she does not use drugs, and he believes her. Maria orders them both out of the OR so she can do her work and tells them they must call Babe’s family while she calls Dr. Hayward.

Bianca tells David he does not have to choose between Babe and her; he can have them both in his life. She says she realizes that many people do not “get” Babe at all, but she believes that David will find that she is one of the most funny and authentic people he will ever know. She says Babe has a positive outlook that is contagious. He concludes to Bianca that if she loves Babe that much, then Babe must be worthwhile. But he tells her that he wishes the situation was as simple as she believes it is. Right in the middle of their conversation, David is interrupted by a call on his beeper. Bianca asks what is it.

Right when she’s ready to shack up with Tad, Krystal is interrupted by a horrifying call about what has just happened to her daughter.

Greenlee tells Ryan that although she does not want to resort to death or drastic violent measures toward Kendall in order to get rid of her, she does however believe that since they are in a hospital, she would like to get a hold of a tool which will remove the gray matter in Ryan’s head that attaches him to Kendall. He tells her that he wants to make his relationship with her work and he appreciates all her support. She tells him that when their “6 month clause” is up, he will forget all about Kendall.

Krystal, Tad, David and Bianca all appear at the hospital, horrified to find out what has happened to Babe. Maria tells them she knows there are massive drugs in Babe’s system, but Krystal protests that she knows her daughter does not use drugs. Ryan’s brother appears and seems like he wants to help them by being a witness. He confesses the accurate truth that Babe came onto him, told him she wanted to jump in the sack with him, and behaved very strange although they’d never met. Instantly, hearing this, JR and Jamie are ready to physically attack him for saying that about Babe. But he is confesses that he’s not trying to judge Babe, he doesn’t even know her, he’s just reporting facts and the reason he is at the hospital is to see his brother. At that moment, Ryan appears. He introduces them all to his younger brother Jonathan Lavery. They inform Ryan of what has happened to Babe. Ryan says he can vouch for his brother knowing that he would never hurt Babe. Privately, Jonathan tells Ryan that he’s had a very strange time in Pine Valley, so far; first being seduced by Kendall Hart, then being propositioned by this “strange girl” who has now O.D’d on drugs. Jonathan meets Greenlee, admitting he had no clue that Ryan was married to her. She says she knew nothing about them either. But Ryan interrupts them both and says that they need not worry about him; what has happened to Babe is much more serious. He tells his brother he can still stay with him.

While everybody is outside the O.R., David announces that Babe’s heart is failing. He tries everything to revive her while everybody including her nasty husband panics about the threat of losing Babe. He finally gets her heart working again. He tells Krystal that it is now stable. He also somehow knows who is “responsible” and asks JR to tell him why they all had to “go through that.”

Tad asks JR and Jamie why Babe would be “all over” some guy she doesn’t even know. JR says he does not know. He says cannot understand how Babe would risk her own life, so soon after the baby is born.

Bianca tells an unconscious Babe that she must get better. She has a husband and a baby and she knows that she will come to love her father, David. She tells Babe that they all love her so much.

Krystal privately acknowledges to David that he just saved his daughter’s life. She asks why? Just so he can take away everything from her. She tells him that if he can take Bess away from Babe, then she might just as well be dead.


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