AMC Update Wednesday 6/30/04

All My Children Update Wednesday 6/30/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Boo

Reggie and Danielle go on a picnic. He tells her that he wants to introduce her to nature.

Unknown to Babe, when she is goes to check her purse at the bar, and cannot see what JR is doing, he slips a lethal drug in her drink and gives it to her. Jamie sees them, expressing wanting to visit with his brother and sister in law. JR, trying to sound friendly, tells his brother that since he, Babe, Bianca and Maggie had their little party together the other night without him, he would like equal time with his wife.

Ryan is on the road, wiped out on his motorcycle and runs into a suspicious person who looks like he’s attempting to help him after hitting him with his car. He notices it’s Slater. Ryan angrily tells Slater that he knows Slater has totaled his bike and he will call the cops on him. Maria appears and asks if Ryan is o.k.

After Kendall walks into the bar to discover Erica and Greenlee in their verbal warfare, Erica asks her daughter if she has gotten Ryan back, and if so, she must tell them all the gleeful details right where Greenlee will hear her. Kendall does not pay attention to that and demands to know why her mother is in a bar drinking. She inquires if Erica has been in touch with Jack and admits that although she is so close to not caring and washing her hands of her mother, Erica at least owes Jack and Bianca better than this. Erica tells Kendall she needs to back off and she may either join her or leave her alone, because she will drink if she chooses. When Erica leaves them alone, Greenlee informs Kendall that she has failed “bonding” with her mother. Kendall tells Greenlee to shut up or she will put her foot in Greenlee’s mouth. When Erica reappears, Kendall and Greenlee forget their own argument and tell Erica that she must stop drinking. She tells them that the very reason she stayed away was because of this, that she was enjoying herself until she ran into the two of them, and she doesn’t need anybody’s permission to do anything.

Not long after JR gives Babe the drink with the drug, she feels the full affect, behaving odd. Jamie assumes she’s simply drinking too much and needs to slow down. She expresses that her mouth is dry and she feels strange. She starts pawing JR and acting uninhibited. She talks about rolling around in the sand and going skinny-dipping with him. She tries to undress him and tells him she will not care where they are or if they get arrested. Right at that moment, JR gets a call on his cell phone and tells Babe this is very important, he must leave, but he will get back to her later. Feeling the intoxicating affects of the drug combined with alcohol, she clings to him and tells him he cannot leave her. Jamie reappears and tells his brother he knows that something is not right. He inquires to know why JR first tells him he needs to spend time with him and Babe, and then blows them both off. JR tells him that he has very important business to attend to and that Jamie may take Babe home. Jamie observes Babe acting very strange and she tells him that she is incredibly thirsty. She pulls him onto the dance floor. But she can hardly stand up. She starts pawing Jamie and not acting like herself. He asks what she could have drank besides soda and water. She tells him she honestly has not drank excessive alcohol and that she would never, ever take drugs. But he tells her he will take her home.

Maria takes Ryan to the hospital and tells him he must let the assistant run a scan on him and that he must not try to “sweet talk” her out of this because she follows orders. She also admits Slater to a hospital room although he says he is all right and not in need of medical care. He tells her that it is amazing to watch her work, and expresses that he is not used to observing her as a doctor.

Erica appears at Jack’s drunk and runs into Lily. Lily seems to know her. She attempts to give Lily a hug but Lily backs off from her. She sounds happy and friendly to Lily, asking her how she has been bonding with her father. But Lily is very uncomfortable. At that moment, Jack enters and looks very angry.

While Kendall and Greenlee are in the bar, Ryan’s brother appears asking what is going on. Greenlee tells Kendall she knows something is up and wants to know what that is. Greenlee asks Ryan’s brother what his involvement with Kendall is. She also apparently does not know that he is Ryan’s brother and asks him how he and Ryan would know each other. He tells her that Kendall will be sure to tell her all about it. When he walks to the door, Babe grabs a hold of him, calling him JR. He tells her she must have him confused with somebody else.

After the attendant attempts to take Ryan into the waiting room in a wheelchair, he stands up and tells her he’s o.k. and plans to leave. She tells him he must wait for his test results. He walks into the room where Maria is examining Slater and tells her he will be happy to “show him out and make certain he never comes back.” He reveals to Maria about Slater’s history of manipulating women, like the stunt he pulled with Erica. Maria asks Ryan what he knows about Slater’s involvement with Erica. Ryan tells Maria that he feels he should warn everybody who comes within ten feet of the guy, all about him. She inquires if this means Ryan does not trust Slater. Ryan replies that’s true, he does not.

Danielle tells Reggie she wants to know him better, expressing that she knows he knows all about her, but she knows nothing about him. She also tells him that as soon as she turns 18, she plans to move to LA. He tells her he assumes she plans to be a super model. She says no, she wants to be a stock investor, and she sees Erica Kane as her mentor. He expresses to her that probably right now, nobody wants to be Erica.

Erica talks to a silent and angry Jack, telling him that his daughter is so pretty and she’s so happy to see him and everybody else, and that she’d like to take Lily shopping. She tells him that it’s so good to see his face and asks how it feels to see hers. She hears nothing from him and asks him to talk. He says only one thing to her; “Get out.” She sounds surprised. He repeats again: “get out.” She inquires if he’s just upset about Lily. He tells her that she comes into his home, drunk and upsets his daughter and he wants her out. She inquires whether he can really watch her walk out that door. He holds the door open and says he wants her out now. She mentions something about Lily probably being in her room with her headphones on, and she wonders how he can take that out on her and vilify her; the woman he supposedly loves.

Babe follows Ryan’s brother out the door, believing he’s JR, acting happy and silly, kissing him, trying to undress him, while JR watches them, unseen, from behind a dumpster. Jamie goes out and finds her. Ryan’s brother runs off. He demands to know what has happened to her, what she’s doing with this other guy and that he thought she loved his brother. At that moment, she falls to the floor where he catches her. JR still lays low, witnesses everything, still unseen.

Greenlee rushes to the hospital to see Ryan and sounds genuinely concerned about him. He asks why she’s there. She says she is the patient’s wife and she cares about him. He indicates to her that he is done with Kendall. She puts her arms around him.

Kendall throws a tantrum in her home alone, and has the flashback of Ryan discovering her with his brother.

Jack tells Erica that she left. She left Enchantment, she left her daughters, she left him. She left everything behind to drown in her own private hell, and she cannot walk into his home stinking of booze and telling him he does not care. He tells her that Lily is his child; it is his job to protect her; that is what parents do. She tells him that Lily is safe from her, he is safe from her, everybody is safe from her, she will never come back again. She walks out and shuts the door. He stands on the other side of the door, still angry, but unable to walk away and forget her.

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