AMC Update Tuesday 6/29/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 6/29/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Maria comes face-to-face with Slater. Romantic music plays and they kiss. She informs him that she’s regained her memory and is back with Edmund and her life. She tells him that although she is happy to have what she had with him in the past, she tells him that it will always only be in the past. She says that she would never trade the life she has with her family for anything else. Yet, she makes it clear that she remembers she once had something very hot and heavy with Slater. Right when Slater and Maria are in the middle of their memories, Edmund enters, surprised to see this strange man with his wife and asks who he is.

At the airport, after the revelation that David is Babe’s father, Krystal asks her daughter what she plans to do with Bess. Babe says she will not ask David to keep it a secret that she is not her child. Krystal urges David not to hurt his daughter. Tad suddenly appears and asks what Krystal is talking about and whom David may be hurting. Krystal and David both reveal to Tad about their blissful, drunken encounter many years ago, which they have just suddenly discovered conceived Babe. David mentions something about how Krystal is using that against him to prevent him from disclosing information about Bess’s DNA test. And Tad asks what Bess’s DNA test has to do with this. David does not answer the question. But Tad demands to know that the “secret” is about the DNA test. But nobody answers.

At SOS, Erica is ready to drink when she runs into Greenlee. Greenlee questions her. Erica asks Greenlee where her husband, Ryan is. Greenlee says she will propose a toast to the Kane women and all the men they have ruined. Erica taunts Greenlee about how two generations of women in her family fail with all their men. Greenlee talks about how Erica has ruined her relationship with Greenlee’s father. And she tells Erica about she’s passed on her sick talent for draining out all the life in any man she comes near to her oldest daughter.

After Kendall invites Ryan to her home, he discovers her in bed with his brother. He sounds sarcastically friendly to his brother, telling him it’s good to see him and notices that he might be working out. And he asks Kendall if she really needed to see him or if she just needed for him to see her in the sack with his brother. Ryan’s brother also expresses to Kendall that he’s baffled by her causing Ryan to catch them together. Before Ryan walks out Kendall’s door, he informs his brother that if he needs a place to stay, he can stay at Ryan’s as long as he wants, since Kendall still plans to leave town. When Ryan is gone, his brother asks Kendall whether he was “supposed” to break her and Ryan up or get them back together. Ryan’s brother asks Kendall to explain her story to him. She tells him that she regrets being in love with his arrogant, worthless brother and she admits to him that she’s an “anaconda” who wraps herself around people she loves and sucks all the life out of them. But at that moment, when Ryan is on his motorcycle ready to split town, he has a flashback about one of his dramatic events with Kendall. And at that very moment, she is startled, sitting right where she is in her bed with Ryan’s brother.

In SOS, Erica taunts Greenlee about how she’s lost Ryan and failed with him. While Greenlee tells Erica she’d better stay away from her father, Jackson and she’s failed with him.

At the airport, after finding out the startling information, when Babe is alone, JR finds her. She asks if Bess is o.k. He assures her that she is. Babe informs her husband that Krystal has just gone off on her flight to visit her “imaginary” aunt and uncle. JR takes Babe to the bar, acting like he is the loving husband who wants to be there for her. And he tells her he will give her a night she will never forget.

Krystal follows David back to his home and tells him that before he tells Babe that Bess is really Miranda, he needs to take a good look at what she collected in a little red box. As he looks at her collections of pictures of Babe during her childhood, she narrates the story of their little girl’s life. He tells her he knows she’s trying to manipulate him by pressing the “daddy” button. But she keeps telling him that he must realize he cannot hurt his daughter by taking her baby away from her. She goes on to show him that she’s kept all of Babe’s baby teeth, her ballet certificate that she achieved when she was eleven and many other momentos. She urges him to just take a few minutes and get to know his little girl. He tells her that he owes Bianca the truth. But she asks that he just do one thing for her; give her a “heads up” on what he’s about to do before he does it, in regard to the DNA results. He tells her that’s fair enough. When she leaves, David looks at Babe’s childhood hand-print and reveals that he does have feelings about having a daughter.

Ryan goes to visit Tad. Tad offers him a drink but he declines since he has his motorcycle outside. He asks Tad how it is that people in relationships keep misunderstanding each other. Neither can makes heads or tails of their failed relationships. But Tad tells Ryan of the updated information Ryan asked him to dig up on Mr. Slater. Tad informs Ryan that he finds it very interesting that knowing that in order to own a Casino, a person must undergo a thorough background check, where all the “soil” would be revealed, and it seems as though Slater is too “squeaky clean” to be real. Ryan seems satisfied with what Tad has revealed to him, and tells him he will pay what Tad charges, but he wants to be billed to a secret address where nobody will know that he’s investigating Slater.

After being “discovered” by Edmund, Slater acts as though he’s just some stranger looking for directions. Edmund seems to buy that and graciously gives him a map and writes directions for him. But when he leaves, Edmund notices the “dismayed” look on Maria’s face and asks if she’s o.k., and expresses that she looks like she’s a million miles away.

Alone in his car, Slater has a flashback of the first time he met Maria, where he picked her up hitchhiking by herself in the dark through the desert, and his telling her then that he could tell that she must be running away from something.

Krystal silently prays for God and for the soul of Babe’s lost baby boy to help David make the right decision, that’s right for his daughter. She asks the deceased angel of Babe’s child to help David to realize that Babe is grieving the loss of him. She says she never before thought that Babe would need her daddy, but she does now.

At SOS, JR seems to still be up to no good, ready to drug Babe. Erica again sees the vision of the man in the dark coat and spills her drink. Noticing her, Greenlee asks what her problem is. She acts like nothing is wrong and tells Greenlee she’s just fine. At that moment, Kendall enters.


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