AMC Update Monday 6/28/04

All My Children Update Monday 6/28/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Danielle and Reggie are in the music store with Jamie, who is holding hands with the female store employee. Danielle and Reggie flirt and kid around as they look at CDs. Danielle notices a strange woman staring at her. Reggie tries to talk to Danielle but she approaches the woman and verbally accosts her. She shows a badge and tells the woman that she's busted. She asks what kind of drugs she's selling. The woman tells Danielle she was checking her out for a story. She asks if Danielle is a cop. Reggie says she's not and pulls Danielle away to chastize her for flashing a badge. Danielle says it belongs to her mother. The woman is a magazine reporter who is doing a column on "how to run game" on the opposite sex from a girl's perspective. She wants to interview Danielle and Reggie. She asks them a series of questions about the male/female relationship and listens as the two playfully bicker. She tells them she notices sparks and asks them if they've hooked up yet. Reggie responds by planting a kiss on Danielle.

JR is also in the store and is approached by Seth, the drug dealer. JR asks him how business is and Seth says it's getting better all the time. JR says he's looking to score something that has some punch. It's for a friend of his. JR hands Seth some cash. From behind, Jamie approaches and asks JR if he's scoring some good stuff. JR tells Jamie that Seth was someone they went to school with. Jamie says he was voted the most likely to be stoned. Jamie hints that Seth is into selling drugs and JR plays dumb, saying Seth told him he was a consultant. He pretends to be angry and insists that he's through with drugs. Jamie apologizes for accusing him of buying drugs.

At the airport, Krystal is stunned by David's revelation that he is indeed Babe's father. Krystal pulls Babe away from David and tells her to play innocent. Babe is not to let on that she knew Krystal was lying to David about the paternity issue. Krystal says she doesn't know what David is up to but she'll get to the bottom of this. She returns to David and ask what kind of bomb this is he is dropping. David asks her why she's so surprised. He's just confirming what she told him. Krystal tells him he's just as big a liar as she is and it's not going to work. She accuses him of trying to stall her from getting on the plane so a lynch mob can come after her. Babe approaches the two and says she won't let her mother take the heat for this. She tells David that she has known for awhile that Bess was not her child. Krystal tells her daughter that she doesn't need to do this but Babe continues. She tells David she is as deep into this as her mother and she's the one who kept the secret. David calmly listens as Babe says that everyone will hate her, including Bianca. But she and her mother will get through this together. Babe asks if he's glad that she's not her daughter. He reaffirms that he is her father. He tells Krystal about the night 20 years ago when he found her at a party crying and comforted her. Krystal now remembers that it was him. All this time she thought Ron Fitzgerald was Babe's father now she knows it is David. David shows them the copy of the DNA results and they know the truth.

JR calls home and learns that Babe isn't back from the airport. He reaches her at the airport on her cell phone. Emotional, she tells him her mother's flight was delayed and she's still blubbering about her mother leaving. He tells her he's counting every second until he sees her again and promises her a surprise. After hanging up, Babe tearfully tells Krystal and David that all she wanted was life with JR and their baby. Parenthood has changed JR, she says. David says he doesn't care about JR right now. Babe tells him she's not a bad person. She mourns the loss of her baby every day. Krystal misses her flight and tells Babe that she doesn't want to leave until she knows she is OK. David brings Babe a glass of water. She thanks him and says she won't take advantage of him. She won't expect anything from him and doesn't want anything from him. Krystal takes David aside and asks him if he's going to tell about Bess. Who will he choose? Bianca or his daughter?

JR goes to the park to meet Seth, who hands him a stash and tells him this is the best money can buy for one of his best customers. "Former customers," JR corrects him. Seth says two of these and his friend will be loving life, but she won't know what she's loving.

Edmund is on his phone in a Wildwind work shed talking to his sources to see what he can find out about the mysterious call his phone intercepted. Maria walks in and asks what's going on. He tells her someone is going to get killed. He tells her about the call he heard in which someone talked about Pine Valley and getting away with murder. Maria says getting away with murder is a common phrase so the call could have been nothing important. He tells her if it's a threat to someone in Pine Valley he wants to find out. He places a call to a federal agent, which upsets Maria. She tells him that is the man who almost got him killed when he was shot. She tells Edmund to let this go. Edmund says he won't be a "potted plant on wheels" the rest of his life. He urges her to let him live how he wants. He's been in this chair for six months and he feels dead. Maria tells him to love his family and love her. He says he does love her, but he needs more than that to get out of bed in the morning. She says she stood by afraid as she watched him get shot and get a surgery that almost killed him. She pleads with him not to force her to stand by and watch and be afraid again. He tells her not to try to talk him out of this.

Later alone and upset in the work shed, Maria looks up and notices Zach is standing in front of her.

Kendall pours wine for Jonathan at her apartment and tries to cozy up to him. She is amused by his stories about Ryan and also asks to hear all about Jonathan.

Ryan tells Greenlee he has to give it one more try with Kendall. He wants to fight for her. He asks her to say something. Greenlee says sometimes you have to fight and sometimes you have to pack it in. "You're free. I'm letting you go," she tells him. She says she won't fight for her share of Cambias shares. Ryan says it's not fair for him to get everything and her to get nothing. The reason they got married was for her to have a share of Fusion. Greenlee says Kendall will find out that Ryan wants her and will give in a little. Ryan doesn't believe Greenlee, saying she is an all or nothing type person. He asks her what she really wants. She says she wants him to stop feeling responsible for her. She says if he feels sorry for her she'll smack him. Ryan says he can't help feeling responsible. Greenlee admits she liked the idea of being married to him and she'll miss him. He hugs her and she brushes away a tear and kisses her forehead. Kendall calls him and he asks if she's all packed. She tells him she needs to see him before she leaves. He says he needs to see her too. She asks if it's about unfinished business. He says it's something like that. Greenlee tells him to go to Kendall and asks if they're still friends. "Forever," he replies. Simone enters and starts to talk business until she notices Greenlee is crying. She tries to comfort her and Greenlee tells her that Ryan is going back to Kendall. She tells Simone that Kendall will use Ryan's heart as a punching bag. Why can't he see that?

Ryan knocks on Kendall's door but she doesn't answer. He lets himself in and calls her name. He hears her calling back from the bedroom. He goes into the room and sees her lying in bed covering herself with a sheet. He asks what she wanted to talk to him about. Just then Jonathan exits the bathroom wrapped only in a towel. "How's my big brother?" he asks.

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