AMC Update Friday 6/25/04

All My Children Update Friday 6/25/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

JR, who has just caught Krystal and Babe taking a stack of cash out of the safe at Chandler mansion, says there must be some sort of big sale. Babe tells him she would never go into the safe unless it was for something very important. JR says it must be about the news that David is her father, but he asks why she would need money for that. Krystal tells JR the money is for a family emergency. Aunt Tallulah in Biloxi is dying and she needs to go see her to say goodbye. Babe tells JR that her mother needed cash right away and this made sense. JR says he's never heard them mention Tallulah. Krystal says she has not talked a lot about her family, but she could sure tell stories about Tallulah. Babe tells her that Tallulah needs her now. Krystal says she has no choice but to leave. JR hands her the cash and tells her to give Tallulah whatever she needs. He encourages Babe to go along, but Babe says she can't leave Bess. Krystal says she won't be gone forever, but asks JR to promise he'll keep loving Babe. He says he will. Krystal and Babe go upstairs to pack, and JR says to himself, "I'll love your daughter to little, tiny pieces."

David gets on the phone to his lab guy and tells him the DNA results he just received are incomplete. He orders him to get them right. He hangs up when he hears a noise outside. He goes outside and helps Maria in. She is limping and just fell off her horse when the saddle broke. She asks David if she can call Anita to bring her a new saddle so she can leave as she doesn't want to be here. David says he'll check to see if he can fix the saddle. Maria notices he is staring at her and tells him to stop staring. He says he couldn't help it. She looks like she did when he first met her in the desert. She scolds him for bring up what she calls was the worst time in her life.

Zach has arrived at the Pine Valley airport. He pauses and has a flashback of Maria getting on a plane with a suitcase and waving.

As David works to fix the saddle, he tells Maria he's surprised she still hates him so much. She says she just can't shrug off what he did to her. David says he suspects there is more to Maria's sour disposition than him. He thinks it has something to do with things not going well at Wildwind with Edmund. Maria admits that things are not going well with Edmund or anywhere else. He tells her she's being pretty tough and maybe life has a way of giving back. She leaves and his phone rings. It's the lab with the DNA results.

Edmund is struggling sawing wood in a barn at Wildwind when Anita enters. She holds up a wooden sign that say something about Sam and Maddie's fort. He tells her not to pity him. She sees he's not in the mood to talk, so slyly dials his cell phone number with her phone. He answers the phone "Grey." She replies "Warner" and he realizes it is Anita who dialed his number and seems slightly amused by her gag. She tells him she would never pity him as she is too busy being proud of him. He's a barrel of laughs, he says sarcastically. Anita tells him it will be trial and error for him. There will be some things he can do and some things he can't. He says he could never let another man do something for him. He says all he ever hears now relates to him being in a wheelchair. He tells Anita he needs to make some calls and she leaves.

Zach is approached at the airport by Milligan, who tells him that he didn't get any revelations about the Lavery marriage from Ryan. Zach seems surprised that Milligan asked Ryan directly about his marriage, but Milligan says he thought it would be quickest to go right to the source. Milligan says Ryan is onto him, but it would be a shame if Ryan found out who really wants to expose his secret. Zach tells Milligan he's fired.

Edmund gets on his cell phone to call Maria and is somehow patched into someone else's mysterious conversation. He hears a man talking about exiting at Pine Valley and "getting away with murder."

Krystal and Babe arrive at the airport. Krystal wants Babe to promise that she'll rant and rave about her when the truth comes out about Miranda. Babe says she could never say nasty things about her. She'd rather tell the truth now. Krystal tells her she can never do that because she would be dead in Pine Valley. A tearful Babe says every bad word she says about her mother will be like taking a knife to her heart. Krystal tells her that Bess will go back to Bianca but she'll still have JR. In time the wounds won't be that deep and they can have another baby. Babe asks Krystal for a phone number where she can reach her. Krystal says she'll call when things are safe. Babe says she could still get word to Tad, but Krystal says Tad won't want to talk to her when the truth comes out. It was nice while it lasted, though, she says.

David arrives at the airport and approaches Krystal and Babe. He tells Krystal she was telling the truth. He is Babe's father. Krystal seems stunned.

Liza goes to see JR at Chandler mansion and wants to talk about business. She casually asks where Krystal is and he says she went to Biloxi to see her sick aunt. Liza can tell by his speech that he doesn't believe the story about the aunt. He tells her that Krystal is claiming that David is Babe's father. Liza doesn't believe that and says she just met Babe's father. JR is convinced that Babe is hiding something. Liza decides they can talk about business another time and leaves.

Kendall, who has just bumped into a stranger at the elevator in the Fusion building, assumes the man is there to investigate Ryan and Greenlee's marriage. Kendall assures the man that the marriage is solid. She tells him to tell whoever sent him here to leave Ryan and Greenlee alone. The man says he's not there to dig up dirt on anyone. Kendall apologizes for jumping to conclusions and invites the man, who has identified himself as Jonathan, to come with her.

Ryan tells Greenlee that he's relieved that Kendall is leaving. Greenlee calls him a liar, but he says he doesn't lie to her. Greenlee says she doesn't think he's being honest with himself. Ryan assures her that this a good thing that Kendall's leaving. Greenlee says she can see he thinks otherwise by the look on his face. Ryan admits he has mixed feelings, but it's over with Kendall and she is gone for good. Bianca, who has just walked in the room, asks what Ryan did to her sister now. She says she knows he would do anything to get rid of Kendall, but now he's pushing her out of Fusion too. She turns to Greenlee and accuses her of hurting her sister. Ryan tells Bianca she doesn't know the whole story. Bianca won't listen to him. She tells Ryan he is making the biggest mistake of his life. She tells him that Kendall loves him and is making a big sacrifice for him and he can't see it. She storms out. Ryan turns to Greenlee and tells her that Bianca is right. He can't let Kendall go. He says he knows he's an idiot, but he still wants Kendall. He still loves her. He tells Greenlee his first priority is still protecting her, but he needs to stop kidding himself. Greenlee says she trusts he didn't break his promise to her, and Ryan tells her he did not sleep with Kendall. He says Kendall has vowed she has changed. Greenlee asks where is the evidence for her transformation. Ryan says he doesn't have time for this because she's leaving. He tells Greenlee that she is his best friend, but that's not enough for a marriage. Greenlee says it seemed like a good idea at the time. She tells him she loves him and he says he loves her too, but he can't stop her from having the real thing with another guy. She needs a guy who she can make insanely happy, he says. She says she needs to tell him how she really feels about him and what she really wants.

Kendall takes Jonathan to her apartment and tries to get cozy with him. Bianca knocks on the door and Kendall goes outside to talk to her. Bianca wants to convince Kendall not to leave. Kendall agrees not to make any rash decisions. Bianca tells Kendall she's acting weird. She won't let her inside and seems overly calm. What really is going on? Bianca asks to come inside, but Kendall tells her she needs some time alone as her head is spinning and she needs to gather her thoughts. She asks Bianca to come back tomorrow and promises she won't leave. Kendall goes back into her apartment and Jonathan is pouring them both some wine. Kendall sits down, asking "where were we?"

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