AMC Update Thursday 6/24/04

All My Children Update Thursday 6/24/04

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David is on the phone demanding that the results of the DNA test gets to him right away. He needs to know whether or not Babe is really his daughter. He hears Krystal telling him that Ron Fitzgerald is not Babe’s daddy, and that he is. At that moment, JR enters through his door and tells David that there is no way that he is Babe’s father, so he demands to know what’s going on. David tells JR to go home and take care of his baby. JR demands to know what is going on. He wants to know what is in it for Krystal if he is Babe’s long lost daddy, so why would she want him to believe he is? David replies that Krystal has her reasons. JR says, in that case, David needs to spill it. David makes a comment about Tad and Krystal. JR says that David is a fine one to judge his stepfather when he took JR’s mother away from Tad. David hears a flashback of his brief involvement with Krystal, all those years ago, and his history of using women. JR asks him how many other kids he has and whose lives he’s ruined. JR tells David that he cannot figure out exactly what David’s motive is for wanting anybody to believe that he is Babe’s father. But he says, he guesses possibly it’s because he’s resentful of JR’s family and the fact that JR’s baby lived, and he wants revenge. Hearing that, David faces JR in a threatening manner and tells him that if he wanted revenge, he could find a way to exercise it much more effectively upon him and calls him a punk. JR says David must say what he has to say. He says he’s waiting to know what is going on with David and Krystal, and he demands to know what the secret is. But, David will not tell him and says he got JR worked up for nothing. JR leaves, realizing David will not disclose the secret, and tells him that if he is in fact, Babe’s father, that’s between him and Babe, but David must stay away from JR and his family and from Bess.

Krystal tells her daughter that when David Hayward finds out that she lied about him being Babe’s father, all hell is going to break lose. But she tells Babe that she will take the hit for her daughter, that’s what mothers are for. But Babe tells her mother that she will be there for her and won’t let her “go down” alone. Krystal tells Babe that when David “blows the whistle” on this, she will protect her daughter by saying that Babe had nothing to do with this. She says she will not do anything to ruin her daughter’s marriage. But Babe says she will not let her mother get hauled off to jail without helping her. Krystal reminds her that it will be devastating enough for her and JR to lose Bess, so they cannot lose each other as well. She concludes that she needs to leave town due to the situation and that she cannot bear to see the look on Tad’s face when he finds out that she is a liar. But she says she’s worried how Babe will get by without her. Babe tells her that as long as she has JR, she can get through anything. Babe reflects about all that has gone on between herself, her husband and for her best friend, and about all the nightmares she’s had about it. Krystal assures her that she’s done her best. Babe concludes that maybe this is God’s way of letting Bianca have her little girl back.

At Erica’s, Bianca enters. She tells her mother she’s glad she’s finally home. Erica tells her daughter that had it not been for Ryan, she might not have ever come home. Hearing that, Bianca is a little discontented. Bianca asks Erica if her family and her friends mean so little to her that she could walk away and not come back. Erica tells her daughter they must not get too dramatic. She replies that she made her own decision to come back and no matter now far away she may have been from the people she loves, everybody and everything is just fine. But Bianca says that not everything is just fine because while Erica was gone, everybody has been worried sick about her. She also reminds her mother that she abandoned her when she was in a serious crises, and she kidnapped a baby. She informs Erica that she came looking for her, when she was in the most fragile state of mind and in need of support from her mother. She says she does not know why she took Bess from the nursery, but she knows the first place she wanted to bring her was to Erica’s so she could meet her. But Erica was nowhere to be found. Erica says she is so sorry and is ready to tell her daughter that she would bring Miranda back if she could. But Bianca tells Erica that she need not say that she would bring Miranda back, because she does not believe it.

At the Fusion office, Ryan is there to hear Kendall’s and Greenlee’s dispute for control over the company. Kendall says she cannot sit by and be around this ridiculous farce of a marriage Ryan got himself into with Greenlee. He tells her it’s not a farce. He tells Kendall that nothing happened between them in Vegas. She replies that technically it may not have, but she knows there is something between them. Ryan tells Kendall that nothing has changed between them. A strange man enters and inquires whether that means that Ms. Hart will be flying with Ryan on a regular basis. He also asks if Mrs. Lavery knows about Ryan’s involvement with his former fiancé. Ryan demands why the man is spying on him. The guy says he knows about Ryan’s business marriage and what it means to the SEC. Ryan says he can get a restraining order on the guy for spying and for harassment. Kendall says she is going to resign from Fusion because she cannot be there every day, watching him “play house” with Greenlee because it makes her physically sick. He tells Kendall she must stop and realize what she’s losing. She tells him it hurts too much for her to live with this pain every day. She tells him he must give her one good reason why she must stay there. He tells her he cannot. She replies, that in that case, she must get out of the company. Greenlee enters. Kendall congratulates her. Greenlee inquires for what. Kendall says for taking Ryan and Fusion and everything from her, and for running her out of town, because she is leaving Pine Valley. Greenlee says she does not believe that Kendall means what she is saying.

Bianca tells Erica that she has been seeing a shrink in order to deal with her grief. She says that when she picked up Bess in the nursery after losing Miranda, Bess stopped crying as if she believed that Bianca was her mother, and she believes that she may have been crazy. But Erica assures her daughter that she must not feel that way, it happens to everybody. Bianca asks Erica if, in Vegas, she was so overwhelmed by her father’s death so that she could not come back to her family. Erica says no, it was because they all shut her out. Bianca says Erica shut herself out. Erica tells Bianca that what happened in Vegas had nothing to do with her father. At that point, Bianca sounds very disappointed and says she thought that they were forming some common ground. She concludes that she understands pretty well; although Erica may not be currently drunk, nothing has happened since the last time they spoke. She tells Erica again that at the moment when she needed her mother most, she was not there. But, Erica has the mistaken impression that she has not been needed. Erica tells Bianca that Jack has rejected her. Bianca says she knows better; Jack has called Erica every day for a long time and she has not even had the common courtesy to return his messages. But Erica says she still believes that both Bianca and Jack believe that she’s failed them and she cannot change that.

When Kendall is getting ready to pack up and leave Fusion, she tells Greenlee that she knows her marriage with Ryan is a big lie, and Greenlee’s ulterior motive is to take the money from Ryan and get in his bed. Greenlee protests that she and Ryan are best friends, they trust each other and treat each other with respect, but she admits that she does foresee making Ryan fall in love with her.

When Kendall is alone with Ryan before leaving, she tells him she cannot be in the same vicinity as this bogus marriage, she cannot have her heart ripped out and stamped on. So unless he can give her a reason to stay, she must leave. She gets on the elevator, while Ryan stands speechlessly. Greenlee enters and tells him that she can see that he does not want Kendall to go.

Bianca tells Erica that she believes she’s been lucky, she’s gotten a lot of help in therapy; she’s learned to accept herself and her family. She tells her mother that therapy might be a great place to get help, nobody judges you there. But Erica says she would not get involved in it, she would not want somebody to tell her how she feels; she already knows how she feels.

Alone in his home, David has a flashback of the college party where he was with Krystal and the others in the 80s when Krystal just got in an argument with Ron Fitzgerald. He remembers taunting her when she was crying and later trying to comfort her and get her to dump the man whom she believed got her pregnant. He remembers kissing her. 80s music is playing in his flashback. And he says to himself that it may be true; Babe may be his daughter, instead of Ron’s

Krystal assures Babe that Bianca will treat Babe as well as Babe has treated her. She will not cut Babe out of her little girl’s life, when she knows that the baby is really hers, as long as she does not believe that Babe had any involvement with the DNA switch. Babe says she will pretend that she is as horrified as everybody else when the truth comes out. Krystal concludes that it’s time for her to pack up and get out of town. Babe walks with her. They go to the Chandler home, believing they are alone, both knowing very well, the secret combination to the safe behind the wall picture, where all the money is hidden. While they both fight over “generosity” of each wanting to let the other have more than the other wants to accept, JR enters and tells them he needs an ID in order to let them enter and withdraw the cash.

Kendall secretly meets with a man and informs him of the name of a “suspect” which is Ryan Lavery.


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