AMC Update Wednesday 6/23/04

All My Children Update Wednesday 6/23/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Boo

Erica returns to her home with Ryan. She stares all around at her penthouse. Suddenly, she says, emotionless, “I’m home”. She says she can tell that Kendall left everything in her home the way she left it, but reflects that Bianca may have rearranged things when she brought the baby home. At last she smiles and indicates that she loves her family. She tells Ryan that she needs to take a bath right now. He asks if she is really o.k. with the situation. She tells him she does not plan to escape right now, she made a choice to go back to her family and now they can all count on her. She tells him that being there is like a “test” she’s not prepared for. He tells her she gets high grades just for showing up. She sounds positive about what he’s telling her and tells him she just needs to take a nap, then a bath, then everything will be o.k. He asks if she needs anything. She says he’s free to go home, knowing that with Greenlee and Kendall both in his life, he already has enough drama on his plate as it is. He leaves telling her she must call him if she needs anything. She says she will and urges him to take care. When she’s alone, she stares at the pictures of her two daughters. Then she gets on her phone.

Greenlee tells Kendall she does not buy that Kendall slept with Ryan. Kendall tells Greenlee that she and Ryan did not have time for room service or even air. The sheets didn’t even get any breathing with all the hot sex they had. Greenlee still says she dos not believe that, she knows that if Ryan had slept with Kendall he would have told her. Right at that moment, suddenly Ryan calls Greenlee for the first time. He explains that he got her messages but it’s been really crazy going out to Vegas and seeing Erica. She says it’s o.k., she trusts him. When she gets off the phone, she informs Kendall, whom she knows can sense that she just got a call form Ryan, that Erica is home.

Erica hesitates to make the call when she hears the voices of both Bianca and Kendall telling her how they will never forgive her for what she’s done. Then, she hears Jack telling her that she will never be o.k. with her booze. The voices of all three of them haunt her, until she cries out; STOP!

Reggie is with Danielle, being evasive about what he wants with her. She asks him what he wants. At that moment, he kisses her. They consider playing basketball, but she tells him she needs to get her job back. He tells her that “drama queen” is a job description many others strive for besides her. She tells him she wants to get back to working at Fusion and needs to contact Greenlee and Bianca.

Bianca and Babe are stunned, when David and Krystal enter, as they can see by their expressions that there is something very important going on. David prepares Bianca for the news, telling her he needs her to get ready for what he’s about to tell her because it doesn’t get any bigger. Krystal urges him to have humanity for Babe. Bianca tells him she cannot figure out what he’s about to tell them, and asks him if it’s good or bad. David says that depends on what “side” someone is on. Krystal interrupts David from the “bomb-shell” about the baby, and drops the other “bomb-shell” upon Babe that David is her real father. Babe sounds surprised. So does Bianca. But the secret about Bess really being Miranda still has not been revealed. At that moment, Adam and JR enter. She informs them also, that many years ago, she slept with David, and she got pregnant with Babe. She tells David that she has no “ulterior motive” to make him believe he is Babe’s father. Babe does not need money. She’s married to JR Chandler, what incentive would Krystal have to lie to him about that? But she asks him if he really wants to hurt his own flesh and blood. David says he’s going to put an end to this “farce” right away. Adam says he also agrees that it’s a farce to consider that Krystal could have had an affair with David Hayward. But Babe says she wants to hear the story. Krystal tells the story of how she worked in the student union and met Ron. She says she had a fling with David once when he was drinking. JR asks if they really know that David is Babe’s father and not some other loser. David replies that they do not know that. But Bianca tells David that this is a miracle. He has a daughter and a grandchild. What more of a miracle could he ask for? He says that nobody knows for a fact that he is Babe’s father. Only the DNA test can prove that. David tells Bianca that she is a miracle; she has the infinite capacity for always seeing the good in the bad. Still having no clue what David knows about her baby, she tells him that “this” is not bad, meaning his being Babe’s father. But he tells her that she will soon have her own chance, although he does not yet reveal to her what he’s talking about. Bianca says she has to get going and tells Babe she hopes everything turns out o.k.

Jack notices his daughter, Lily, on the laptop computer writing something. She informs him that she’s writing a book report. She asks when he and Miss Kane will be getting married. He inquires how she would remember or ask him that. She tells him the exact date, time, and every detail involved when he last visited her and told her about his engagement to Erica. He informs her that he has not set a date for their wedding. She says she remembers hearing him tell her that he loves Erica. He confirms that he does love Erica, but Erica has a problem. She replies if the “problem” is like that of hers. He tells her that it is different. Erica has a disease for which she needs help, and for which he prays that she gets help so she can get better. But she inquires what will happen if Erica does not get better. He replies that, in that case, he, Lily, Greenlee, Bianca and Reggie will be a family. At that moment, Ryan enters and informs Jack that Erica is back, but she’s in bad shape. Bianca enters and is surprised to see Ryan back from Vegas. He informs them both that he is worried about Erica, she’s still drinking and the ghost of her father is haunting her. Bianca asks Ryan how he persuaded Erica to come back to Pine Valley in the first place. He says he told her about Bianca kidnapping the baby and wanting to see her mother.

While Erica sits by herself at the park, she hears a voice of somebody noticing her and asking of she remembers her. It’s Anita. She informs Erica that she is Anita Warner, Bobbie’s wife. Erica does not seem to have any animosity toward Anita, knowing she never slept with Anita’s husband. But Anita does not buy that. She informs Erica that she has filed for divorce from Bobbie, so he is all Erica’s. Erica assures Anita that she has not seen Bobbie in a long time, does not know where he is and she never slept with him. And she tells Anita that maybe she needs, instead, to look at herself as being responsible for the failure of her marriage. Maybe Bobbie felt he did not have a wife to go back to who would trust him or give him another chance. Anita tells Erica that she can live with who she is, but she wonders how Erica can do it. She says she remembers Erica from Wildwind. At that time, young, she saw Erica as a star to her. She cannot believe how Erica could be so selfish as to abandon her own daughter, run off to Vegas, and run off with a married man. Erica inquires what she’s talking about. She says she was there, through all that Bianca went through when she lost her baby. She says if anybody needs to take a good look at themselves, it is Erica. Erica tells Anita that her life is too complicated, and what Anita says is just another voice that means nothing to her.

Reggie and Danielle go to Fusion. Danielle informs Greenlee and Kendall that she is there to work. Greenlee says there is no job available to her. But at that moment, Kendall announces that she will over-rule Greenlee and offer the job to Danielle. Greenlee says Kendall cannot do that. But Kendall is adamant that she can hire Danielle whether Greenlee likes it or not. They get into a big verbal warfare, until Reggie tells them they need to break it up. He tells Greenlee that she can at least give Danielle a chance, and if it does not work, she may fire Danielle, but just give her a shot. Greenlee tells Danielle that she is now on a very short leash.

JR and Adam privately express their discontent about the story of David being Babe’s father. Adam says she does not believe it, but they will find out soon. And when that happens, they can get rid of Babe, and Krystal and Hayward.

Outside, Krystal reveals to her daughter that David Hayward is not her father after all. She just told him that because he knows that Bess is not really Babe’s child, and she wanted him to believe that Babe was his daughter so he would not drop the bomb-shell which could hurt who he believes is his daughter. She also informs Babe that she told David that Babe had no clue that Bess was not hers. But she warns her that David is about to do his own DNA test which will prove that he is not her father, and it’s just a matter of time before he spills the beans about Bess really being Bianca’s baby.

Erica returns to her home. The first thing she notices is her booze. She gets a knock on the door, runs and calls to Ryan, assuming she’ll be in the company of somebody who will not judge her for drinking. But to her surprise and dismay, it’s Bianca.

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