AMC Update Tuesday 6/22/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 6/22/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Boo

Reggie and Danielle are at the record store. She tells him she remembers the last time they were there together he set her up and humiliated her.

Reggie runs into Jamie and observes him trying unsuccessfully to hook up with a girl. The record store appears to be the “teenage pickup joint” for all the young people.

Jamie reveals to Reggie that he suspects something a little funny about JR. Jamie reflects that he remembers Reggie’s previous attempt, which he asked Jamie for help, in setting Danielle up. Danielle goes off and flirts with another guy and is able to discover that Reggie is jealous. He tells her that he believes the other guy is trying to set Danielle up.

She says she believes he was asking her out on a date. But Reggie doesn’t trust the guy.

Babe is alone with her baby, unaware of what David has just discovered or what JR is up to. She tells the baby that she loves her more than anything. She says she remembers that she, herself, never knew her daddy. But Bess has a daddy who loves them both.

David tells Krystal that he does not buy, for a minute that he could be Babe’s biological father. He laughs telling her she will go to any lengths to distract him from knowing that she switched the DNA test for the baby. But Krystal tells him it is true. He is Babe’s real father, whether he remembers sleeping with her all those years ago, or not. She protests that the one time they were together, she knew he was drunk and probably had no memory of it. But he tells her it’s very difficult for anybody to believe that, with all the time that Krystal has been in Pine Valley, knowing who he is, if that is in fact the case. She gets frustrated and tells him she regrets even telling him that because he is unfit to be a father. But at that moment, he asks her to wait and not walk off. He tells her that he believes that she is simply trying to “sell” this story in order to cover her behind.

She says she does not care about herself, she only wants to protect her daughter. And she urges him to see that Babe is also his daughter. He informs her that he still has some of Babe’s DNA at the lab, and he can test and prove whether she really is his child. Krystal sounds completely unafraid of his “threat” and tells him she encourages him to do just that. Right at that moment, Babe appears, calls out to Dr. Hayward and gives him a hug, still unaware of what has just been discovered. He asks what he’s done to cause this. She tells David he gave her a good kick in the rear, which she deserved. Krystal urges her daughter not to blame herself for being out with her friends and having no clue that JR took Bess to the doctor the previous night. But she tells them both that her first responsibility is with Bess, and if anything ever happened to her baby, she would never forgive herself.

At Fusion, Greenlee tries to promote a new hair care product and use Simone as her model. She also surprises and pleases Simone by giving her a company car. Simone believes gratitude is in order not only for the generosity of Greenlee, but of Ryan, whom she believes persuaded Greenlee to give her the car. At that moment, Kendall appears and announces that she has just left Ryan in Vegas, and asks if Greenlee and Simone are not going to welcome back their favorite partner. Simone departs to go for a test drive. When Kendall and Greenlee are alone, Greenlee asks if Kendall has been able to find Erica and if she’s o.k. Kendall does not buy that Greenlee cares about Erica. She also gloats, discovering that Ryan has made no attempt to get in touch with Greenlee throughout this time.

Greenlee tells Kendall that the next time Kendall is eavesdropping in a box, she will ship it back to wherever it came from. Kendall informs Greenlee that she talked to Ryan, and they did a lot more than just talk. She rubs Greenlee’s nose in “seeing what happens” when you don’t marry for love, and informs her that when that happens you cannot ever trust your spouse. Greenlee replies that she trusts Ryan tells Kendall that it sounds like her little “ambush” in Vegas did not go as planned. Kendall replies that it did not. It went even better than how it was planned. They both go on, sniping at one another about how the other has failed with Ryan. Kendall attempts to get Greenlee to believe that she slept with Ryan and sees her reaction. Greenlee says nothing at first, but later keeps talking and trying to cut Kendall down to size.

In Vegas, Slater is asking his “spy” to get the goods on Ryan Lavery and Greenlee Duprey.

Having discovered that Maggie says she loves her, Bianca replies that she loves Maggie as her best friend, but has always believed Maggie is heterosexual.

Babe sounds very happy and loving toward her husband, telling him he needs a break away from work, where he spends more time with her and the baby. Adam observes them listening very carefully to their conversation, and keeping quiet as he listens. At that moment, JR snaps at Babe, revealing for the first time, that he is angry and that he will not spend time with her and that is final. She inquires if he is mad at her for the night she went out with her friends while he took Bess to the hospital without her knowing. He softens his tone, realizing he cannot reveal to her what he’s up to, and tells her he is not angry with her but needs to work. As soon as she leaves JR alone with his father, Adam tells his son that he has a very difficult endeavor in front of him, trying to prove that Babe is an unfit mother in order to get full custody of Bess. He tells JR that judges are real “suckers” for women who appear as convincing as she does, to be such a good wife and mother, and any false move he could make will ruin his chances of ever seeing his daughter again.

Adam Chandler is alone with Brooke in the baby’s room. She asks what he is up to. He tells her that she might be able to help him with something. She tells him he’d better tell her what he’s up to. He tells her that he is planning Bess’s future educational opportunities and asks if Brooke could “put in a good word”, as he remembers his attempt to provide Colby with the same in the past.

She inquires what has suddenly brought about his “positive attitude” not buying his “explanation” for a moment. She reflects that Adam’s change in attitude certainly couldn’t be from Mary Smythe. He tries to distract her by asking of she’s jealous of his “relationship” with Mary, realizing that Brooke is onto the fact that Adam has a secret, which he has not shared with Mary or with hardly anybody else. He tries to needle her by asking if she’s seen anybody or had a love life recently.

JR opens the door and discovers Bianca. She informs him that he is there to check on Bess, remembering that JR took her to the hospital the night before. JR coldly asks what is “up” with Bianca. Babe, who is standing right behind him, hearing his hostility toward Bianca, inquires if JR is trying to keep Bianca away from their baby.

Maggie asks Jamie for feedback about her “conflicting” feelings about whether she is gay or not, in reference to her feelings about Bianca. She tells him that for a long time she was ignoring her feelings, but she knows that now that she’s revealed it she cannot take it back. He tells her she must not be afraid to face her feelings.

Babe confronts JR, telling him she knows he’s lied to her about Bianca’s involvement with their baby. She lays down the law to him, telling him he must accept her decision that Bianca is a part of their baby’s life and that is final.

Krystal urges David not to hurt Babe by letting Bianca know that Bess is really Miranda. She says if he’s angry at her, he can do whatever he wants to her, but he cannot take away everything that Babe ever had. David asks what about Bianca? She went through hell being raped. All she had was Miranda, and then she lost her. And he will not let anybody hurt Bianca. But Krystal inquires whether David is ready to hurt his own daughter instead. She protests that she cares about Bianca, but they must both care about their own daughter. He tells her that nothing will stop him from doing what he plans to do.

JR goes upstairs and informs his father that Babe has to go, now that he’s discovers she is adamant about letting Bianca see Bess. Adam promises to help his son, now confident that they can “win” and not let Babe have her way.

JR calls the guy at the record store that Danielle was flirting with, revealing that he needs his help in what he’s trying to accomplish. While downstairs Babe assures Bianca she need not worry about JR, he just needs to “chill out”. But right at that moment, they are interrupted by David, ready to drop the bomb-shell, with Krystal standing right next to him.

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