AMC Update Monday 6/21/04

All My Children Update Monday 6/21/04

By Lori
Pictures by Boo

Erica is with Ryan in her hotel room celebrating what he tells her is the first day of her new life. Bring on the mimosas, she tells him, but he convinces her to settle for juice. He tells her he won't take her to Pine Valley until she's ready. She says that may be never. He says if she doesn't want to go to Pine Valley he won't make her. She thanks him for treating her like a normal person. Ryan talks about the time he ran away. He thought he was taking back his life but he learned that he had no life. The worst thing someone can do is run, he says.

Erica suggests that's what he was doing when he married Greenlee. He says he married Greenlee for a lot of reasons and having a Kendall-free zone was one of them. He tells Erica she's pulling a disappearing act. She says she can't go back because her family has only lied to her. She's fought enough battles and she doesn't want to fight another one. Ryan suggests that it is the same battle with her father. She needs to stop and face him or he will always be there. She doesn't have to face him alone. He asks her to come home with him. Make an effort and give her family another chance. Erica says she can't face them. Ryan tells her to be there for them. She says Bianca went through hell and she wasn't there for her. How can she face her now? Bianca doesn't want her, she says. Ryan tells her Bianca still loves her. He tells her about Bianca taking Bess from the hospital and the first place she went was Erica's penthouse to wait for her to come home. Erica says her father will follow her. Ryan says we'll take him on together. "Take me home," Erica says.

Jack is running in the park and Greenlee is chasing him. Out of breath, she catches him and wants to apologize for the way she talked to him the night before.

She says she just hates not knowing about Ryan so all she can do is take shots at Jack. Jack tells her a lot of what she said is true.

Erica does infuriate him. She's running away and it's killing him. She confesses to him about the business arrangement of her marriage. But she admits that she's in love with Ryan and she think he was starting to feel the same, at least until Kendall glommed onto to him. As the two shoot baskets together, Greenlee says she set a time limit on her relationship with Ryan. She asks Jack to do the same with Erica and he agrees.

Sitting on her couch, Maggie tells Bianca she's pretty sure she loves her. She's been holding onto this for a long time. She asks Bianca to help her understand this. Bianca takes her hands and tells her she's glad she told her, but she still loves Lena. Maggie says she knows, and this just came out. Or did she just come out? She doesn't know why she's feeling this way. She swore she wasn't gay and that she didn't love Bianca like that, now she knows that she does love her like that. She asks how Bianca knew she was gay.

Bianca says she always knew inside but didn't want to admit it. Finally she just accepted it. Maggie asks if she could be gay and sleeping with guys to prove she's not. Bianca tells her there's no rush for her to discover herself. Maggie says she will combust if she doesn't figure it out. She says she's attracted to guys but she's attracted to Bianca too. She knows that she loves her. Bianca tells her to keep saying it, because she loves her too. However, she's committed to Lena.

Maggie tells her at least she's still there and not running away. Bianca tells her she's the reason she's still there. She tells Maggie she saved her life. She assures her she will figure this out. Maggie starts to hug Bianca but hesitates. Bianca hugs Maggie.

Babe watches as JR talks to the baby in the nursery, telling her all he's ever needed is her. "I know I did the right thing," Babe says to herself. JR hears her and asks her what she meant. Babe says she meant marrying him and having a baby. When she sees the two of them together she knows it was meant to be.

She suggests to JR that they practice making another little "peanut." He shuns her advances, saying he's chained to his work. He wishes he could give her the attention she deserves rather than her being cooped up on diaper duty all the time. Babe says there is something else she wants to do. She wants to learn how to bake so she and Bess can bake things together. JR tells Babe she needs a life of her own. Babe tells him he's so good to her, but she has everything she wants. She wants to be the best mom and wife she can be. From now on she's going to stick tight as a tick to her daughter. JR tells her that's great and gives her a hug.

Later, JR tells Adam that he needs to take his plan against Babe to the next level. She's all about mom and apple pie now, he says. He thought one night out with her buddies would change her, but instead she's acting like mother of the year.

Adam asks his son how far he wants to take this. Does he have the stomach to do what has to be done? JR asks if Adam means he should put Babe in the loony bin like he did with his mother. Adam says he regrets what he did with Dixie but he didn't think at the time that he had a choice. He didn't think Dixie was fit to raise his child.

JR defends his mother, telling Adam that if he even mentions his mother's name in the same breath with Babe he'll knock the hell out of him. Adam agrees that Dixie was an angel while Babe is a gutter snipe. JR says he wants Babe gone. Adam says they'll have to give her a shove.

Outside Krystal tells David he's hallucinating. He calls her a cold, heartless snake who stole someone's baby. The charade is over, he tells her.

He tells her he took a DNA sample and used a reputable lab and has 100 percent proof that the baby is Miranda. Krystal says Dr. Joe's DNA tests shows the baby is Bess. David tells her it doesn't take a medical school degree to know how to switch labels on a vile. He proposes a compromise another test. He asks her what it will show. She looks defeated. He tells her she'll have to start running now because when the truth comes out this town will send the hounds of hell after her and her daughter. Krystal tells him not to blame Babe because she doesn't know the truth. She tells him Paul Kramer is the one who stole the baby and lied to them. She admits she hates what she did, but maybe this baby will have a better life with a name she can be proud of like Chandler, not Cambias. David asks what about Bianca? Her dreams have been shattered. Who made Krystal God to decide who gets this baby?

Krystal begs David to think about the lives that will be destroyed if he reveals the truth. He tells her there's nothing left to think about. With tears in her eyes, Krystal tells him he can't do this. How would Babe feel? Babe will survive, he tells her. She tells him before he does anything, he needs to know who he's taking this baby away from. She asks if David remembers the party where they were wasted. It hit her as she say him tossing drinks back with Ronald at BJ's. The heart he will be ripping out is his daughter's. Ron Fitzgerald isn't Babe's father, David is.

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