AMC Update Friday 6/18/04

All My Children Update Friday 6/18/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Reggie is shooting baskets at the park when he has flashbacks of his time spent with Danielle. He gets upset knowing she’s gone, and angrily throws the ball away from him. Danielle appears and catches it.

“Surprise,” she says, saying that she got her way because she was able to ditch the plans to move back with her mother. With her father keeping busy at work, she’s just a single girl in the city, she says. She reminds him this is where they first met and asks if they can start over. Reggie says he’ll pass because it just doesn‘t work for him.

He says he’s done with her. Danielle comments about the rejection she’s faced from her mother, her father and now him. Reggie says he thought she said she rejected the idea of living with her mother. She claims again that she blew off her mom. Reggie tells her to be straight, and she admits her mom dumped her there.

They play basketball together and he wins. He chases her and insists she say it. Danielle relents, calling him the king of the world. She tells him she feels like she hasn’t lost at all. They walk away with their arms around each other.

Kendall tells Ryan that he can have it all – Greenlee as his wife and her as his mistress. He can have her however he wants her. She draws near to him and pulls him to her, but he backs away. He says he, Greenlee and Kendall would be the same formula as the H-bomb. Kendall insists she’s changed. Ryan can have the passion she gives him and the peace he finds with Greenlee. Ryan says he’s still married. Kendall says it’s in name only. Ryan says while his marriage may be for business reasons, he still cares about Greenlee. Kendall, meanwhile, is offering him the same thing as before – distrust -- only with new packaging. Kendall pledges she’ll change. She’ll go to therapy or confession -- whatever it takes for him to believe her. She tells him he can stay with Greenlee for awhile to keep the SEC off his back. That will give them time to get closer. She says if he tells her he doesn’t want her she’ll say goodbye. But she knows he can’t. She knows he wants her as much as she wants him. Ryan tells her she can’t change, but she swears on her sister’s life that she will. She tells him they are so perfect together, can’t he feel it? He takes her in his arms and kisses her passionately. He backs away, saying he can’t do this.

He made a commitment. Kendall promises to keep his secret about his marriage. She says she aches for him. He says no, this cannot happen. Kendall asks why he kissed her like that. He says it was a reflex and an urge he must kill. He made a promise to Greenlee. Kendall says if he can’t control himself, maybe that promise was a mistake. Ryan says if he breaks his vows, that would make him the same thing he has accused Kendall to be – a liar. She appears resigned to his rejection and says she’ll see him back in Pine Valley. He says he’ll do his best to get her mother back. A she leaves, she says she’s feeling like she’s leaving something behind. She tells him goodbye and walks out.

Opal goes to Chandler Mansion to see Krystal, who is still in her robe after having just got up. Opal says a girlfriend spotted her at BJ’s with Tad. Opal asks if she and Tad are a regular thing. Krystal says with any luck they are. When pigs fly, Opal says. She will not let her boy spend time with a woman just like her. Opal says they have a lot in common. They both blew into town like wolves on the prowl. She says when she saw Krystal, she had flashbacks of herself arriving in Pine Valley. Opal says it took her awhile to get this refined, but she knows where Krystal is coming from. She says the minute she heard about Tad and Krystal, she did a chart on her. Krystal insists Tad is fine and tells Opal to keep her nose out of her business. Opal leaves, telling Krystal that Tad already lost the best woman for him and she doesn’t want her to hurt him too.

Stuart is with JR in the baby’s bedroom. Stuart comments that Dixie would have loved Babe. He asks where Babe is. JR says she spent the night with her friends. Stuart asks if he told Babe about taking Bess to the emergency room. JR says no because it was a false alarm. Stuart says he has a bad feeling. JR is different and he wants to know why. Stuart says he always saw Dixie’s sweetness in his eyes, but now … JR says he’s still the same, just grown up. Stuart says he’s more like Adam then before with an angry edge. What’s changed? JR says he’s a father now, and the only thing that matters is protecting his daughter. He says he’s not angry, he’s just scared to death. He and Stuart hug.

At Maggie and Jamie’s place, Bianca is wondering what lies her friends have told their best friends. Maggie dismisses the question, saying this is just a stupid drinking game. Bianca says Maggie’s lips are sealed but she wants someone to give her something. Turning to Babe, Bianca asks what did she lie about?

David is on the phone with the lab, asking the caller if he’s sure of the results. David realizes that the baby’s DNA is a perfect match with Bianca. “Miranda!” he says to himself.

David goes to Maggie and Jamie’s place and sees Babe there. He mentions that Bess had a big night at the emergency ward.

A worried Babe asks what happened to Bess. “Her mother’s party calendar,” David replies. Babe wants to go to her daughter. David tells her to get cleaned up and he’ll take her since she can’t go like she is. He tells her to pretend to be the mother Bess deserves. Babe leaves the room with Jamie and Maggie and Bianca lays into David. What crime has Babe committed that makes him talk to her like that – hanging out all night with her friends. David tells her it goes so far beyond that he doesn’t know where to begin. Bianca fiercely defends Babe to David, but he tells her that her trust in Babe is blinding her to who she really is. Babe returns and emotionally asks David to take her home. She wants to hold her baby and make sure she’s OK. David, looking at Bianca, says Bess will be fine when she’s back in her mother’s arms.

Maggie tells Bianca she thinks she loves her.

Babe arrives home with David and Jamie and sees JR with Bess. She takes the baby and says she’s so sorry but she didn’t know. Krystal questions what’s going on and Jamie tells her that JR took the baby to the emergency ward the night before. JR insists the baby is fine and it was a stupid mistake. Babe asks why he didn’t tell her. He says it seemed like she was having fun with her friends. Babe, JR and Jamie take Bess to the nursery.

In the nursery, Babe says she doesn’t want to leave her baby again. She goes to take a shower, and JR asks Jamie if Babe had a good time last night and how much of the evening was liquid.

Jamie asks JR why he’s asking. JR says Hayward made it sound like Babe was falling down drunk. Jamie denies it and walks out. JR looks at Bess and says “Daddy 1, Mommy 0.”

Krystal asks an obviously angry David why he’s so worked up. He tells her she already knows. He says he gave her the courtesy of coming to her first. He asks how she can allow Bianca to suffer like that. Krystal say she has no proof. David says he took his own DNA samples. He has 100 percent scientific data that proves she and Babe stole Bianca’s baby and they are going to give her back.

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