AMC Update Thursday 6/17/04

All My Children Update Thursday 6/17/04

By Jenn
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David is on the phone demanding that the doctor sends him the DNA tests, now. Right at that moment, Maria Gray and JR Chandler rush in, afraid that something is wrong with the baby, and interrupt him.

JR tells them that he’s worried about Bess’s breathing and informs them that since Babe is not there, he is worried. Maria says she can help and there’s nothing to worry about. JR reveals his uncertainty about being a good father. Maria mentions something about Babe and Krystal both being good mothers. But JR reveals his suspicions about that without coming out and saying it. David jumps in and asks JR if he is implying that Babe is not a good mother. Right away, JR plays his role, fiercely defending his wife to David, saying that he knows that Babe is a great mother. David reveals that he does not trust Babe and leaves. Maria tries to make peace and tells JR that maybe he should give Babe a call and let her know that he’s taken their baby to the hospital. JR tells David he wants him to leave, does not trust him and wonders why he’d be reinstated to the hospital staff. David reminds JR that he saved Babe’s life. Maria asks David to leave her and JR alone.

She tells JR that he may vent whatever is going on in his life to her, and she promises it will be kept confidential. He tells her that his marriage is great and he has nothing to worry about. David reveals to JR that he senses that JR has some sort of secret. He tells JR that the baby needs a mother, so where is she?. David gets another call from his source that is supposed to give him the DNA results.

Babe, Bianca, Maggie and Jamie return from their social outing. Babe teaches the others a game where each participant reveals something about themselves and takes a drink. They are all having a good time and nobody has a clue what JR is up to nor that he’s taken the baby to the hospital.

JR finally calls Babe. She says she believes she should be with her baby. But he encourages her to crash at Maggie and Jamie’s because he “wouldn’t want mommy out driving so late”.

Edmund Gray is very angry, and unable to cope with his paralysis. Brooke finds him and wants to know what’s going on. He demands that she backs off. He tells her that he is very tired of being an invalid. He says he needs to fire somebody but cannot without legs. She asks who he is firing, and offers to issue their pink slip and severance pay.

She also announces to him that he might as well fire her too. She says the reason is that she does not know how to deal with him and his moods, and all that is involved in working with him. He tells her he will leave and moves his wheelchair toward the door. At that moment, Adam Chandler enters and tells Edmund that it’s fine with him if Edmund leaves. Although Adam’s attitude angers Brooke and she is ready to defend Edmund, Adam tells Edmund that his disability does not give him an excuse to take it out on Brooke and he needs to treat her with respect. When Edmund leaves, Brooke inquires why Adam is “playing nice” to anybody. He tells her that she is a very special person, so unlike most other people he knows. He tells her everybody else he knows is either trying to lick his boots or stab him in the back but she has a different effect on him and she is the only person who can make him laugh. He goes and talks to Edmund. He tells Edmund he remembers being paralyzed himself. He also tells Edmund that he needs to be very grateful that he has a good marriage to a good woman.

Zach Salter is getting a massage and ordering his “employees” around.

Kendall awakens from a dream, where Ryan is by her side. She discovers it’s only a dream and she is alone without Ryan.

Ryan and Erica return from their night on the town in Vegas. She sounds like she is very happy, had a lot of fun and is friendly and trusting of Ryan. But at that moment, she invites him to have a “nightcap” with her. He tells her he cannot encourage her to do that. She tells him he cannot leave her, if he does, she will be lost.

She tells him, sounding happy, that her new life here has just begun and she needs a friend or confidante like him. She tells him she is very happy to be on stage. She asks him if he’s ever heard of a native American tribe, whom she’s heard that, every year, burn all their past year’s “baggage”. She says although it sounds primitive, she is very inspired from them. He tries to “reason” with her, telling her that there is no such thing in either of their lives or in Vegas. And he mentions that her life should be in Pine Valley where there are many people who care about her and want her to come home. She tells him she needs him with her, because of he leaves, “he” will come back. Ryan inquires whether she is referring to Slater. She says no somebody worse, much worse. She reveals to Ryan that this person to whom she is referring might know her better than she knows herself. Ryan asks who it is. She informs him that it is her father and she feels his presence right there. He tells her that in time, her wounds about her father will heal. She reveals to him that for so long, she wished her father would come home and stop running around. But now she cannot get rid of him. Ryan asks why she believes her father shows up uninvited. She replies that he must have unfinished business. Ryan asks if Erica’s father’s unfinished business might be to make peace? She tells him that her father has told her throughout her life that she is not worth much. And she says that her father’s attitude has given her the message that she is not lovable. Ryan says he will help her put that SOB back where he belongs. She tells him she knows he is her friend and the only reason why the “demon” stays away.

She is ready to fall asleep and Ryan tells her he will stay there with her.

When Erica is asleep, Ryan leaves her room and meets with Kendall. He tells Kendall that he is very tired and asks her to say whatever she needs to stay and then go home. She tells him she wants to give him something she has not given him before, meaning proof of what he means to her. She tells him that she has heard the real reason why he married Greenlee and she has a plan. He tells her he remembers all of her manipulative behaviors, from stripping to blackmail, to spying. What could be next?

She tells him she remembers how he took care of her even when she did not deserve it, when Bianca lost her baby. He stayed with her, brushed her hair. She tells him she knows he married Greenlee because she pushed him too far and realizes nobody can blame him for that. He reveals to her how his stepfather brought nothing but chaos into his life, and he doesn’t want that to happen again. He also reveals to her that the reason he keeps his motorcycle is in order to leave and to run from that demon. And he tells her that the only future he could have with her is one where they do not repeat history. He tells her that all he wants now is peace in his life. And that is the reason why he married Greenlee. She urges him to believe that she doesn’t plan to become like Erica. She wants to trust and believes that he is the only one for her. He tells her nice try but it’s too late. She inquires what he would say if she tells him he could have everything he wants including Greenlee.

Alone in her room, Erica awakens and has a conscious nightmare of the ghost of her father coming after her. She runs out the door, demanding that the shadow leaves her alone frantic and emotional.

But when she sees him in the light, she sees that it is not a ghost. It’s Slater.

Apparently, the real Slater, while getting a massage, is informed by his employee that Ryan, Kendall and Erica have all been found. He demands that the guy bugs all of their rooms.

He reveals that he has extensive information about Maria Gray in newspaper articles.

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