AMC Update Wednesday 6/16/04

All My Children Update Wednesday 6/16/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Boo

Jamie is showing Babe how to email digital photos. Babe sounds happy and calls for Bianca so she can show her friend what she just learned on the computer. But at that moment, JR enters, hearing his wife call Bianca and demands to know where his baby is.

Bianca, who is holding Bess assures JR that all is well. At that moment, Babe enters and happily informs her husband that he need not worry. But she expresses that she has a problem with Emily, whom JR has secretly hired to spy on her and Bianca. At that moment, Maggie enters to take Bianca with her to lunch. Bianca invites Babe, Jamie and JR to join them. Babe says she plans to go home with her husband and her baby. But right at that moment, JR surprises her by announcing that she will not come home with him. She asks what he means. He tells her, in a way to cover up what he’s doing, that she needs time to be with her friends, and he will take care of Bess, so she can go out and have fun. Nobody seems to suspect anything.

David Hayward gets a call on his cell phone and hears the confirmation that the baby in question for whom he ran a DNA test, is unequivocally Miranda Montgomery and not Bess Chandler. Although unknown to her, Krystal is sitting right at the table with him while he catches her in a lie. He reveals to her what his conversation was about and inquires why she looks so shocked. She pretends not to know what he’s talking about. At that moment, Tad enters and tells David that if Krystal doesn’t want anybody to know who Babe’s real father is, it’s none of anybody’s business.

But, unknown to him, they are discussing something completely different. David says he realizes that in some cases, children are better off never knowing their real biological parents. But he also believes that all children have the right to know who their real father is, without being lied to. She admits that she knows Babe got a lousy break because she chose a lousy buy, but she knows Babe is better off without him. David leaves and Tad assures Krystal that David is just being a jerk and she’s doing nothing wrong by keeping her secret about Babe’s real father.

Greenlee finds Jack and informs her father that there may be some cause for suspicion about Erica. Right at that moment, Jack gets a call from Erica. She tells him that she’s gotten messages from him for a long time and now she will tell him what she is thinking and feeling. She is clearly intoxicated. He inquires whether Ryan was able to find her. She replies that Ryan was there and he was very sweet to her. She informs him that she believes that he did not let Ryan come to Vegas alone. He tells her he does not know what she is talking about and that he had no problem with Ryan coming by himself just as she’d asked him to do. But Erica tells Jack she believes that it was he who sent Kendall in order to make her feel guilty, motivate her to come crawling back to Pine Valley, and so that he could control her again. And she tells him that is not love. He tells her he’s going to hang up and he can clearly tell she’s been drinking. Greenlee asks him how bad it is. He replies that it’s bad and that Kendall made matters worse demanding that she comes with Ryan to find Erica.

Jack tells Greenlee that he’s worried about her joke of a marriage with Ryan and knows she is very alarmed by Kendall being in Vegas with her husband. She tells him she does not have a problem with that. He tells her he wishes she would be honest with her father and admit that she only married Ryan in order to stick it to Kendall. Greenlee confronts Jack for his “bad choice” with Erica. She recalls that Erica has had way too many husbands, but there might be something to consider in that Erica has never married Jack.

In Vegas, when Erica is drunk, she is shakily applying lipstick and seeing herself in the mirror with a white veil, and Jack behind her, hearing a voice of someone asking if Jackson Montgomery takes this woman to be his wife.

Jack tells Greenlee that he knows that although he and Erica are having problems, Erica is in love with him and not with anybody else, but Greenlee does not know that about Ryan. He admits to her that he was uncertain until something followed him around like his own shadow, and it was the realization that he was in love with Erica. And that affected everything he did.

She assures him that she is perfectly happy and content with Ryan. But Jack expresses that he does not buy that. Hearing that, she defensively tells him that she and Ryan have a relationship of trust and respect, something he will never have with a woman who does what Erica has done.

In Vegas, Ryan and Kendall confront Slater. When Slater leaves, Kendall demands to know what is going on. Ryan assures her that he does not believe Erica has disappeared and she must be around somewhere. Kendall informs Ryan of the conversation she had with Slater, revealing that she might be ready to trust him, and finds out Ryan still suspects him.

While, unknown to them, Slater sees and hears their conversation from his surveillance camera. He tells her that he needs her to back off, go back to Pine Valley without him, and let him accompany Erica without her.

He tells her she must not interfere when it comes to Erica. She promises she will not but informs him that there is something she needs to tell him. She tells him he may go and find Erica, but he needs to meet her later and he may pick the place. She tells him there’s something very important she has to tell him. She urges him not to cut her off now or there could be consequences for herself, for him and for Greenlee. Ryan whispers in Kendall’s ear where they can secretly meet and where she can get the key from him and he urges her not to allow anybody to follow her.

She tells him she can see that he does not trust Zach Slater. Ryan leaves to find Erica. When Kendall is alone with Zach Slater he asks if he can give her a ride. She says that will not be necessary, but courteously tells him she appreciates his hospitality and leaves. As soon as he is alone, he gets on his cell phone and asks his “contact” where Ryan Lavery has “stashed” Erica. Ryan goes to find Erica.

She appears happily wearing a glamorous dress. She at first seems trusting of him, but tells him that if he’s going to treat her like a “trapped animal” she will go alone without him. She tells him that she wants to go out with him, for a night on the town and have fun.

Meanwhile, Slater is viewing newspaper reports about Bianca losing her baby

Right when JR is ready to depart with Bess, leaving Babe to socialize with her friends, and giving her no cause for suspicion, she cannot tear herself away from the baby. She kisses them both goodbye. JR makes certain Jamie suspects nothing by encouraging him to make certain that Babe gets to have some fun. Although happy, Babe admits that she feels very weird to be spending an evening without her baby or her husband. After JR leaves, Jamie shows Bianca, Babe and Maggie the digital pictures, revealing a picture he especially likes of the Bianca with Babe and Bess and he offers to put it on Bianca’s screen saver. But right at that moment, David Hayward enters looking very grim.

He reveals to Bianca that there are some test results, which he must discuss privately with her, which are very important for her to know. He inquires if she went to the hospital for a follow-up exam. She says yes, the doctor just had a precaution for postpartum, but as far as she knows there’s nothing to worry about and wonders what he has discovered. He first tells her that one of her blood tests had a slight problem, and although there’s nothing to cause any great worry, he’d like her to come to the hospital again for more testing. He still is not ready to drop the bombshell on her quite yet. When Bianca and David return to Maggie, Maggie can sense there might be something to worry about. Babe and Jamie happily look at the digital photos, with no suspicion of anything.

Tad inquires to Krystal what is on her mind, knowing she had some sort of very private conversation with David. He apologizes for Liza’s behavior and assures Krystal that he will not allow Liza to turn him against her. He still has no clue what Krystal has done with the DNA test.

She says she wishes she could “rewind” the tape until before he took her to the baseball game. He tells her he had to take her to the hospital when she passed out and he had no problem with that. She apologizes for his having to hear her whine about her life. He tells her that’s o.k., everybody does that occasionally, he knows he’s done it himself. He says the difference between the two of them is that he would not change a thing. She asks if he can present some sort of “guarantee”. He goes and gets a red hat to put on her head and tells her this is his guarantee. This should keep her conscious. She smiles and laughs.

Babe calls JR and tells him how much she misses him and the baby. She tells him that she wants to get home right now. But he assures her that she need not do that, he can take of Bess all by himself.

When he gets off the phone, he tells Bess the story about Daddy getting the beautiful princess away from her bad mommy. He tells her that when the bad mommy lied for the last time and the truth came out, the daddy banished the bad mommy from the castle and the daddy and the princess lived happily ever after.

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