AMC Update Tuesday 6/15/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 6/15/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

A strange man comes to the Fusion office looking for Ryan. Greenlee demands to know what he wants with Ryan. Simone sounds courteous to the guy. He tells them that he just needs to find Ryan. Simone seems happy and upbeat and attracted to the guy. But Greenlee is very stressed, although she is not letting on to her colleagues, because Ryan is with Kendall in Vegas. Bianca informs Greenlee that the reason Ryan has not called her is because he is helping her mother. Greenlee replies that, in that case, Kendall is foolishly chasing after two people who don’t care about her; both Ryan and Erica want nothing to do with Kendall and she just doesn’t get it.

While Ryan is in Erica’s hospital room with her, Slater and Kendall enter. Ryan takes Slater outside and asks him how he can have the authority to have Erica committed. Is he her next of kin? What is his agenda? And he demands that Slater contacts the chief of hospital staff to find out whether they have decided that Erica can be committed against her will.

When Kendall and Erica are alone in the hospital room, Kendall urges her mother to talk to her. Erica asks Kendall if she has any lipstick. Kendall pulls a lipstick out of her purse. Erica, again, seems very calm, unemotional and businesslike, noticing and commenting that Kendall uses Fusion products instead of Enchantment. Erica then asks Kendall to send Ryan back in. Kendall asks if Erica is dismissing her. She tells Kendall she may go home and tell everybody that she is just fine; she knows she is not wanted and doesn’t plan to come back to Pine Valley. Kendall informs her mother that Bianca and Jack and Reggie all miss her. Erica admits that she misses them too, but very unemotionally tells Kendall that now that she’s come to see her and make sure she’s all right, Kendall may now leave. Kendall inquires whether it’s time for Erica to come back to Pine Valley. Erica says Kendall may belong there but she does not.

Ryan informs Slater that he believes that if Erica simply needed help, she could have just contacted her family, and maybe he does not need to get involved in Erica’s drinking problem. He suggests that Slater could have had the common courtesy to contact Kendall since he knew she was Erica’s daughter. Kendall comes out of Erica’s room and joins them. She tells them she’s very worried about her mother. Ryan informs Kendall that whatever chance Erica had of coming back to Pine Valley and reuniting with her family, was ruined when she walked in with Slater. He tells Kendall he believes what she says, but he does not trust Zach Slater. She protests that maybe Slater is just trying to help. Ryan informs her that Erica warned him about Slater. She brings up that Erica does have a drinking problem, Zach had her committed, maybe for her own good, and Erica has a real problem with anybody who wants to control her and not let her have her way. Ryan asks whose side Kendall is on. She replies she’s on her mother’s side and if she discovers anything crooked about Slater she will help Ryan go after him. Right at that moment, Slater enters. He informs Kendall that her mother is now free to go. She says that’s fine but realizes Erica will not go with her, she will only go with Ryan. But he tells Kendall that since she is Erica’s family, there are some things she must sign and leads her to his office. Ryan goes to Erica’s room, assuming that she trusts him. She tells him that she does not trust him and will not go anywhere with him. She protests that she called him, asked him to come out and expressed to him that she trusted him. She tells him that that was before he “blind-sided” her by bringing Kendall. He offers to send Kendall back to Pine Valley and stay there with her. He tells her that he can explain his marriage to Greenlee and tell her all about how Kendall came with him. She tells him she cannot face Zach Slater. He tells her she will not have to. She tells him she does not understand how or why Zach Slater would know anything about her drinking problem, since he doesn’t even know her. Ryan says he can help her if she just trusts him. She tells Ryan that after he’s come all this way, that’s what she will do.

Slater and Kendall return to Erica’s room. He sounds courteous, telling her he’s sorry that this visit hasn’t worked out for her. He also surprises her, admitting he knows all about Bianca’s history, all about Erica’s family, and everything. She is very puzzled over how he could know so much about Erica’s family business, and inquires if he’s having an affair with Erica. He informs Kendall also that Erica told him all about her problem with trusting. Little does she know that everything he knows about her he has learned from watching her from his surveillance camera. And he admits to her that if he were her, he would not trust him, either. She asks him if he is being honest with her or if he really is giving her reason to suspect him. He tells her about his history of being a pilot and traveling. She inquires, what inspired him to be a casino owner. He tells her he really doesn’t know, but he knows that many people, especially the wealthy, come to Vegas to escape their lives and their problems. And he inquires why, if Kendall really loves her mother as she says she does, why then is she concerned about anything else?

Krystal joins David Hayward and Dr. Fitzgerald, who she conceived Babe with. They obviously have mutually low opinions of each other. When Krystal leaves Dr. Fitzgerald alone with David, he tells David he wonders how he could ever have slept with that woman. David informs Dr. Fitzgerald that Babe is a great young person, and maybe could use a father. He doesn’t seem to listen and goes up to Krystal informing her that he will be on the next plain, did not intend to see her again, and only “took the bait” when Liza called him and asked him to come out for an interview. She replies: “don’t come back now, ya hear?”

Krystal tells David about when she first met Ron Fitzgerald. She tells him that she was unable to see, back then, that the guy was a jerk, and she also tells David about her accidental pregnancy. She says that although she can make light of it now, it was not funny at the time. She makes it clear that she never thought Ron was worth anything, rich doctor or not. And if he does anything to hurt her daughter she will end a lot more than his medical career.

Babe goes to the Fusion office with Bess, to visit Bianca. The Fusion women and Jamie Martin all gather around the baby. But they warn both Babe and Bianca to beware of Greenlee. Greenlee comes out and is puzzled to see Bianca holding the baby and asks if she is alright. Bianca says she’s fine. Jamie shows Babe the ropes of the computer with the digital pictures taken of her wedding and of the baby. At first she appears happy. He then inquires whether she and JR have decided which one of them they want her to look more like as she grows. Right at that moment, Babe does not speak but makes it very clear to Jamie that something is wrong.

Tad confronts Liza for her meddling in Krystals affairs and tells her that he knows her underlying agenda is simply to have sex with him. So he tells her he will just get down to business with her so that she will get off of Krystal’s back. He takes off his jacket. She tells him she does not like his attitude of assuming she’s up to no good and just wanting to keep him away from Krystal. She tells him he doesn’t need to be so cruel. He protests that he knows of no other way to get through to her. He asks her how she could hate him so much, that she would be so malicious to Krystal just to get back at him. She tells him that he and her daughter Colby are the only two people who mean anything to him. She admits that she hates her life. She’s tried to fulfill it with her child and her career. But it has not worked for her. She says she wants a life where there is passion. And she admits that he has give that to her. He asks whether that means that she can disregard anybody or anything that gets in her way, in order to get what she wants. She tells him that she will never accept him with that “white trash”. He informs her that if that’s the way it is, then they are done. She asks him if he believes that Dixie, the one woman whom she knows Tad has loved, would want him with Krystal Carey. He says he does not know the answer to that, but he knows that Dixie would want him to be honest with his feelings. He urges her to leave Krystal alone and stay out of her business. But she suggests something he cannot dismiss. She asks what he would think and feel if Krystal deliberately fixed the DNA test to lie about Bess being Babe and JR’s child. He tells her that he does not believe that Krystal would have any way of tampering with the DNA test. She insists that it is entirely possible that the baby belongs to Bianca, and if so, Krystal is a worthless person for what she’s caused everybody involved. But he firmly protests that he does not believe Krystal has done anything wrong, and if Liza does anything to hurt Krystal or her daughter, she will be nothing to him.

Right when Ryan has gotten Kendall to agree to leave him and Erica alone, and even Slater has cooperated, Kendall asks Ryan whether he’s ready to leave with her mother. But he announces, that Erica has left her hospital room and he cannot find her.


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