AMC Update Monday 6/14/04

All My Children Update Monday 6/14/04

By Lori
Proofread by Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

At Chandler Enterprises, Krystal is surprised to find Ron Fitzgerald. He asks her what she's doing there. She says she lives there; what is his excuse? He asks about Liza, who is lying on the floor after being punched by Krystal. Krystal says Liza got up too fast and all the blood rushed to her claws. Krystal says that Ron kicked her to the curb 20 years ago, shortly after he got her pregnant. He tells her that he had a career to think about and could not risk his reputation. She calls him a "sorry excuse for a human being". Ron helps Liza to her feet, and she says she feels like she has a skull fracture. She claims she needs an ambulance. Tad isn't concerned about her physical condition, but wants to know if Liza has brought this man to Pine Valley. Liza says she invited him here for a story on WRCW. He is, after all, a renowned pediatrician. He's also Babe's father, Tad comments. Liza feigns ignorance about this, saying she didn't know he knew Krystal. David enters the room and tells Liza not to lie to her friends. Ron and David greet each other, each saying that it's been a long time. Ron tells David that he missed the last reunion. David says he's not a fan of reunions, which prompts Tad to point out that David will go to reunions only to spike the punch. David introduces Liza to Ron as a sexually frustrated busybody and describes Tad as the town idiot. Krystal mentions her daughter Babe, and Ron asks what kind of a name Babe is. Just then, Babe enters the office looking for JR. She asks what's going on because everyone seems stressed. She sees a stranger in the room, introduces herself and asks who he is. Ron doesn't know what to say, but introduces himself as Dr. Fitzgerald, David's friend. She introduces herself to him and tells him David can use all the friends he can get. Krystal tells her daughter that they should leave. Krystal ushers Babe out of there and glares at Ron before she walks out. "That's my daughter," Ron says, disbelievingly. David points out that the baby is Babe's daughter, so that makes him a "grandpappy". This is too much, Ron says. As David and Ron leave, Liza tells Dr. Fitzgerald they need to talk about his appearance on television. Ron tells her she's "trying to pull something" and he wants no part of it. Tad tells Liza that they have to thrash this out.

Ryan tells Kendall that he plans to stay married to Greenlee and he didn't come to Las Vegas to talk to her about his marriage--they came to find Erica. Kendall says she wants to help her mother, but maybe she can "help us too". Ryan tells her there is no "us". Ryan gets a call, says he'll be right there and quickly leaves. Zach is watching this scene from a monitor. Another man with him says the SEC is willing to reopen the investigation of Ryan's marriage. However, evidence is needed and there isn't much they could squeeze out of this interaction with Kendall.

Kendall is alone in the room when room service arrives with a cart full of food. She says she didn't order this, but Zach steps into the scene and says it's from him. He figured she and her friend were hungry. She tells him that Ryan had to leave. Zach tells Kendall that her mother cares about her a great deal. He tells her that Erica was very concerned when she learned through the newspaper, that Ryan had gotten married. This confuses Kendall, who says she thought he claimed not to know who Erica was until she told him. "You got me," he confesses, adding that he knew who Erica was the moment he laid eyes on her. He just didn't say anything because he wanted to protect her secret and he wanted to check Kendall and Ryan out first. Kendall asks him to tell her everything her mother has done while she's been there. Zach tells her Erica was concerned when she learned that Mr. Lavery had married someone else. What else did she say? Kendall asks. She told him that, Kendall pushes love away as much as she strives to get it. Zach tells Kendall that he cut Erica off from alcohol, but what she wants she'll find a way to get. He hopes she gets what she needs. Kendall says her mother should be with the people she loves. People like her, Zach notes. He asks her to come with him.

Meanwhile, Ryan is walking through a hospital hallway when he hears Erica scream "get me out of here". He goes into a room and finds Erica restrained to the bed and struggling to get out of it. Ryan tries to help, and is interrupted by a nurse who enters the room. She tells him that this patient isn't allowed to be out of the restraints. Ryan introduces himself as a family friend who is there to take her home. The nurse says he can't do that, but he insists he can. She asks to speak to him in private. They go into the hallway and she tells him that this patient was involuntarily admitted by the director of the hospital for alcohol abuse. Ryan asks to talk to the director. Ryan re-enters Erica's room and she tells him she can't stay there one second longer. This is where "he" died and is stronger, she says. She looks across the room and sees a shadow of a man playing with a deck of cards. Ryan says he will take her back to Pine Valley, but she says that's the last place she wants to go. Jack, Kendall, and Bianca pushed her out of their lives, she says. Now she's living the life she always dreamed about with no past and no baggage. Ryan says that this new life must be a lonely one. Erica offers to take him somewhere and she can tell him about her new life over drinks. Ryan says that drinks are not a good idea. Erica insists she doesn't have a drinking problem. They're lying, she asserts. Everyone has betrayed her, she says. Ryan is the only one she has left who has not betrayed her. She asks him to promise that he wont' take her back to Pine Valley. He says he won't take her anywhere she doesn't want to go. She thanks him and hugs him, listing the names of the people who betrayed her, including Zach Slater. When Ryan asks about Zach, Erica says he is the one who put her in this hospital. He can't be trusted, she says. She says this is where "he" died and points across the room as if to see someone. Ryan tells her there isn't anyone there.

Greenlee and Bianca are at Fusion, commenting about the merger of Fusion and Enchantment, when Reggie and Danielle arrive. Reggie is complaining about how Danielle won't stop talking. Danielle says she is simply there to thank Bianca for the job offer, but she must decline. Her mom is picking her up today and she's going back to New York to live with her. She tells Reggie this is good-bye "for real". He doesn't appear happy to hear this news. She tells him it's been real nice knowing him. He holds out his hand, prompting Bianca to question why they're saying goodbye with a handshake. Greenlee says it should merit a kiss on the cheek at least. Danielle leans over and kisses Reggie on the cheek.

Derek goes to Livia's house, where boxes of Danielle's possessions are piled up. Livia tells him that Mimi dropped these off and left a letter for him. Danielle enters and stays hidden behind the boxes. She listens as her father reads the letter out loud. In the letter, Mimi says that she's been promoted and she doesn't have the time and energy to deal with Danielle. She says it's Derek's turn to get to know her. Derek tells Livia that he doesn't have the time to deal with Danielle's tantrums and drama. Danielle steps from behind the box and says tantrum girl is here. Mom didn't want her messing up her life, and neither does he, she says. Derek tells her of course he wants her around. He's just frustrated with her mother. He assures her she's not a problem and that they'll work this out. He leaves for the station, telling her they'll have tacos for dinner. Livia tells Danielle that her father loves her above anyone else. She tells her to start unpacking her boxes. Danielle reaches inside one box and takes out a stuffed animal. She looks at it and fights to keep from crying.

Greenlee and Bianca go to BJ's to pick up some food. As Greenlee chows down on a basket of chips, she talks to Bianca about Ryan and Kendall. She says no matter how long she and Ryan are married, Kendall's feelings won't change. Bianca asks Greenlee if her marriage is indeed just business. Greenlee dodges the subject. Bianca urges Greenlee to call Ryan.

Back at Fusion, Reggie is looking at a picture of Danielle. Simone enters followed by Bianca and Greenlee with food. Greenlee offers food to Reggie but he says he doesn't want anything. Greenlee tells him that it's just as well that Danielle is leaving. He can find someone much better than her. Bianca approaches Reggie and says she can tell that he liked her, and that she liked him too. Reggie says it's her loss.

As Simone eats her lunch, she talks about her flailing love life. Bianca says she can relate. Greenlee and Simone say they thought she had someone. Bianca says Lena is in Poland and it's hard to have a relationship with someone that far away. Simone talks about her recent dental appointment and notes that the dentist is single. Greenlee snaps at her, saying she knows her love life is a mess, but they need to get down to business. Simone goes into the next room to get something, and Bianca tells Greenlee to chew on her fingernail instead of chewing out Simone. She urges her once again to call Ryan. Greenlee says she'll call to get an update on Erica but won't say anything about Kendall. She dials Ryan's number and leaves a cheery message, saying she's just checking in with him. She hangs up and loses the cheeriness. She asks Bianca what she thinks he's doing. Bianca says he's not doing what she's thinking he's doing. Simone returns with a poster of a new ad. She says Kendall okayed it. Greenlee snaps that Kendall is in Las Vegas with her husband and so they're doing things her way. An attractive young man enters Fusion and Simone greets him with an eager smile. He says he's looking for Ryan Lavery. Greenlee tells him to join the club.

Erica continues to thank Ryan for helping her, saying she knows she can count on him. Zach and Kendall enter, stunning Erica.

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